Do’s and dont’s of dog bite

Our favourite best friends dogs might sometimes prove to be a lethal and harmful reason for us to get into major trouble. During dog bites, you must seek medical consultation and ensure that your wounds are properly healed and cleared off. Here are some of the precautions you must take to keep yourself safe and healthy.

As friendly and loyal dogs are regarded as, the more harmful they are when it comes to chasing a strange street dog or even not. Dogs instantaneous affection or alarming state might prove to be nothing less than fatal for the victim if they end up brawling and screeching the person in opposition. Of course, here are some steps and quick ways on how to deal with the dangerous dog bites. Take a look and get your first aid ready to prevent the severe after-effects take a toll on you.


Use of plantain leaves

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This is one of the best herbal remedy to cure and heal salves. It is brimming with the goodness of anti-inflammatory and anti-biotic properties. This is the treatment you avail as soon as you are bitten by a dog. Shred a plantain leaf into pieces. Using a morar and pestel crush it up. Now, add water and bentonite clay to it. Gently spread this mixture on the area that the dog has bitten. Keep it on for a few hours. Do this twice every day until the bite heals.

Properties of Manuka honey

Anti-inflammatory properties are brimming in pure Manuka honey. It has the power to heal wounds and take care of your skin. Manuka honey will prevent the spread of germs and stop infections.  That is why Manuka honey is another remedy that can be used when you are bitten by a dog. You will need two tablespoons of Manuka honey. This quantity depends entirely on the size of the wound. Wash the wound with an antiseptic and dry it with a clean towel. Gently apply the honey over it. Keep it on for several hours. Try this every day until you are healed.

Benefits of Neem leaves

Neem has the power to heal wounds and cuts. That is why Neem is considered as an antiseptic to heal any wound.  In order to use the neem essential oil, you have to mix it with coconut oil or Aloe vera juice. In a bowl take ten drops of neem essential oil and two tablespoons of coconut oil or Aloe vera juice. After cleaning the affected area, apply this paste. Leave it for the night. You will feel much better in the morning as Aloe Vera gel will provide a soothing sensation. Neem leaves can also be used instead of Neem essential oil.

Seek medical emergency

The wisest thing to do is put your superficial wounds under water or rub alcohol in judicious amounts or you can also add a pea-sized hydrogen peroxide to clear things out. If you are suffering from puncture wounds, don’t wait a single second to consult a vet doctor. This can otherwise lead to acute diseases and problems further.

Document your injuries

Who doesn’t keep a camera of smartphone handy these days? We all do. So, make sure that you document your injuries, keep copies of all medical records and keep the stock of bandages and other medication kit ready at all times.

Contact authorities

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There’s no wisdom in following a strange street dog all across the road, instead stay away from its vicinity and contact authority to help you reach for medical emergency.

Do collect important information

To avoid any such contingency in future, be sure to click the pictures of the street and the scenes. You can also contact the authority about the locality dogs and their owner’s information can be fetched this way. Collect some evident information from the witnesses which will help you understand the case better.

Keep calm and get the vaccine

Don’t assume that the dog would be healthy and this is a one-timer incident which will not occur again. Do not make any assumptions on the liability of the dog owner. It’s always recommended to proceed with caution because dogs might be affected with rabies or some other deadly disease.


Don’t discuss the case

Do not share the confidential information related to the incident with the insurance personnel because they might end up not paying as much as he can to the injured. So, to keep things on a safe side, make sure you’re discussing with your insurance agent about the important points only.

Don’t keep assumptions

This is perhaps the worst-case scenario if you’re considering the weird assumptions whether the dog is healthy and his owners would have vaccinated him already before biting you. No matter what the case, you must seek medical consultation to reach to a sensible conclusion.