Fever diet – Foods to take, foods to avoid during fever

When you are suffering from fever, it is really important that you get sufficient nutrition but your diet should be simple enough so that it is not very difficult for your digestive system to cope with the food. Deciding a diet that is easy to digest and yet full of nutrition is not very difficult and after going through this article you can easily come up with the right diet to take during fevers.

[Foods to avoid during fever in Hindi]

Coconut water

How to get bitter taste in mouth during fever

If you are not feeling too good or have a soaring fever, one of the most important things to ensure is that you are getting enough hydration as fever, sweating and vomiting can cause a loss of electrolytes and water from the body. Coconut water has a high concentration of glucose and electrolytes and can help you rehydrate your body. It also contains antioxidants and causes way lesser stomach distress than other such beverages though it can cause bloating.


There is an adage that suggests that there is nothing that a cup of tea can’t treat. This is especially true in case of symptoms associated with cold and flu. It helps act as an all-natural decongestant and can help in clearing up the sinuses of any mucus buildup. Tea can also help you stay hydrated. They also are rich in polyphenols which provide a whole range of health benefits from antioxidant to anti-inflammatory properties to help provide antiviral, anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. Studies in rats have showed decreases in the levels of bacterial growth in the throat during fever and sore throat issues when they consumed tannic acid present in black tea. Echinacea tea can also help in reducing the severity of symptoms associated with cold and flu. There are also a wide range of teas available in the market to help with throat pain and cough.


Honey is a potent antibacterial agent and contains a number of antimicrobial compounds and has been used since ages for dressing wounds. It is also excellent for stimulating the body’s immune system. If you have a fever accompanied by sore throat and bacterial infection, honey can be an excellent source of immune boosting properties. You can combine it with some ginger and suck on the mixture for better relief than the over the counter cough drops.

Foods to take and avoid during fever

Dengue fever symptoms & prevention

  • One should drink lots of water when affected with fever. The reason being, viruses and bacteria augment better in dehydrated units and the white blood-fluid units present in our body-fluid function better and the toxins are removed more effortlessly when the body is hydrated properly.
  • Consume raw fruits and vegetables which can be peeled.
  • To sustain the functioning of the immune scheme in fever, one should reduce or stop caffeine intake.
  • During fever one should decline any kind of sugar intake like, soda, any kind of undiluted fruit juice, honey, natural and perfected sugars. The cause behind this is the activity of the killing white blood-fluid cells get slower in sugar nourishment.
  • Choose to consume food that are cooked, rather than the raw ones. The food should include those with entire seeds, cooked with steam vegetables, soup and diluted fruit juice. The reason is that, raw food are difficult to digest in contrary to cooked food.
  • Freshly lemon, lime, orange or grapefruit juice extract diluted with half cup water and no sugar or ice should be included in the diet while one is suffering from high temperature.
  • When suffering from fever, try to give more of fluids like fruit or vegetable juice extracts, iced fruit bars, herbal teas, broths and gelatin. If the fever is accompanied with diarrhea, then include more of semi-solid or soft nourishment like khichri (mashed rice), vegetables soups, supple simmered eggs, cooked with steam vegetables, yogurt, and porridge.
  • Another food that cold be relied on when in fever is rice porridge with ginger and vegetable broth. This food is very simple to digest and has healing properties.
  • Foods like turkey, pullet, fish, oatmeal and bananas support the well-being of the organs by generating pollution fighting white blood cells.
  • Probiotics rich food should be included in the diet as these food are said to be effective in reducing high temperature, hack and length of antibiotic.

Foods which you should be avoided

  • Avoid drinking unpasteurized milk or milk products.
  • Avoid eating red beef, fish, shellfish and any sort of meat as they are high in cholesterol and are not easy to digest.
  • Beverages like soda, carbonated soft drinks and beverages such as coffee and tea should be avoided.
  • Having alcoholic, tobacco and smoking should be avoided when suffering from high temperature.

Foods that you can add to the liquids that you take

You can add these foods with the liquid that you take during fever. These add to the food value of the liquid and helps in the process of curing your ailment.

Angelica root

This is effective food during fever. This can be taken by mixing with soup or tea. You must drink the liquid when it is hot. It lowers temperature and helps you digest other food that you take.


Dos & don’ts during viral fever

Dry grapes are called raisins. These contain antioxidants and help you to fight any type of infection within your body. Vitamin C in the raisins helps in fighting feverish condition.


It is best food that you can take with any type of solid or liquid food during fever. The anti oxidant present in this food is very high and boosts the infection fighting strength of your body. Use cloves of garlic with hot water twice in a day. This will help in taking down fever.


This is an Indian herb that helps in ailments. The healing power of your body increases with the intake of this leaf. You will recover faster if you take the juice of basil mixed with honey and hot water.

Breakfast for fever patients

Eat juices in breakfast. Vitamin C from the juices will strengthen the immune system. Warm milk is also good during fever. Add a pinch of saffron and a tablespoon of honey to get better results. You can try nuts like almonds or ground nuts when you do not want to take much in breakfast. Try to avoid heavy breakfast and take something that will help your body to fight the symptoms of fever.

Lunch during fever

Dos and don’ts during chicken pox

Take some carbohydrates like bread. Make sure you take brown bread to avoid indigestion. You can take some vegetables and soup with the bread. Protein is good for your body. You can take some boiled eggs for increasing the count of white blood cells. Banana, fish, oat meals and chicken also aids your body to fight with the infection by increasing the WBC. Fermented food is good for the bacteria will help your body to get better. You can take buttermilk, yogurt and soy products if you want. Cooked food and boiled vegetables are better than raw food.

Dinner during fever

Dinner should be light. You must not take anything that is heavy for digestion. Salads and boiled vegetables are good for dinner.  You can take sprouts or beans if you like them. Chicken soup or vegetable soups are good choice for dinner.

[Foods to avoid during fever in Hindi]

Chicken stew can be a good option

Doctors suggest that when you are down with fever, you should opt for simple and boiled preparations of chicken. Chicken is a good source of protein which will strengthen your body and your immunity system, will give you the required energy but is comparatively easier for you to digest. Chicken stew is so much preferred during fevers because it is prepared in a form which makes it easier to digest. So, if you are suffering from fever and you are running out of options about what to eat, a chicken soup added with minimum butter, pepper and salt can be a good option for your taste buds as well as for your weak body.

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Precautions about fruits and veggies

Tips to prevent high blood pressure

Fever is a symptom that your body is fighting against an infection and during this time it is really important that you keep yourself safe from getting any fresh infections. The foods and drinks we take in often work as the major source of infection in our body and hence when you are already suffering from fever make sure that you do not eat or drink anything that might be contaminated with germs.

If you are eating any fresh fruits, make sure that it has been soaked in clean water and has been washed properly and peeled before you eat it. Also washing the fruits with salt-mixed water can be a good option as it kills more germs from the surface compared to the plain water. When you are ill, do never opt for fruits that have been cut and left open even for some time.

When it comes to the vegetables, make sure that you eat only well cocked vegetables that has been preserved and washed properly before cooking. Also make it a point to wash your hands clean every time you eat.

Precautions about water

To keep yourself safe from any new infection, it is really important that you take only completely clean water when you are ill. If you are not using a modern water purifier in your home, it is better to depend on boiled water during this span. Also make sure that you are using drinking water for washing your mouth as often waterborne infections enter our body with water while washing the mouth.