Signs, symptoms of an unhealthy heart

“Heart” the one which works all time when starts to fail show up some symptoms in many parts of the body which are easily ignorable, and are often times discounted. Your heart needs a check up if you get to experience some of these symptoms.

[Symptoms of an unhealthy heart in Hindi]

What to do to get healthy heart? Food habits and workouts

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Do you have heart problem? Have you inherited it from your ancestors? If yes, this is the time for you to stay alert and go ahead with some good habits to keep your heart healthy and sound. According to the latest report, more than 90% of heart problems can be prevented. You need to follow some simple tips to avoid heart attack. Change in life style of individuals can be one of the major causes of heart problem. If you can consume good amount of veggies, grains and fruits with very little oil consumption, risk of heart attack will be effectively reduced. Regular consumption of alcohol is another reason behind unhealthy heart

Tips of getting healthy heart

Tracking triglycerides

If you have higher level of triglyceride, this can lead to diabetes and heart problem. The severe cases can even lead to heart attack. The level of triglycerides in the body of individual are very well linked with changes in individual’s lifestyle. As compared to other types of blood fat, triglycerides are much more responsive. But, if you can reduce the level of saturated fat in your body by around 30 to 50 percent, the triglyceride level will be reduced.

Heart de stressing

Today, people are too much stressed out due to variety of professional commitments. Some people are unable to meet the project deadlines and are penalized by the seniors and supreme authority. Even people gets disappointment from personal grievances. You can go for Yoga and pranayams to avoid stress level. Meditation is also another effective way of eradicating stress and get de stressed.

Quit smoking

Heart disease can take place due to excessive smoking. Tobacco is very harmful for heart which can be eradicated by kicking this nasty habit. If you yourself cannot avoid smoking, consult your doctor or go to a rehabilitation center to get new technique which will help making you quite smoking completely.


Raw foods to boost your health

You must have a proper control on your weight and physical fitness to stay away from heart attack. If you have put on excess weight, go for aerobics or variety of weight loss exercises you must check which part of your body is having excess bulk. You must go for the appropriate exercise that will help reducing fat layer from your skin. If both your upper and lower body part is having excess fat, go ahead with regular exercise.

Healthy food

If you have high cholesterol level and heart problem, unhealthy food with the consumption of excess oil will be hazardous. High blood pressure can be a reason behind heart problem. You must consume less salt to control high blood pressure level. You must cook herb and consume adequately with less salt to stay healthy and get away from heart problems.

Plant sterol and go for nuts

There are two types of fat in the food that we consume. It includes good fat and bad fat. Saturated fat in our food is not good for health and can even give rise to heart diseases. But, good fats such as Omega 3 fatty acids or Omega 6 fatty acids are very good for your health and heart. Consumption of nuts can give rise to healthy fat and keep your heart healthy.

Sexual problems

Today an average guy coming up with Erectile dysfunction (ED) is considered to be a cardiovascular patient as those with no sexual issues.

The connection between Erectile dysfunction and heart is the arteries get narrow, smaller and hardened than the ones leading to the heart, thus restricting blood flow to the penis which causes pain when the penis is erected while lack of oxygen lead to weakness and interrupt desire for sex.

Do you snore loud?

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Loud snoring and people with sleep apnea and other breathing problems during sleep are at risk and are linked up with various cardiovascular diseases. What happens is when you are sleeping the heart works too hard to keep oxygen flowing to your body parts leading to cardiovascular diseases.

Bleeding gums

Sore, swollen and bleeding gums has bacteria that not only pull away your teeth but also leads to an early sign of cardiovascular disease due to the poor blood circulation and the bacteria involved in gum diseases has commonality with plaque buildup inside coronary arteries which blocks the arteries that feed the heart, prevents the heart from getting enough oxygen.

Swollen feet or legs

Do your ankles, feet, wrist, or fingers swell at times or experience a deep pressure marks or indents??  Then you have fluid retention problem which is an early sign of coronary artery disease which occurs when the heart does not pump enough blood to carry waste products off the tissues which leads to improper blood circulation in the places farthest from the heart like wrists, fingers, fee, ankles and legs finally leading to heart failure and other forms of cardiovascular diseases.

Do you feel your heart is beating fast and hard?

It is a sign that something is wrong with the cardiovascular system which may even lead to sudden death. The electrical system which keeps the heartbeat in synch with other functions restricts the blood flow to heart and causes this problem of skipping of heart beat (arrhythmias) leading to over compensation of heart beat.

Chest pain

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An intense pain in the right side of chest is a sign of cardiovascular disease which is often felt during a heart attack. Please don’t confuse if you have heartburn, indigestion or a pulled muscle problem.


Shortness of breath or if you feel like you can’t breathe, or you might feel dizzy or faint, or can’t catch your breath while walking upstairs or after minimal activity or at rest which previously caused you no trouble is a sign of weak cardiovascular system.When there is no enough blood getting through the arteries to carry sufficient oxygen and when you take a deep breath it causes heart muscle pain (angina).

Jaw and ear pain

Jaw pain is one of those inexplicable symptoms of coronary artery disease (CAD) and impending heart attack. A deep pain travels along the jaw line way to ear where the damaged heart tissue sends pain signals up and down the spinal cord to junctures with nerves that radiate from the cervical vertebrae out along the jaw and up to the ear.

[Symptoms of an unhealthy heart in Hindi]