Do’s and don’ts during viral fever

Viral fever refers to varied types of viral infections. It is most commonly active during the monsoon and rainy season among almost all age groups. High body temperature is a significant distinction between a viral fever and normal flu.

It is a contagious disease, which means viral fever can spread from one person to another through close contact. Basically if the infected person sneezes, yawns or coughs some sort of tiny fluid particles containing virus or bacteria emit out from their body. They can enter into an unaffected person’s body through mouth or nose, showing noticeable effect after 16 hours to 48 hours of entry.

A person having lower levels of immunity like it is in young children and old aged members of family are more prone to viral fever. Also, it is sometimes difficult to differentiate viral fever with other types of diseases and even common flu or fever. So it is important that you keep in mind the symptoms associated to viral infections and get proper treatment in time.

[Do’s & don’ts during viral fever in Hindi]

Symptoms of viral fever

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  • Muscle, joint and body pain
  • Headache and weakness
  • Skin rashes and redness of eye
  • Sore throat and running nose
  • Dehydration
  • Extreme temperatures, mostly high and up to 104 degrees
  • Occurrence of occasional chills
  • Swelled face and fatigued body

It is highly recommended that the patient should visit the doctor as soon as possible. Mainly because high body temperature is not something body can bear for too long. Also, inform the physician about all the problems or symptoms that you have come across. He might recognize it from the description and fever only. But in some cases the patients are advised to get blood tests done as well. A blood test works well to make sure whether it is a bacteria or viral infection. Though, viral infection does not appear in the tests, bacteria can be diagnosed. Moreover, there are several other diseases like malaria and typhoid that can have similar responses and having blood tests is essential to know the exact disease.

Have Coriander tea

The seeds of coriander have phytonutrients and vitamins which will help to boost up your immunity system. Apart from this fact, there is an abundance of volatile oils in potent form and antibiotic compounds which act as natural aid that is helpful and effective in fighting viral infection.

Add a tablespoon of coriander seeds in a glass full of water. Let, this solution boil and then wait for it to cool down. Once the mixture has come to room temperature, strain the liquid then add sugar and milk to it. Drinking this everyday will help you to recover from Viral fever.

Decoction made from Dill seeds

Apart from boosting up your immunity system, Dill Seeds have the power to relax and calm your body. Dill Seeds lower the body temperature. The presence of monoterpenes and flavonoids make it a powerful agent with anti-microbial properties. It helps a person suffering from Viral fever.

How to cure cold with home remedies

In order to prepare a decoction of Dill Seeds, you have to roast a few things in a pan. Take Suva seeds (one tablespoon) , peppercorns (half tablespoon) and one teaspoon of kalonji. Once it has been roasted, add it to a cup full of boiling water. Now, let this boil and simmer down for ten minutes. Strain the liquid once it cools down and drink it with a pinch of cinnamon.

The healing powers of Tulsi

Viral fever’s symptoms can be easily taken care of by the effective powers of Tulsi leaves. Tulsi leaves have germicidal, anti-bacterial, fungicidal and anti-biotic properties. That is why it is the perfect remedy for viral fever. You will need a handful of Tulsi leaves. Wash it properly and add this to one litre of boiling water. Add half a teaspoon of clove powder to it. Wait for the water to simmer down to half. Strain it and drink it warm, twice a day.

Dos in viral fever

  • Taking rest can help a lot for the medicines to work and immunity to build back.
  • Do complete the course of your medicines to get away from the infection from root.
  • Intake as much water as you can to avoid dehydration in the body.
  • Try having lighter and easy to digest meals such as ‘Khichdi’ and soups.

Don’ts of viral fever

  • Many of us take fevers lightly and use the medicines as per our knowledge. It is not possible to get away from viral infection through intake of antibiotics, antipyretics and analgesics. So, it advised that the affected people do not take medicines on their own.
  • If your doctors have not prescribes a dose of antibiotics, do not consume it. Antibiotics are not the solution to heal from virus infection. These medicines help in fighting bacteria and not virus. However, if your doctor has recommended then it could be to eliminate the chances of getting affect by other infections.
  • Do not share your belongings like handkerchief and food with other people, especially with children and old aged ones to minimize the chances of spread.
  • Do not bind yourself in heavy clothes and blankets of you get chills. The environment and temperature around should remain normal.

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It is generally believed that once the body has built up the antibodies to fight against these infections or virus. It is less likely that he or she will get affected by it again. This is why a proper medication for an appropriate period of time is required to make body completely safe from getting infected again.

It can be bit difficult to tackle children with viral infection, especially due to chills or warming up of body caused by constant fall and rise of body temperature. But parents need not panic in such situations because viral fever can get treated within few days of proper medication and rest. The patients just have to make sure that they are consuming something at some intervals of time. Fluids like juices and fruits are good for immunity of the body. They can also have a sponge bath with warm water. Taking showers and consuming cold water should be avoided initially!

[Do’s & don’ts during viral fever in Hindi]