How to get the health and beauty benefits with potato?

Potato is a root vegetable originated in South America. It is sub divided into various types with different colours such as white potato, yellow potato, red potato and russet potato. These are good source for vitamin and minerals such as potassium, manganese and phosphorus. They contain phytonutrients and anti-oxidants that fight against various diseases. Potato is low calorie vegetable with high amount of fibre which is essential for weight loss. It has lot of health and beauty benefits.

[Health & beauty benefits of potato in Hindi]

Health benefits of potato

Blood pressure

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Potato has a compound called kukoamine-A which plays a vital role in controlling the blood pressure levels. Some researchers have noticed that leaves of potato tree can be used in preparing the medicines for blood pressure. Blood pressure patients always prefer to eat baked potatoes than fried potatoes.

Improve cell functioning

Potato contain vitamin which involves in functioning of cells. Vitamin B6 is essential to improve the cell functioning especially for nerve cells it plays a major role. It also involves in improving the brain cell functioning.


Methylation is essential to maintain healthy cardiovascular system. Homocysteine in high levels are associated with the risk of heart diseases. To prevent such conditions intake of food that contains vitamin B6 is more important to reduce the homocysteine level. This reduces the risk of heart diseases.

Weight reduction

Potato is low calorie diet with high amount of fibre which is more important for weight reduction. It is an excellent source of proteins, nutrients and minerals which are essential to maintain healthy body.

Preventing scurvy

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Scurvy is a skin disease which normally takes place due deficiency of vitamin C. There are different ways to stay away from such trouble.  But, getting inclined to natural way will be better. Potato is a natural remedy that will help you stay away from the skin disorder named as scurvy.

Boost memory power

Your memory power will be easily boosted with some natural homemade remedy. It is very important for you to remember things at time. If you are forgetting things in your work field, the impression in front of your colleagues and boss will be miserable. Also a very young kid of 5 years old needs to remember his or her lessons. If they forget the same, the impression too becomes negative in front of the teachers. The level of glucose in a body plays an important role in boosting memory level.

Kidney stones prevention

You must have heard that people are getting the operation done to remove the kidney stone. This kidney stone take place due to the lack of hydration in the body. Also due to lack of water the dust and particles cannot be flushed out. Now if you don’t have water, then also you can stay away from the kidney stone. Yes, this can now be eradicated with the help of the potato remedy.

Beauty care

Skin care

Potato is more beneficial for the skin. It has properties that make your skin soft and glow. Potato contains anti-bacterial properties that cleanse your skin from dead cells.

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  • Potato pack for skin helps to prevent acne problems, pimples and rashes.
  • For glowing skin, potato pack is more useful along with lemon juice.

Hair care

Potato for hair mask helps to prevent the hair fall and dandruff. Use the extract of raw potato for hair pack which is good source to improve hair growth. Potato is more advantageous for the people who are suffering with thinning of hair problem.

[Health & beauty benefits of potato in Hindi]

Get fair skin

If you have too much of dark spots on the face it becomes really a task of shame in front of the mass. This is the time for you to get something that will help you remove those spots. Yes, the potato in raw form applied over the skin will be really amazing. You can actually stay away from the dark spots. Also you can become really fair and attractive. You don’t have to use the harmful cosmetic products available in the market. Just get a slice of potato and rub it over your face.

Gray hair highlights

Some people are fond of hair styling. Even if your hair has become too much gray, it is the time for you to make creative beauty out of it. Potato peels work in a wonderful way to replace the gray hair with lightening factor. You need to boil the peels of potato at first. Now strain the water. Now wash your hair with shampoo. Once the shampooing is done and even the hair is washed, wash the hair with potato peel water.