How pointed gourd or parwal are useful for health?

Pointed gourd or parwal is one of the popular vegetables in the Indian Subcontinent. Scientifically known as the Trichosanthes diocia, the pointed gourd belongs to the Cucurbitaceae family and the plant bears heart shaped leaves. The fruit that grows on the trellis is known as pointed gourd which has a tip on the corner and striped with dark green bold patches with light green stripes.

Health benefits of pointed gourd/ parwal

Being a staple vegetable cooked in Indian subcontinent, pointed gourd has its own benefits for your diet.

Aids digestion

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Parwal is loaded with fiber and is a big relief to the gastrointestinal diseases. It’s easy digestion makes it one of the best vegetables to keep the body healthy. It helps in better digestion and provides for the fiber that the stomach needs for smooth functioning.

Cure to constipation

Parwal is rich in anti-oxidants which help in purifying the skin and keeping the stomach healthy too. The seeds of the pointed gourd in particular are rich in enzymes which effect the movement of stool thus bringing easy cure to constipation. For people suffering with routine constipation problems – pointed gourd is a good addition to diet.

Weight loss

Being fibrous in nature, pointed gourd is very low on calories which acts as a big help for the people who are struggling to lose weight. Consumption of parwal or pointed gourd is going to keep you fuller for longer while cutting down on the cravings too. This vegetable helps in losing weight faster.

Blood purifier

Pointed gourd is known for its detoxifying benefits which help in purifying the blood. The regular consumption of pointed gourd has proved to bring about blood purification that helps in keeping the body and skin healthy.

Fights flu

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Ayurveda has it that pointed gourd has been used as key ingredient in many of the flu medicines developed naturally. The vegetable is known to boost the immunity power and helps fight against the infections. It helps in curing flu faster along with giving a good treatment to the throat infections, fever etc.

Fights signs of ageing

Pointed gourd contains antioxidants in good amount along with Vitamin K, Vitamin D and Vitamin C. In the time where ageing starts way too early for people, consumption of pointed gourd as a daily diet helps in reducing the early signs of ageing. It helps fight against the fine lines, wrinkles and saggy skin too.

Fights acne

Pointed gourd purifies the blood and restores the skin health with Vitamin C. This in turn works wonderfully for people whose skin is prone to acne. Consumption of parwal has known to reduce the occurrence of acne big time!

Controls cholesterol

Consumption of junk food and having an unhealthy lifestyle ha sobviously led to high cholesterol levels in the body. Pointed gourd is a vegetable that gets cooked without the aid of much oil and is tasteful even its raw form. The consumption of this vegetable is known to lower down the cholesterol levels.

Controls blood sugar

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The seeds of pointed gourd are rich in nutrients which help in regularizing the blood sugar levels in the body. It helps in controlling the blood sugar level and thus is a big boon to the people suffering from diabetes. Consumption of pointed gourd with gravies or curries might not result in controlling of blood sugar but when cooked in the simplest form – it can be a big help!

Improves eyesight

The enzymes present in the seeds of the pointed gourd are the best part about the vegetable. These seeds are rich in minerals which help in improving the eyesight. With consumption of pointed gourd on a regular basis one shall be able to improve their vision for better.

Healthy diet

For a balanced diet it is always necessary to include some green vegetables as a vital part of one’s schedule. The pointed gourd are green, contains vitamins and are best consumed fresh. The fact that they are fibrous and keeps you full for longer helps in bringing about a healthy diet in your schedule. To help keep your body fit, healthy and away from diseases – this is a good vegetable!

Some ayurvedic benefits that pointed gourd offers

Headaches can be cured

When the pointed gourd’s roots are crushed and used, it takes care of headaches. In a blender make a thick paste using the roots of pointed gourd and some water. Apply this to your forehead and wait for it to dry. Using this method every time during headache will prove beneficial.

Heals and cures wounds

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Try a natural remedy from now on to cure the cuts, wounds, bruises and rashes. Make a decoction of the roots. Now, use this to cleanse the wounds. It will kill all the germs that were brimming in that particular area and speed up the process of healing.

Takes care of sudden and excessive hair loss

One of the major problems faced by people (both men and women) all over the world is the loss of hair. This disease is named as Alopecia Areata. You can cure this by making a paste of the pointed gourd leaves. Use it to apply all over your head where baldness has started to appear. Wait for it to dry. Wash with cold water. Doing this thrice a week will show effective results. Don’t use chemical laden to shampoo to wash your head afterwards. Use a natural and organic product.

Diseases of the liver will go away

In order to keep your liver healthy and fit, consume the juice made with pointed gourd’s leaf is beneficial. Make sure you take two tablespoons of this juice every day.

Cough and cold

If you often suffer from cough and cold problems, then the solution again is Pointed Gourd. Use the roots of pointed gourd to make a decoction. Drink a minimum of five milliliters every day. If you can drink it two to three times a day.

Skin disorders

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The juice made with pointed gourd’s leaves will help to cure different skin problems.

Pointed gourd/parwal can be cooked as dry curry, made into gravies, stuffed with spices or just stir fried for consumption on a regular basis – include it in your diet for a healthy life!