Herbal Supplements for Muscle Building

Many people say that using supplements is not a good thing while going to the gym. They interfere with the natural process of the growth. This may be true in the cases of chemical supplements but not, in the case of natural supplements. These supplements are extracted from the natural plants and herbs. No other elements are added to them.

Following is the list of some herbal supplements for muscle building:

[Herbal supplements for muscle building in Hindi]


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Also known as Indian ginseng. This herb not only helps in muscle building but also in various mind related diseases. It is also used for increasing concentration power of mind. Ashwagandha the is a Sanskrit word made from two words ashwa and gandha. Ashwa means horse and gandha means smell. It is named ashwagandha because of its resemblance to horse smell. It does not directly have effects on the muscle mass but it increases the production of testosterone. Testosterone is necessary for the energy levels and stamina in our body. Also it helps us to control our heart rate during the heavy exercises. Therefore, one can concentrate and do more exercise. in this way it is also used to treat the infertility in the male. Ahswagandha is a popular herb that is used by the body builders vastly.


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Shatvari is an Indian herb that is native to Himalayan parts of India, Nepal. It is also grown in some parts of sri lanka and Africa. Shatavari is also known by the name of Asparagus racemosus. Shatavari has been in use in ancient Ayurveda medicines for a long time. Shatavari is good source of various minerals and nutrients needed by our body. It helps to repair our damaged cells in our body. Shatavari has a property to hold water. When took in proper dosages it holds the water in our body. When It is digested, it leaves a ripped body behind. Apart from this shatavari is also used to treat constipation, stomach ulcers, brain related disease like anxiety, depression etc.

Women use Shatavari to start breast milk production and in PMS.


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Gokhru is also known as Tribulus Terrestris and is very popular among the athletes. It is known to have the positive effect on stamina and muscle growth of our body. It is also known as puncture vine. Almost every part of the herb is used due to its wide range of qualities. Some researchers have shown positive results that taking Gokhru with other supplements and a balanced diet has a positive effect on the body.

Apart from this gokhru is also used in treating kidney problems, erectile dysfunction, chest pain, heart rate, blood pressure, etc.

Many women use gokhru before childbirth, and also to produce milk in their breasts.

Safed Musli

Safed Musli[Buy it online]

It is one of the species that are rare to find out. Safed Musli is naturally grown in India. It has been part of ancient Indian Ayurveda for a long time. It has a wide area of use. It is known to have a positive effect on the patients of infertility, erectile disjunction etc. it increases the production of the testosterone. Therefore, it helps in increasing the energy levels of the body and increase the stamina of the user. Nowadays its extracts are also available for the body builders.

Apart from this Safed Musli is also used in arthritis and diabetes. It keeps the sugar level low in our body.

[Herbal supplements for muscle building in Hindi]


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Ginseng is used as a dietary supplement in all over the world. It boosts our energy levels and keeps us fresh all the times. It strengthens our immune system and increases the aerobic activity in our body. Many researchers have shown that ginseng also have positive signs on our brain and helps us to fight stress mentally and physically. Physically it helps us to tackle loss of energy, tiredness etc. It keeps the body sugar levels low and does not lets the excess food to be converted into fat. It also helps to improve the blood flow rate to heart thus increasing the blood flow to the muscles. Also it increases the stamina of the body builder.


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Calendula is a plant whose flower is used as a medicine. the extracts of calendula are also available in the market. There are studies that show positive results in case of muscle spasms. Also it is used to treat the slow healing wounds. Not much research is done in support of calendula supporting the muscle gains. But it shows positive results when took with the other supplements in a balanced way.

St. John Wort

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Like calendula St. John Wort have a mild effect on the growth of the muscle. But studies have shown that St. John Wort is also a good medicine in case of muscle pain. It also relaxes the mind and helps in releasing hormones that cause relaxation of muscles.

Apart from this St. John Wort is also used in cases of depression, anxiety, tiredness etc.

But one thing to remember while using St. John Wort is that it should be taken only on the prescription of a doctor.


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Echinacea is natively found in the United States. But It is also found and grew in some parts of Canada and Europe. Echinacea is primarily used to cure the diseases like common cold etc. but there are other known effects of Echinacea on our body. It has the ability to increase the oxygen intake of our body. When we exercise, our hearts start beating fast and increase the flow of blood to our cells. In this process the oxygen usage increases. Echinacea increases the blood usage by the cells thus improving our athletic performances which in turn helps to increase our weight lifting capacity. The heavy you lift, more the muscle mass increase.

Rhodiola Rosea

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Rhodiola Rosea is an herb that has been in use for a long time. Mainly its root is used to make the medicines. This herb is used to treat various anomalies and diseases in our body like erectile dysfunction, increasing testosterone, depression etc.

moreover, this herb is also used to improve the muscle relaxation process. As we know with exercise rest is also important to increase the growth of muscle mass. Rhodiola helps in relaxing the muscle after the workout. This helps to recover the muscle at a fast pace which also increases the stamina during the workout.


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The Himalayan region of the Indian subcontinent is a large store of some of the very powerful and useful herbs and plants. One of this herb is shilajit. Shilajit has been in the use for a long time in ancient Indian Ayurveda. Shilajit is used to treat the sexual disease in the humans. It also increases the sexual stamina and the count of testosterone. More testosterone means more energy. The increased count of testosterone helps you to work out more and helps in increasing the muscle mass.

These were some natural herbs that help in the growth of the muscle building. One thing to note is that these herbs have less to none side effects but with these, the user has to exercise on daily basis then only these herbs can help. The best are seen with a proper diet plan, regular exercise and these herbs in a prescribed amount.