Fatty liver symptoms, causes and treatments – Home remedies for avoiding fatty liver

Did you know that your liver remains to be the largest organ of your body? What does it do? It performs the basic and most important function of the body. From digesting food to storing the energy. It also fights different diseases as well as infections. When an excessive amount of fat starts to store in the liver it causes fatty liver disease. But, today we won’t be talking about the disease. We will be sharing different ways by which you can take care of the fatty liver problem and that in the most natural way possible.

Home remedies for avoiding fatty liver

Benefits of Apple cider vinegar

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The best way to cure your liver from the harmful effects of the fatty liver disease is with the help of Apple Cider Vinegar. It does remarkable work in removing the fat that has started to store in the liver as well as around it. Recent studies prove how Apple Cider Vinegar can do great work in reducing the cholesterol and also protected the liver, kidneys and blood cells. With the help of the enzymes in the apple cider vinegar, the lipid levels will soon drop. It will also take care of the inflammation that is being caused.

You will need a glass of lukewarm water. To this add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. Make sure it is unfiltered. If you can’t drink it then add a teaspoon of honey to this. You need to have this before you eat something every day. Within a matter of months, you will be better. Never drink apple cider vinegar without diluting it. It can burn your throat.

Advantages of Turmeric on your body

Turmeric is known for its marvellous anti-oxidant properties. It can heal your fatty liver disease and can cure you in the most natural way imaginable. Turmeric helps our body to fight the accumulation of fats in and around the liver. Add half a tablespoon of turmeric in water (two glasses). On the regular consumption of turmeric water, you will see the change in your health that you want to.

Food items that will cleanse your liver

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You need food items that can detoxify your liver and enhance its health. A high-fibre diet with vegetables, fruits and grains will help your liver to be healthy. Consider the ways that we are about to mention to remove the harmful fat that has been accumulating in your liver.


This will help the activate the enzymes in your liver with its sulphur. To have a diet that is friendly and healthy for your liver you need garlic. Use onion as well as garlic together to enjoy the hepatoprotective effect. This can cure your liver of the harmful fatty liver disease.


The chronic liver disease can be treated by the consumption of coffee. The deposition of fat, as well as collagen, can be reduced in the liver by drinking coffee. So, protect your liver by drinking more coffee.


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Nuts provide our body with the much-needed fats. They are the best thing that you can include in your diet. The liver enzymes are promoted and it protects the liver from fatty liver disease.

Uses of Dandelion

To give your liver the tonic it requires you need to give it the herb Dandelion. This will help to treat the problems caused by the fatty liver disease. The anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic and anti-diabetic properties of Dandelion make it an amazing product to cure every problem including fatty liver disease. The detoxification of fat takes place in the liver and helps to metabolize the fat in your body. In a cup full of hot water add dried dandelion to it (one teaspoon). Let the water steep for a few minutes and then strain it. Add half a teaspoon of honey to this. You should be drinking a minimum of three cups of dandelion tea every day. Within the next couple of months, you will see great results. People even eat dandelion with other food and salad. Choose one way or the other to incorporate dandelion into your diet.

These are the few ways you can reverse the harmful effects of the fatty liver disease. Try the herbal ways to get the best result possible.