Do’s and dont’s during high blood pressure

People under the severe complications of high blood pressure must undergo a series of changes in this lifestyle to lead a healthy life. The deadly disease is curable and the result of unhealthy lifestyle can be easily altered with a few substantial changes in the diet and exercise regime.

People suffering from High Blood Pressure are at a maximum risk of heart attack and this is a result of unhealthy lifestyle. However, you can totally avoid the harsh after-affects of high blood pressure that is directly associated with strokes. So higher your blood pressure implies higher risk of stroke or heart attack. And if you thought that you can’t relish life again, you’re absolutely wrong. High blood pressure is very much curable and just a few changes in your lifestyle will result in a dramatic change in your health pattern.

Take a look at some of the do’s and don’t’s you must follow during high blood pressure:

Restrict the intake of sodium

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When you cut down on the intake of sodium in your daily diet, it shows great results and improves your heart health. Blood pressure is another problem that will be kept under control. Reduce at least six mm Hg of sodium if you are suffering from high blood pressure. Sodium’s effect on blood pressure varies from one person to another. In general, not more than 2300 milligrams should be consumed. The ideal quantity remains to be 1500 milligrams.

How will you watch your sodium intake?

In order to reduce the consumption of sodium try out these ways.

  • Always read the labels on food items. You must pick alternatives that have low sodium content in them.
  • Processed Food is something that contains a lot of sodium. Restrict your consumption of processed food. In naturally occurring food the content of sodium is less.
  • In order to add flavors to your dish add more of fresh herbs and spices. Remember that one tablespoon of salt has as much as 2300mg of sodium in it.

Don’t smoke

Everytime you smoke, your blood pressure rises and continues to be elevated long after you have finished a cigarette. Stop smoking and you will see how your blood pressure goes back to normal. Apart from the fact that you will live a longer life than those who smoke is another added advantage. It will also take care of your health and heart problems.

Reduce the consumption of caffeine

Caffeine is said to increase the blood pressure of a person by 10 mm Hg. If you consume caffeine on a regular basis, chances are that there shall be slight increase in blood pressure. To be sure and on the safe side measure your blood pressure after half an hour of consuming coffee. If you see a spike in blood pressure by 10 mm Hg, it means you are affected by caffeine.


High intake of potassium

Patients of high blood pressure must include potassium in their regular diet to balance out the sodium content in their body. You can add food items like cooked white beans, apricots, dried apricots, bananas, raw spinach, plain yogurt. Even plain baked potatoes is a healthy meal for starters.

Keep snacking on fruits and green veggies

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There’s nothing healthier than fresh fruits and green vegetables for adults with high blood pressure. This will help you lower your pressure considerably. Ditch the junk food and start galloping five portions of fruits and vegetables each day to keep the high blood pressure at bay. You can also try eating a variety of fruits and vegetables to avoid serious complications.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Set realistic goals for yourself and spare at least 60 minutes in a week to devote your time to exercising and lose the stubborn fat that keeps accumulating. Adopt a healthy vegan diet with low salt and low-fat content. Saturated fats are the enemies of high blood pressure patients and result in terrible complications.


Quit alcohol

What poison is to fish, alcohol is to the high blood pressure patients. Drinking an excessive amount of alcohol will raise your blood pressure in no time and the present recommendation for men is 21 units and for women in 14 nits. A unit is defined as the half a pint of beer or small glass of wine.

No exercise

People often end up with this deadly disease because of following an unhealthy lifestyle in the city. All work and no play makes you have all kinds of body irregularities including high blood pressure. In order to escape from this vicious circle, live and adopt a healthy lifestyle. By that, we mean to include a 30-minute cardio workout to pump your blood and heart with full burst.

Sleep disorder

High blood pressure befriends your enemies including anxiety and the best way to fight it out is by embracing your good night’s sleep. Anything less than 8 hours is not good enough for your body requires sufficient sleep to balance the hormones and sweeping pressure level.