Fruits & vegetables that causes gas

In the modern age, the availability of everything has become easily accessible, not only in the field of science but in the case of gastronomy as well. As people have come up with various machines and utensils, making food is an easy deal. It is well known fact throughout the world that fast food is not good for humans, yet people love to eat it.

There can be many reasons, which cause a gastric problem in humans. Some of the major causes of the gastric problem are intake of antibiotics, being under stress or tension, some fruits, and vegetables etc., which can lead to gas formation.

[Fruits & vegetables that causes gas in Hindi]

Gastric problem is mainly seen in people who are 40 years or above; but due to eating unhealthy food one can be a patient of this disease at a very young age, if precautions are not taken properly. A gastric patient should avoid eating certain food, such as; certain fruits and vegetables, which can cause gas.

As it is known that the major cause of the gastric problem is through food; there is a list of food that should be avoided in order to stay away from the disease. There are certain eatable articles that cause gas. Some of them are:


List of foods that cause gas

It is seen that beans contain certain sugar in them such as triple sugar, stachyose, a quadruple sugar, raffinose and a five sugar is known as verbascose, which cannot be digested easily. Hence pushing them to the large intestine. When these sugars get close to the colon it starts to ferment as it was not broken down before, due to certain missing enzymes. The fermenting cause gas in the process.


Cauliflower is a cruciferous vegetable. Cruciferous vegetables contain a type of sugar, oligosaccharides called raffinose. Our body does not have the enzymes to break these sugars down. Thus, when it passes through the large intestine it causes bloating and gases.


Though it is consumed by most people in abundant amount, onions can cause gas as well. Onions contain certain sugar known as fructose, which is the main component for forming gas in the intestine.

Brussels sprouts

There is a high amount of cellulose present in Brussels sprouts, which is hard for the human digestive system to process. Due to this reason, a major part of the sprout is received in the color where it is digested by the gut bacteria.


Carrots are good for the eyes but it can cause gas as well. Doctors have said that eating raw carrots can be a reason for bloating. One cup of carrots contains 12-15 grams of carbohydrates. When these carbohydrates reach the intestine undigested then it causes gas.


People suffer from fructose mal-absorption should be very careful, while consuming apples. Apples contain sorbitol, which triggers them causing gas as the body cannot absorb the natural sugar present in them.


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Although bananas give strength to the body, people suffering from gastric problem should avoid having them, even occasionally. Bananas contain fibers and fructose, while both of them cause gas. When the fibers are broken in the large intestine, gas is formed, as well as, fructose is not easily digested causing the same problem. One should not consume too much banana at the same time as our body is not used to that much amount of fibers and fructose at a same time.


Raisins are mainly made up of sugars and fibers. Due to the intake of too many raisins can develop gas. The sugars present in raisins are glucose and fructose. The fructose present in it can cause gas among people, who are fructose intolerant. If a person is not used to consuming too many fibers; should not eat raisins as it will cause bloating.

The above-mentioned list of fruits and vegetables are the major reason for developing gas. The sugars such as stachyose, raffinose, verbascose, fructose, sorbitol, glucose, sulfur are not easily digested or absorbed by the human body. Hence, they make their way to the large intestine or colon, where they are broken by bacteria; which are already present there causing gas. Human body lacks a-galactosidase (a-GAL) in their body, which helps to break raffinose in the small intestine.

[Fruits & vegetables that causes gas in Hindi]