Stem cell therapy: Effectiveness in medical field

Storing the stem cells is recommended to every couple giving birth to a new baby in a hospital. There are companies approaching the new parents with their own set of techniques to store the stem cells for years and making it available to the couple when they need them in future!

The unique fact about the stem cells is that it has the ability of regenerating the cells and helps in treating a variety of diseases that was earlier unknown of. Although not so imperative when treating cancer, the stem cells can be medically a good aid to treat a lot of diseases!

How does stem cell prove helpful in treatments?

How does stem cell donation work

Stem cell is known for its unique ability to regenerate in the form of dividing and creating new cells. Therefore, the root cell/ stem cell when activated with the medicinal aid it has the power to reproduce the cells so that they can be made use of to make treatment of the person possible. When people are suffering from any deficiency or diseases that affect the cell nutrition, hormones or other areas – stem cells can be a medicinal aid to cure them.

What diseases are stem cells capable of treating?

Stem Cells have been into research by scientists from different fields towards knowing the benefits derived from it to us and the effectiveness into curing the diseases we face today. After years of research into the field it has been proven effective in treating a variety of diseases like:

  • Diabetes
  • Heart Stroke
  • Injuries in Spinal Cord
  • Cardiac diseases
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Immune system
  • Blood related diseases
  • Bone injuries
  • Neural problems

The era of stem cell storage!

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Since ages people have been told that storing the stem cells from the umbilical cord has been proven effective in treating a variety of diseases when their children grow old. Where there were no such high-technology grounds to store these cells in a completely protected environment before the change of time has brought about the mushrooming of a lot of companies who help store the stem cells in good condition for as long as 50-70 years. There are usually two cells from the umbilical cord that are proven to be most effective in treating the human diseases.

Mesenchymal cells

Also known as the super-cell the mesenchymal cell is found in the umbilical cord and is studied to have good results in curing the life-threatening diseases. They help particularly in regenerating the cells like neural, bone and even heart.

Hematopoietic cells

Widely known for its potent properties to grow and divide into multiple cells, the Hematopoietic cells have been a rich source to cure diseases particularly related to blood, abdomen and even reproductive organs. This one helps in hormone secreting tissues.

How does stem cell therapy work?

Stem cell therapy is a whole different science that involves the treatment in the form of an insertion of cannula on the patients; problem area for e.g. torso. A syringe is inserted and with the help of the cannula the liquid form of stem cells in passed into the body in the form of an enzyme. The same is carried out for the blood veins too when the treatment involves some diseases related to blood. The enzyme slowly targets the area of healing and starts replacing the dead cells with the newly formed and divided cells. The division and expansion results in replacement of affected cells and cures the diseases from within.

What is the effectiveness of stem cell therapy in medical field?

Stem cell therapy has been found effective in a lot of medical field particularly related to the blood diseases and Parkinson’s diseases. Not only do they help replace the cells and give healing to the body but also target other areas cutting down the fats to cure the person from within.

The stem cells float around in the body and fix them from inside. Although the mechanism is best when the stem cells are stored from the umbilical cord and are used soon enough. So, if you are young and your stem cells are young too – they are the most effective!