Foods to reduce acidity and gas

People with indigestion and irritation in stomach often complaint of gas and acidity issues.  It is frequently followed with burning sensation and pain as well.

Occurrence of both gas and acid reflux together can be difficult to go through for many people. It is also a call for you to bring a change in the diet or eating pattern. Basically because it is something directly related to what you consume. Some of the common habits that lead to gas and acidity problems are eating too much, having unhealthy food or even directly to bed after eating.

[Foods to reduce acidity in Hindi]

Though, prescribed medication from a doctor can be comforting to a large extent, you can also bring a change or add some healthy food items that reduce the production of acidity and gas in body. These food items include:


Health benefits of ginger tea

It is a good source to procure anti-inflammatory properties that work to bring relief from gastrointestinal problems. Moreover, it is not something that cannot be added in a daily regime. Ginger is readily used in kitchens to bring tint of flavor. So, all you need to do is make sure you have it shredded or grated in any meal of the day. Many people also like putting ginger in their tea for extra flavoring.


This food item is filled with minerals and vitamins, it is a diuretic. Asparagus helps in production of good bacteria in intestine, this bacteria reduces the chances of gas build-up. Hence, having it regularly is something sufferers must think of!


It is often advised that the people going through the problem of gas and acidity must resort to food items that are low fat proteins because they cause gas. Papaya helps in breaking the protein rich food items due to presence of papain, a digestive enzyme. Papaya is also rich in antioxidants and helps in proper digestion.


Fiber has multiple advantages to health of a person. It helps in making the body feel fuller than any other food item. And also helps in improving the digestive system by removing the waste easily. Having it in your diet is going to relieve you from bloating and pain as well.

You can consider consuming celery to attain extra amount of fiber and water content.


Home remedies for indigestion

Just like asparagus, yogurt also produces some good bacteria that fasten the digestion process in a human body. Proper digestion is essential to reduce gas in the body.

Other fruits and vegetables

You have to be good at picking ideal fruits and vegetables for your diet to reduce gas and acidity. Try to opt for more alkaline foods like green leafy vegetables, avocados and bananas. And avoid the fruits that are high in acids like grapefruit, oranges and tomatoes to reduce acidic reflux.


Spicy and oily food should be big no for this kind of a healthy diet plan. You can add some of the good herbs like peppermint, cinnamon, cloves and fennels that help in proper functioning of the digestive tract.

If you do not opt for a healthier diet then even medicines would not bring much comfort to reduce gas and acidity. Also, seeking help of doctor’s prescription is not something you can think of a solution. Minor changes in food choices and little restrain from oily and junk food can simplify the discomfort from root.

Moreover there are some habits relating to eating pattern that affect the formation of gas and acidity a lot. They are:

Raw foods to boost your health

  • You can reduce your meals from 3 times to several mini meals to reduce the acid secretion. This way the food would get digested easily while putting less pressure on the stomach, keeping you feel light throughput the day!
  • It not surprising to know that a large portion of acidity issues reported by people are at the night time. A major reason behind this is the habit to land onto bed right after having dinner. The stomach releases acids throughout the night causing irritation and pain.

Lastly, you need to make a habit of having a small meal at the night time that too few hours before thinking to lie down on the bed. Having small bites of foods, chewing properly and slowly are some other ways to ensure digestion and avoid such gastro problems!

[Foods to reduce acidity in Hindi]