Herbal supplements for getting pregnant

Thinking of giving sweet news of pregnancy is easier than achieving it. Some of them conceive without any hardships. However, others try hard but nothing works for them. This happens due to various reasons like the irregular menstrual cycle, short ovulation phase and hormonal imbalance. When you know something is offbeat in your body, you should consider supplying the body with supplements that could help you restore fertility and take you to pregnancy phase faster. This article contains natural herbs that work on various factors of the body to help you attain pregnancy faster.

Chaste berry

Chaste berry is all you need for stimulating fertility. It targets the ovulatory hormones to balance them and enable ovulation. This herb activates hypothalamus to balance estrogen and progesterone hormone levels in the body, which are necessary for a healthy conception. It stretches the luteal phase, corrects irregular menstrual cycle and helps you get pregnant faster.

Take 1 capsule twice a day after meal. Discontinue usage as soon as you enter pregnancy phase.

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Red clover

Red clover is popularly used to strengthen the uterus and Keep a check on hormonal imbalance. Isoflavones present in red clover stimulates increased secretion of estrogen to promote fertility. Calcium content works on the calming nervous system and decreases anxiety. To establish pregnancy it maintains the balance of PH levels in reproductive organs. This herb can also be helpful for those who suffer from fallopian tube scaring. Overall health is benefitted by the use of this herb.

Intake is limited to 2 capsules daily. Consult a medical expert before use.

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Red raspberry

Red raspberry is super nutritious with iron, magnesium, vitamins, potassium, which makes it an effective herb for improving fertility. The main function that this herb does is toning the pelvic muscles and strengthening the reproductive system. Therefore, labour pain is reduced and pregnancy phase gets easier.

Consume 2 capsules two times a day after food or as directed by healthcare clinic specialist.

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This is a good dietary supplement to enhance female fertility. Studies show the intake of L-arginine can Foster blood flow to genitals and uterus, which is necessary for proper egg health and implantation. Further, L-arginine increases cervical mucus, improves ovarian responses and improves endometrial reception. Hence, increases the chances of pregnancy in the female.

Serving size is limited to 2 capsules every day. Do consult a health expert before use.

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Asparagus is rich in folic acid that is essential for successful ovulation in women. This herb is used as a hormone balancer and health tonic in Ayurveda. It can improve female fertility and help you conceive faster.  Studies show that intake of this herb worked wonders on a woman of 40 years old. She was able to achieve pregnancy. The herb acts like an adaptogen – it manages stress in the body. Hence can be a solution to infertility related to stress issues. Intake of asparagus prevents birth defects and increases breast milk.

Consume 3 Gms of asparagus powder twice a day. Consider consulting a doctor before use.

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Stinging nettle

Stinging nettle is a powerhouse of vitamins C, A, D, K, potassium, phosphorus, sulphur and iron that are essential for healthy fertility. This herb is effective in nourishing, kidneys, uterus and adrenal glands. Calcium content in this herb prepares the female body towards pregnancy and guard’s embryo at different phases of conception. Even after pregnancy, it can be beneficial for increasing breast milk.

Take 1 capsule every day. Please consult a doctor prior to first use to avoid side effects.

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Herb Lore Tea

This product is a complete herbal health formula for achieving pregnancy easily. Dandelion and red clover mildly detoxifies the body to prepare for fertility and assists liver operation. Red raspberry builds a strong uterus for effective pregnancy phase. This formula can increase cervical mucus to facilitate smooth sperm mobility in the reproductive organs. The body balances the endocrine hormone to keep stress levels low and assist fertility. The product increases the odds to lead you to pregnancy phase faster. All the ingredients of this blend have vitamins and minerals that can be easily absorbed by the body for healthy function.

Steep 2 teaspoons of this blend into warm water and consume in the form of tea.