Health benefits of eating greek yogurt

Guys I want to make clear that people mostly in India use curd for yogurt. There is a huge difference.

  • Curds made by adding edible acidic substances like lemon or vinegar in to the milk to break and separate into milk solids and watery whey. Paneer is for example one of the curd product.
  • Yogurt is formed by fermenting milk i.e. adding good bacteria to warm milk.

Every Indian kitchen has home-made yogurt made on a daily-basis, with exception being the working moms who hardly get time to ferment the yogurt.

  • 1 bowl of simple yogurt contains roughly 3-4 grams of protein and 450mg calcium.
  • Greek yogurt has 2 X more protein than regular yogurt.

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Greek yogurt is nothing but strained yogurt or yogurt cheese. This is not new to us. Guys we often make paneer/cottage cheese at home but the difference being we strain milky concentrations from curdled MILK. But for Greek Yogurt we strain milk concentrations from YOGURT.

How greek yogurt is made

The ingredients you need to make Greek Yogurt is similar to plaim Yogurt:

  • 1cup boiled milk made warm (dip your finger and you should feel warm not hot)
  • clay pot /cup
  • A tablespoon full plain yogurt (Get it from your neighbors next door or buy small container yogurt from stores or can use your last day’s leftover yogurt).
  • Add 1 tablespoon plain yogurt to warm milk and forget it for 6 hours
  • For a more firm yogurt. Leave it whole night to ferment
  • The next day strain the yogurt in a cloth
  • The watery whey in the normal yogurt is been removed leaving out thicker consistency, more solid and creamy yogurt is the Greek yogurt.
  • The end result of this thick consistency yogurt i.e. the Greek Yogurt has less of sugar content + less carbohydrates + more protein.

The name is new to us, but we have been using Greek Yogurt since ages. In paneer tikkas and chicken thandoori we mostly use Greek Yogurt to marinade to soften the meat and get that tangy kick.

Greek yogurt during pregnancy

  • You need a lot of calcium and protein to help grow your baby’s bones stronger. Besides using calcium supplements add Greek Yogurt to your diet in the breakfast or dinner.
  • For lunch continue with the regular yogurt made buttermilk.
  • I recommend my blog lovers to play safe with the Greek Yogurts available in the market.
  • If you are not a yogurt person… then you can prefer adding some nice fruit juice or honey to the cultured milk to get your homemade yogurt ice-cream.
  • 2 cups of Greek yogurt makes as much protein as 1 cup of lean meat, helping you stay full and content for a long time. You will less of peaky-boo cravings!!
  • Use disposable clay pots – that does the refrigerator action of providing cool atmosphere to the cultures to stay live and active for longer period. Say 2-3 days.

Gestational diabetes and greek yogurt

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  • For the gestational diabetic mothers it is highly beneficial to make Greek Yogurt at home and ditch the ones available from stores.
  • Greek Yogurt from the stores has loads of thickening agents, corn starch, guar gum, carrageenan, gelatin, excessive whey concentrates, carmine to get that pink hue strawberry flavor and other additives to get that rich texture.
  • The refrigerated Greek Yogurt from the stores has inferior concentration of proteins and more of sugars as the live and active yogurt making cultures die sitting on the shelves.
  • The live and active yogurt making cultures are responsible in promoting digestive enzymes – the probiotics – healthy bacteria.
  • Frozen Greek yogurt loses its protein content and gets more concentrated into sugar/glucose which is not a healthy option.
  • Diet high in protein i.e. Greek Yogurt helps build lean muscle and doesn’t constitute to raise in sugar levels.
  • Cow’s milk is the best of all. So try making Greek Yogurt out of cow’s milk to maintain overweight and cholesterol issues.

Now don’t say to your friends you have learnt about Greek Curd. It’s Greek yogurt!!!