Health & beauty benefits of garlic oil

Garlic Oil, a resident of the onion family has been in consumption since the time of the tales of Vampires because initially people believed that Garlic could make the Vampires run away. It is anyway a herb or vegetable with a lot of medical properties and proves to be good for health as well as beauty.

How is it prepared?

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Although people mostly consume Garlic in the form of vegetables by adding it in various kind of recipes but there is way of consuming or using it in the form of oil. In order to make Garlic Oil, one you need to foil out the garlics off their skin, soak them in any healthy vegetable oil by the way of steam and then grind them.

Benefits of Garlic oil

Relief from headache

If you have been suffering from headaches quite often and probably your balm isn’t working then you need to find another relief. Garlic oil has been too good in relieving headache, all you have to do is apply some on your temple and massage it. Even people suffering from migraines can apply it for an instant relief from Headache.

Prevents obesity

Garlic oil boosts the metabolic rate of the body which further burns fat and lowers the cholesterol levels. This is very important for people who have been suffering from weight related problems. Consuming garlic food instead of other oils reduces the appetite of having junk snacks.

Improving digestion

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Garlic oil is known to be anti-inflammatory because of which anybody suffering from constipation or digestive problems might find their cure. It is rich in antioxidants so it stimulates the digestion process as well as reduces the chances of gastrointestinal cancer.

Prevents and treats yeast infection

If you have been suffering from yeast infections then a natural remedy for it is Garlic Oil, you can apply it on the affected area. Also, consumption of garlic oil on a daily basis heals infections like Candida and Candida Vaginitis.

Treatment of psoriasis

Apart from the organic oils readily available in the market, Garlic Oil is one natural source for a healthy skin. Massaging your skin with some garlic oil helps in relieving Psoriasis outbreaks especially on the affected areas. It soothes the skin, heals it and makes it smooth.

Relief from itchy foot

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Itchy foot can be a real problem especially for models and athletes who have footwear to swear by for the whole day. Soaking your foot in a tub of warm water with some drops of garlic oil soothes it and the foot feels no more itchy.

Enhances bone health

Generally, after the age of 30, most women suffer from the problem of weak bones and fall in bone density. Garlic Oil as reported by researchers helps in enhancing the density and health of the bones. Having some garlic oil on a regular basis is a good way to treat the same.

Works as a mosquito repellent

Now a days, mosquitoes have been a source of diseases like Dengue and Malaria to whose treatment there is no direct medicine. Other than using costly mosquito repellent creams which anyway stop working after a few hours, one should better go for Garlic Oil. According to International study it has been reported that Garlic Oil keeps the mosquitoes away, so apply some of it all over the exposed skin before you or your child heeds out.

Cold sores

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Cold sores can be really itchy and one could feel its burning sensation, though people apply ice or creams that are cool. But Garlic Oil can make the Cold Sores away within a day without it returning any further. All you have to do is take a drop of garlic oil on a cotton ball and then dab it on the cold sore. Keep dabbing the cotton ball for a few seconds, do it daily at least two times in a day for it to heal quickly.

Cures dandruff

Take the required amount of garlic oil and apply it on your scalp to control the white flakes and to reduce dandruff. It is a simple way to get rid of severe scalp itching and to give moisture to the dry scalp. If not the garlic oil, garlic oil capsules also serves the advantage of same. Try this remedy for every 15 days until it notice the results.

Controls acne

Acne is regarded as one of the common and nagging problems to all. People have been using variety of remedies in the form of creams and cosmetics. But, very few people achieved the remedy. Garlic oil can be one of the wonderful remedy in such a situation. You can now make a face pack with it. Take two spoons of multani mitti and add garlic oil in it. Mix them and apply on your pimples. You will see the pimples moving away.

Garlic Oil has too many nutritional values which is very good for the health and also for beauty purposes. Moreover, Garlic doesn’t even tastes any bad it enhances the taste of recipes just like it enhances the health of an individual. Once the Garlic Oil is prepared, it should be kept in an airtight container to be stored in a refrigerator.