Amazing carambola / star fruit health benefits

Star fruit is also known as carambola specifically grown in south eastern parts of asia. The star fruit is in oval shape with 3-5 inches. The star fruit is in yellow in color. There are two different categories of this star fruit. One type is sour fruit which is high in oxalic acid. The second type is sweet star fruit when compared it has less amount of oxalic acid. Star fruit is noticed with different names in different areas. The star fruit contains vitamin A and vitamin C, fiber and iron. Star fruit contains anti-oxidants that are essential for our body. Star fruit is edible fruit and requires more sun light and humidity.

[Health benefits of star fruit in Hindi]

Health benefits of star fruit

Lowers cholesterol

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Star fruit contains high amounts of vitamin C that help to reduce blood pressure levels and lowers the cholesterol. Star fruit contains high fiber and low calories which reduces the cholesterol. If you can control your blood pressure level it means you have crossed a milestone in health.  Now, it is possible to have a control on blood pressure in a natural way. Yes, it can be done through star fruit consumption.

Indigestion problem

Most of the people suffer with the indigestion problems. It causes due to intake of high calorie food. To overcome this indigestion prefers to eat fresh star fruit in small amounts for every 3 hours. But along with the healthy diet tips, the star fruit will be a great remedy as well. All you have to do is have a star fruit in raw form with salt along with your breakfast or at the end of meal.

Anti- inflammatory benefit

Inflammation can take place every now and then in your body. For example if someone comes across an accident, due to this the muscle area gets inflamed. The star fruit has the antioxidant that will protect you from getting inflammation. Some individuals have very less healing properties. But the star fruit has benefit of restricting the delay on repair. As a result any type of wound and inflammation can be easily healed.

Aids in breast feeding

Many pregnant women become nursing mother faces difficulty of breast feeding. Sometimes the milk inside the body becomes freeze. There is a restriction in the liquidation process. As a result, the breast feeding mother gets pain.There are several home remedies to make the breast milk flow. Consumption of star fruit is also one of the ways to aid breast feeding. You won’t have any more difficulty in feeding your baby.

Skin disease

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People are suffering from wide volume of skin problems. On eof the reasons for getting it is the deficiency of vitamins. Star fruit has such vitamin that is really suitable to make your skin healthy. Also you will stay away from all types of skin diseases. Skin problems are transmitted diseases. Most of the people get affected by the major skin diseases such as ringworm, chicken pox, acne which cause irritation to your skin. To avoid this problem use the decoction of roots and leaves of star fruit tree. This slowly reduced the marks and irritation of all skin problems.

Star fruit for beauty

Skin care

You must have used variety of face mask and face packs available in the market. Some of the companies used the fruit extract. But today we are going to speak about the fruit which can be good for skin without adulteration. You can simply apply the pulp of star fruit and get beautiful skin. Star fruit is used for all the skin types. Star fruit is used to cleanse the face from tan. It is used as the skin moisturizer.

Weight loss factor

People must be trying a lot but losing weight has been really difficult to them. The weight loss facility is there in the star fruit which you can avail.  The fruit has really high amount of mineral and fiber that works really well in balancing your weight. Yes, the weight management will be easily done with the help of this star fruit.  This will curb your appetite and help you reduce excessive food intake. As a result the fat deposit will be less.

No wrinkles

Today people are getting the wrinkles and other signs of aging now and then. There was a time when wrinkles used to be seen among people when they cross 60 years of age. But today people get it just when they are 35 years of age. It is due to the change in lifestyle of individuals along with adulterant in food. All you have to do over here is consume the star fruit. You will get less wrinkles. Also those who have not developed wrinkles, having star fruit on a regular basis will help them prevent it.

[Health benefits of star fruit in Hindi]