Papaya health benefits – Papaya beauty benefits

Papaya is an orange color fruit with delicious taste. It contains high amount of nutrients, vitamins, low amount of calories. Papaya contain minerals such as potassium, iron, magnesium, sodium which helps to improve food digestion. Papaya contains nearly 5 grams of sugar, low fat and fibre at normal amounts. The largest producer of papaya till present is United States and Mexico. Papaya fruit has more health and beauty benefits.

[Health & beauty benefits of papaya in Hindi]

Health benefits of papaya

Weight loss

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Fibrous fruits are always good for reducing your weight. This will create a proper bowel movement and initiate success in clear system. Papaya contains fiber, low amount of fat, low calories which helps to reduce the fat in your body. Intake of papaya cleans the digestive system and improves digestion.

Immune system

Getting a well balanced immune system is really an important consideration. This is the first and foremost thing that will keep you healthy and fit. Papaya contains vitamins that are essential for your body to boost the immune system. It plays a major role to boost energy and improve the immune system functioning healthier.

Colon cancer

Papaya fruit is rich in anti-oxidants. It works as an anti-agent and fight against cancer cells to prevent cancer whereas nutrients present in papaya plays a vital role to prevent the colon cancer cells and lycopene present in papaya helps to prevent the risk of prostate cancer. Thus, you must have papaya adequately so that there is no chance of getting colon cancer.

Protection against arthritis

People suffering from the problem of arthritis suffer from the pains. The pain can take place in any part of their body. It is basically due to joint pain. Doctors prescribe medicines and treatment with exercise. But those can give you relief for some time. But, papaya remedy is really great where you get your inflammation in your joints reduced. One of the reasons of having such problem is due to lack of vitamin C intake. Papaya is a rich source of vitamin C that will help you stay away from the problem of arthritis.

Reduce stress

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Stress is one of the dangerous health conditions that can give rise to variety of issues. Due to stress and tension people can have high blood pressure, heart attacks, strokes etc. It is the time for you get your stress reduced with papaya remedy. Once you are having too much stress at office, come back home and have a plate of ripe papaya. Since this has vitamin C, the stress hormones will be reduced.

Good for eyes

Our eyes are one of the important parts of our body. Without the eyes it will be impossible for us to see the beautiful world. But, many of us cannot see well. Even if god has given us an eyesight, we cannot just maintain it. We stay exposed to the screens for a long time. It hampers our eyes. But today we have many ways to improve our eyesight. Consuming papaya is one of the important considerations.

Beauty benefits of papaya

Skin care

Papaya contains essential components that are good to skin. It consists of vitamins that help to remove dead cells.

  • Papaya is used as skin moisturizer.
  • Papaya face pack is used to improve the skin tone naturally.
  • Papaya face pack improves skin shine.
  • Papaya face pack treats pimple marks.
  • Papaya face pack makes your skin smooth and soft.
  • Papaya pulp is used to treat dark spots.

Hair care

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Papaya contains nutrients which are helpful to increase the hair growth and nourish your hair.

  • Papaya hair pack controls the dandruff in hair.
  • Papaya hair pack makes your hair healthier and stronger.
  • Papaya leaves are used as hair mask which result the conditioner to hair.
  • Papaya hair pack helps to prevent the bald head.

[Health & beauty benefits of papaya in Hindi]

Removes wrinkles

You must be working day and night to earn your bread and butter. This affects your skin and beauty. We hardly get time to care our face. As a result we get wrinkles at very young age. It is really very pathetic as due to wrinkles we look older than what we are. Vitamin C rich food can help you prevent wrinkles. Papaya is a wonderful remedy here. Either you can have ripe papaya or make a pulp of papaya and apply on your face. Keep for some time and then wash away.