Health care tips for men after 50

As we age, our body’s demands change to a large extent. Phase after 50 years not only makes a body vulnerable to diseases but also less strong than before.

However, it is not case that men cannot recover from ailments of this aging process. A change in diet and lifestyle can bring lots of improvements in the way you feel. Ultimately the efforts should be aimed at following a much healthy and less stressed pattern!

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Begin to exercise

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Researches have shown that there has been a significant fall in heart diseases and other health issues like obesity in men aged above 50, particularly in the bracket 60 to 75 years who continuously participate in jogging and running.

Other than the physical drill, the mental exercise is equally important for men in this stage. Not only does is benefit the health, it also does wonders in bringing about the change in thoughts. If not much, one should always try to invest the idle time in something productive after 50!

Stop intake of pollutants

It basically means cutting yourself from tobacco, smoking and over drinking. Having two drinks a day is something acceptable but not more than that. There are several routes to slowly get rid of such harmful habits, in case you find it difficult to cope up with the problem.

Resorting to a healthier lifestyle is not possible with excessive smoking and drinking. Mainly because after a certain point of time our body starts to fall short in fighting with the effects caused by such things. You should rather concentrate upon building the stamina.

Get the dose

Though, a man above 50 should seek to consume a diet filled with optimal level of nutrients, there can be instances where the fruits and vegetables to not supply the required by the body.

You need good calcium content for healthy blood pressure and bone mass, magnesium for regulation of rate of your heart and muscle mass, also omega-3 fatty acids to minimize the risk associated with heart diseases and maintain brain function. All these crucial vitamins can be acquired through a prescribed dosage of nutrition supplements during this phase.

Cut salt content

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The lack of potassium and increase in the sodium level in a man’s body after the age of 50 can prove to be an alarming situation. You will need to cut back on sodium rich eatables like cheese, processed foods and breads. Rather ad green leafy vegetables to make your heart stronger than before!

Be active

Obesity is one of the major issues that make life after 50 years of age difficult to go through. A lot of junk in the body gets accumulated with the consumption of soft drinks filled with sugar. You have to make sure that such good tasting items to not become a burden for future and stop having them at the right time.

Moreover, do anything like playing with your dog or a child. Just ensure that your body is in motion, something that makes your heartbeat run faster for a while. You can also join aerobic classes for extra input!

Brush it all

Teeth are another vulnerable area of men that have to be looked upon at this age. The key is brushing and flossing the teeth even more diligently than before. Also, if you come across any pain or gum problem, seek a doctor and do not leave it unattended. Because such issues related to mouth can result into intense health problems later on.

Lastly, every man knows where he falls short when it comes to taking care of the health. It can be anything from taking less sleep to extra love for those unhealthy processed food items. You need to make a list of the bad habits and quit them as soon as possible. There’ll surely be an improvement in the way you feel by doing this. Also, begin with getting a health check-up done for your motivation. It is always beneficial to seek guidance of a nutritionist or family doctor to find the solutions to health related problems you are going through. More than that believe in the fact that you can make yourself healthier even at this age in life!

[Health care tips for men in Hindi]