Frankincense essential oil benefits

Frankincense oil is extracted from Boswellia sacra tree. This ancient oil has universal healing effects on human body. However, it is sad that these trees are on theverge of extinction that has resulted in a great price hike. Regardless of the price, people are using it extensively due to the various benefits. Here are 11 top-notch advantages of Frankincense essential oil for a healthy well-being.

Quell negative emotions and day to day stress

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Frankincense essential oil gives a calming effect on the body. It decreases high blood pressure and heart rate to give a relaxing effect on the body and mind. The same effect can be experienced with the intake of anti-depressants but they come with side effects such as drowsiness and addiction. Frankincense essential oil, however,does not have any side effects. It’s a natural way to treat stress and bad mood. The chemical compounds in the oil emit a strong aroma which dispels the feelings of stress and enhances the mood. With a few minutes of absorbing aromatic fumes, one would calm down and gather gust of positive energy. So do not let common stress and negative emotions get better of you and get used to taking stress medication. Just use frankincense oil and feel uplifted in themood.

Enhance your body immunity and prevent falling ill frequently

Many researchers have shown that frankincense oil has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties which means it helps to destroy bacterial and fungal infection in the body. Moreover, it is also known to have anti-carcinogenic properties which fight against various forms of cancer. Applying a frankincense oil on the skin prevents germ growth. Gargling with this oil added in water cleanses themouth of bad odor and relieves from oral health problems such as cavities, gingivitis, mouth sores, toothaches and other infections. Andobviously, the common health problems such as flu and cold are inhibited with the use of Frankincense oil.

Relief from side effects of chemotherapy

Frankincense oil has an anti-cancer compound called AKBA which kills cancer cells and reduces the side effects of chemotherapy.

Improves skin health and slows aging process

Frankincense oil improves skin elasticity, tone and strengthens the skin tissue. It eliminates blemishes and fades dark scars on the skin. Someone with acne issues will find Frankincense oil to be healing. The oil is also beneficial in treating surgical scars, cracked skin, stretch marks and pregnancy marks

Balances the level of hormones in the body

Imbalance in hormone levels is cause for many health problems such as constipation, pain, cramps, anxiety, headaches, mood swings, fatigue, and nausea. Also, problems related to irregular menopause and menstruation are caused due to hormone imbalances. Frankincense oil regulates theproduction of estrogen and reduces the risk of cyst or tumor development in women at premenopausal age.

Eases stomach problems

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Frankincense oil flushes the whole digestive system and helps the body to produce bowel movements. In the process, it detoxes the intestines, reduces cramps in the stomach, reduces pain and relieves nausea.  The problems of bloating and PMS related pains are relieved with the use of frankincense oil. It boosts the secretion of digestive enzymes, relaxes muscles in the digestive tract, increases production of urine, improves circulation and digestive health. It is beneficial in reducing the symptoms associated with Crohn’s disease, leaky gut syndrome, IBS, ulcerative colitis, and chronic colitis.

Treats Insomnia

As Frankincense essential oil reduces stress and anxiety, it helps to sleep at night. Its strong scent and calming effect naturally triggers sleep endorphins and creates clear breathing passages. Also, it puts the body in right sleeping temperature and eliminates pain.

Relieves pain and inflammation

Frankincense prevents the production of molecules causing inflammation and conditions such as asthma, arthritis, and painful bowel disorders. This helps to curb the progression of cartilage breakdown and reduces the dangers of painful inflammation in the joints. So, Frankincense oil is a natural treatment for conditions related to muscle, tendon and joint pain.

Fast healing of razor bumps

An accidental razor cut in the morning can leave an irritating wound causing daylong frustration. With applying Frankincense essential oil over the razor bump you can quickly have relief from it. The oil along with healing cuts also makes the skin feel rejuvenated. The chemical properties of the oil reduce the appearance of skin imperfects and give you confidence about your skin appearance.

Skin protection and remove dryness

Winter can make one’s hands, legs and face dry and scaly. Using moisturizer is essential to hydrate and protect the skin from cold. Frankincense oil is an excellent moisturizer that will protect your skin from winter dryness. Along with hydrating the skin, it adds a soothing fragrance to your skin. Moreover, it helps in maintaining good looking fingernails.