Do’s and don’t’s of jaundice

Jaundice is chronic disease that incurs as a result of Hepatitis A virus and the root cause of this disease is mainly the unhygienic food. Switching to healthy alternatives and adopting a sedentary lifestyle will gradually result in fighting off this disease quite well. Intake of water in the form of buttermilk, skim milk, fruit juices, coconut water will considerably help in removing the fat toxins from liver and speedy recovery of jaundice patients.

The hepatitis A virus that causes jaundice is all because of the unhygienic food choices complimented with unhealthy lifestyle. Jaundice can be treated naturally at home by controlling the diet. Liver is a vital part that metabolizes fats and proteins to get diseased, henceforth, switching to healthy alternatives will help recover and heal the liver faster and effectively. Fat must be controlled and consumed only in the limited quantities. All fat-based food must be banned for at least ninety days and skim milk, arrowroot and glucose biscuits must be your go-to meal.


Sugarcane juice

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The most renowned and natural way to strengthen your liver and gradually get rid of Jaundice is Sugarcane Juice. It makes the liver into function and makes sure the condition gets better. Do Drink at least 2 glasses of sugarcane juice daily.

Green grapes juice

The yellow texture of your skin as well as your eyes is the proof of Jaundice while you want to get rid of the yellowness gulp some green grapes juice. It cures jaundice by increasing the efficiency of the liver. Do drink a glass of green grapes juice regularly.

Vitamin D

Do make sure you get some Vitamin D as deficiency of the same causes jaundice. Whether it is in the form of sunlight or in the form of food supplements make sure you have Vitamin D in your diet.


Drinking some coffee and herbal teas can be of great help since they stimulate the function of the liver and help in digestion.



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It is a strict no to consumption of Alcohol when you are suffering from Jaundice since it is known to damage the liver even further.

Packaged food products and drinks

Don’t drink juices that come packed and don’t even have food packed food items since they have been processed using preservatives and chemicals which can prove to be very harmful for the liver.

Spicy and fried food

During jaundice the liver becomes very weak, it almost stops functioning on a normal scale so one should completely avoid consuming fried food items and food items that are very spicy.

Eggs can only be consumed once the recovery stage is at par, post doctors advice. Here are some of the food items you must include/exclude from your diet to remain healthy and help recover from jaundice quickly.

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  • All protein-enriched beans, peas and pulses must be avoided.
  • Carbohydrates is an effective alternative to proteins and foods like rice, whole wheat bread etc. will accelerate your energy level.
  • Switch to oil and fat-free based food like potatoes, cauliflowers, carrots because there is a special requisite for Vitamin b and C in them.
  • Snack on light glucose biscuits, jam and whole wheat breads. Dried fruits like raisins, dates are also beneficial.
  • You can add soups, custards, buttermilks to up the water level in your body. Fruits like banana, kiwi are very effective in recovering from jaundice.
  • Jaundice leads to lots of water loss from the water in the form of vomiting and loose motions. This way, the body loses out on essential nutrients including sodium and potassium which are quintessential for growth and development of mind and body.
  • Moderate amount of salt can be used to treat the deficiency of water along with snacking on small portions of food. Avoid galloping large portions of food thrice instead breakdown of 6 small meals is the way to go.
  • Avoid non-vegetarian diet for the prescribed timeline of ninety days since it is too heavy for the bile to be digested and metabolized.
  • Increase your water intake in the form of filtered or boiled water. Do not drink raw milk. Prefer skimmed milk instead.
  • Bitter gourd and bitter drumsticks are extremely healthy for a jaundice patient. They help in purifying blood and better circulation and inflow of proteins to the essential parts.
  • It is advised that jaundice patients must take complete rest and keep drinking fresh fruit juices. An ideal diet should contain porridge, rice gruel with jaggery syrup or honey for additional flavour.