Fat burning herbs and supplements

During the process of battling weight issues, you might have found various alternatives on your way but one best choice would be the use of herbs and vitamins. Making small changes in your diet like adding a healthy supplement will surely pep up your journey towards a slim shape. Make this battle an enjoyable and satisfying one. I have listed out seven supplements that you should try. If you implement them in the right way with a balanced diet, I can guarantee you a win in this battle.

[Fat burning herbs and supplements in Hindi]


This one is possibly the easiest one to get from your kitchen shelf. Cinnamon is aromatic and puts a sweet and slight hot flavor into all dishes that help the body to stop food craving. When you eat foods that are high in cinnamon, you will stay full for longer periods. A remarkable herb for fat metabolism – flushes out the fat from the liver and helps the body to use it as energy. Cinnamon also has antifungal properties that fight against intestinal parasites to keep your tummy fit and slim.

The intake of cinnamon will enhance the fat burning mechanism in the body and add natural slimness to the body.

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80% of chemical reactions in the body depend on magnesium. You can completely rely on
magnesium supplement for body toning and weight loss. Magnesium relaxes the muscles and helps the body to sleep comfortably which aids in a better digestion and speedy fat metabolism. In addition, magnesium can maintain normal blood sugar levels and blood pressure levels. Some researches show that consumption of magnesium regularly can relieve PMS, colon cancer, depression, migraine and fluid retention.

The suitable dosage of magnesium is limited to 300mg per day. It is better to seek medical advice before use.

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Ginger can be crucial for your weight loss diet routine. It plays a vital role in cleansing and improving metabolism in the body. Ginger has potential components that can burn bad fat in the body. Moreover, this herb can increase blood circulation, cleanse toxins out of organs, maintain healthy blood sugar levels and keep a check on heart diseases. Ginger induces sweating in the body to burn out stubborn calories and give you a good body shape.

You can make a yummy tea out of ginger and enjoy it! Weight loss and natural health guaranteed.

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Garcinia cambogia

Garcinia cambogia also called hydroxycitric acid supplements are still speculated for its use as a fat burner. However, they are very effective for weight loss. It works in two ways – firstly, it curbs the hunger due to stress and depression. The body develops a resistance to craving food mainly due to serotonin secretion. Secondly, it stops citrate lyase enzyme from converting carbohydrate into fat. Therefore, maintains only good cholesterol in the body.

A safe dosage for adults is 500 to 1000 milligrams per day. Know a right dosage for you at a healthcare. Combine this supplement with a healthy diet routine and exercise to notice better results soon.

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[Fat burning herbs and supplements in Hindi]

Vitamin D

Get outside and let the body heal today in sunlight. Did you know that lack of vitamin D could be a reason for overweight? Now is the time to know it. The deficiency of vitamin D can trigger hunger hormones through hypothalamus gland and contribute to those extra calories. Several studies show that intake of Vitamin D can potentially inhibit fat cells, aid in calcium absorption and decrease belly fat magically. You can also reduce the after-effects of weight gain such as high blood pressure, heart problems, bone problems, cholesterol issues and blood sugar problems.

Now that you know the importance of vitamin D. Just step out to absorb vitamin D from Sun every morning. Another alternative is to take vitamin D supplements by consulting a doctor. Safe dosage is 1,000 to 2,000 IU.

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Chia Seeds

Chia Seeds can easily occupy your diet plan, be it in salads or any kind of cushions. Just remember to use them often because it is a great fat burner. Chia seeds are filled with omega 3 fatty acids, fiber and other nutrients that help the body to maintain healthy blood sugar levels and improve metabolism. Chia seeds target insulin sensitivity to burn fat faster. By reducing the flow of insulin in the bloodstream, one can stop the build-up of fat in the body. Sprinkle these seeds into your food recipes to enjoy the health benefits of chia.

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Chop some dandelion and add it to your salads. This is a must herb for your fat burning routine. The essential minerals and nutrients help the body to metabolize fat and keep blood sugar levels normal. Moreover, dandelion is diuretic and mild laxative that can stabilize bowel movements and enhance digestive power. All these aids to burn fat faster.

Prepare a glass of tea by adding dandelion or eat it with your food to burn fat effectively.

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