Do’s and don’ts during walking

One EASY solution to kill all the acute/chronic diseases out there – WALKING. It’s easy!! It costs free!! Guys all you need is a longing desire. Walk for about 30 minutes – 1 hour every morning or evening and you should see the benefits soon. Walking is one of the most famous weight loss techniques for everyone that has no rules to follow and can be done anytime, anywhere before or after meals. Don’t underestimate the power of walking, it significantly tone up all of your body muscles.

Be fit and look great and feel light from within…


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  • Keep the spine straight and body in a vertical position while walking. You shouldn’t bend the spine while walking.
  • Briskly swing your arms in sync with your legs to keep the body posture right.
  • Put your heel first while keeping your steps to maintain proper walking routine.
  • Change your speed while walking. It makes your walking more interesting without tiring you out too soon. It also improves pace and increases the heart rate.
  • If you can, take a hilly route for walking as climbing uphill strengthens the gluteal muscles and hamstrings and also increases the heart rate keeping it healthy.
  • Use a heart rate monitor or pedometer or such tools to track the distance covered, the speed and the calories burnt. It helps you to track your goals.
  • Stretch your body after walking. It helps to prevent injuries and pain related to walking for long stretches.
  • Walk with long and brisk strides instead of being slow. Slow walking is of no use. Walking with long steps keeps your heart healthy and burns calories.  
  • Warm up and cooling down exercises before and after the walking keeps muscle strains away.


  • Do not add any weights to the body while walking as it can affect posture and strain the body unnecessarily.
  • Do not wear improper shoes if you are planning to go out for a walk. It may not only hinder proper walking but also cause discomfort and pain. Wear soft walking shoes with proper flexibility to twist the toe area.
  • Avoid leather shoes and tight clothing.

Waking: your goal

To get ultimate goals out of your walking you need to wake early mornings. Yes guys the calm mornings with greenery around would make you more fixated and excited to walk. Mornings are the best time to walk.

Stop feeling lazy guys I know it’s toughest of all jobs to get into a fitness regime but that would cost you a lot in future. Develop a DESIRE to walk to be fitter.

Don’t shy: come out of it

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Those living in flats or at road side buildings or in heavily occupied areas do not shy or feel discomfort – it’s 21st century guys – come out of the doors. Stop walking around in clumsy balconies. That is just not enough. Take that uneasiness out of your mind about who is watching you or gazing at. This stuff is all your intuition!!!

Where to walk

Again- Stop walking around in clumsy balconies or in a hall touching either ends of the wall for some 50 or 70 numbers. Doesn’t work guys!! Walking in a garden or park or even a straight road, local neighborhood or lane or ground, where there is more green. If

If park is in/around your locality, you are blessed to have one.

  • Walk bare footed on a grass to cure that does a lot for your health.
  • Climbing stairs or mounting or down-walking helps you tone up your calf muscles, thighs, hamstrings, abdominals, lower back and love handles.
  • Treadmill also works for people who can out make out outdoors.
  • Walk to work
  • Take bus from one stop away from your home
  • Take the stairs
  • Walk to nearby store to get grocery or veggies

Buy add-ons

It’s a must if you are about to start walking. If you are a newbie then you must definitely consider having a pair of soft and comforting shoes. If you are overweight and can’t pull over tight fitting jogging outfit – Go for sweat soaking kurtis and loose pyjamas.

  • Add layers if you feel discomfort
  • Ditch those flip-flops, slippers and chappals
  • No overly tight fitting shoes –prefer a snug

How to walk

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  • Walk tall with head up / don’t look down and walk

Most of the Indian women tend to look down and walk. Walk with head straight and watch out for up/downs on road.

  • Elongate your spine.
  • Tug your abdominal muscles while you walk
  • Swing arms naturally to give you a walking rhythm

Raise your intensity levels day-by-day gradually. You should be able to talk to your walking partner without breathing harder. Stop walking if you find difficult breathing.

Feel your heart pumping!!!

Say no to music players

If you are walking alone, music players playing your play list would accompany you to the longest walk. Make sure your volume is on low. On roads, it’s a complete no-no.

There are no hard rules for walking. Walk empty stomach. Walk on full stomach. Walk a lot if you are pregnant.

Walk!! Walk!! Walk!!