Health benefits of acacia & side effects

Acacia contains high amount of acacia fiber. The acacia fiber is collected from acacia Senegal tree which is a native plant commonly found in Pakistan, India an Africa. Acacia is also known as gum Arabic and has several health benefits.

Acacia can be used by mixing it with water as a beverage. Most of the people choose acacia over other fiber as it is smooth and maintains a thin consistency. Also, it is not having very strong taste.

Previously, it was only used in medicines and for baking purpose. However it can still be found in grocery stores in ground, crushed or whole form. Below we are sharing some of the health benefits of acacia. If you are  interested in knowing the benefits, keep reading.

Health benefits of acacia

Helps to relieve pain and irritation

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Acacia is naturally having a sticky texture. Materials which have sticky texture are often used for reducing or relieving any kind of inflation and irritation. According to many studies, acacia is helpful in relieving discomfort in throat and stomach.

Helps in healing wounds

Acacia is most of the time used as a treatment for healing various kind of wound. According to many scientist,  doctors and researchers, acacia contains chemicals like glycosides, alkaloids and flavonoids which are helpful in treating wounds. Also, a recent study showed that using acacia on the wounds would lead to quicker healing. Meanwhile, another animal study suggested that it can also be used to heal medical problems such as ulcer.

Helps in maintaining oral health

The extract collected from acacia is sometimes known as black khair, which is proven to be very helpful in promoting oral health. The extract can also be used for making mouthwashes for preventing dental problems like gingivitis. Powdered form of acacia can also be used as a herbal toothpaste when mixed with water. It will help in cleaning the teeth without being very harsh on them. According to a study conducted in the 1999, herbal tooth powder made out of acacia extract helped in clearing around two third of tooth plague.

A rich source of fiber

Acacia in rich in water-soluble dietary fiber. Water soluble dietary fiber helps in maintaining cholestrol level and is also good for diet. A study showed that consuming around 15 grams of acacia everyday helps in managing the concentration of plasma cholesterol present in blood. Apart from this, water soluble dietary fibres is also helpful in maintaining weight and a healthy heart.

Helps in reducing body fat

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Acacia gum is having the capability of maintaining healthy weight range and at the same time also helps in reducing the overall body. A few years back, a study was conducted which included 120 women, half of them consumed around 30 grams of acacia  powder on a regular basis for 6 week. The other half consumed a placebo containing only a gram of pectin. According to the results, women who consumed acacia were able to decrease their body mass index.  Additionally, they were also able to reduce their body fat up to 2 pecentage.

Helps in soothing cough and cold

As mentioned earlier that acacia  helps in relieving any kind of inflation or irritation, it is also very beneficial when it comes to controlling cough. The properties present in the ingredient allows it to be used as a solution to treat cough and protect our throat from irritation caused because of coughing. Also, if you use acacia for treating your throat, you will also not be loosing your voice at the same time.

Prevents blood loss

The particular kind of acacia plant which is found in the US or Maxico are useful for preventing blood loss. It helps in preventing excess blood loss which might be caused because of any minor or major cut, wound or any other issue. Pouring a little amount of acacia tea on the wound or cut will help in reducing the blood flow within no time. This remedy can also be very useful when it comes to preventing heavy bleeding from the cut.

Acacia these days are used in various food preparations and is safe for cooking as well. Also, now that you know the benefits of including acacia in any form in your diet, we are pretty sure that you will start using it from today itself.

Side effects of acacia

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Acacia is generally considered as non-toxic when it is consumed with food or medicine. However, when acacia is consumed other than with food or medicine, has certain side effects. Acacia may result in an increment in cholesterol level and can also cause some kind of allergies in some people. When acacia is given IV form, it may also lead to liver and kidney damage.