Herbal supplements to improve eyesight

Think of a camera, which can take pictures same as our eyes. Is there any? No! Our eyes are made out of the best lens that can capture every picture perfectly. However, it is ironic that we care more about the camera than the precious eyes that let you see the world. Upon strain, eyes tend to get weak and gradually we lose our eyesight. It is important to keep our eye muscles relaxed to maintain a good eye health. There is no need to feel stuffed inside those glasses every day if you take good care of your eyes. Here are some magical herbs that can strengthen your eyes and can even bring back your vision in some cases. Accompany these herbs with regular eye exercises to increase the effectiveness.

Herbal supplements to improve eyesight

Bilberry extract

Bilberry extract is effective to treat eye vision disorders like night vision and poor eyesight. The presence of anthocyanosides assists blood circulation to maintain healthy capillaries and vascular system. Therefore improves vision upon regular consumption. During World War II, soldiers used bilberry jam to enhance their night vision and it gave them a positive result. Since then bilberry is popular for eye treatments.

Consume 2 capsules two times a day after food or seek medical advice. This product has 25% anthocyanosides, which is the requirement of a perfect bilberry extract product.

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Nature’s Way Herbal Eyebright

This product is a herbal blend of Eye bright herb, golden seal, bayberry, red raspberry and cayenne powder. Eye bright is used for eye treatment since various decades; it tones the eye tissues, combats eye infections, relieves pain and discomfort and strengthens strained eyes. Berberine component in golden seal disperses antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties that reduce inflammation and microbial infections in the eyes. Bayberry restores mucus membrane moisture and assists in the rejuvenation of new eye tissues. Red raspberry is rich in magnesium, phosphorus, iron, calcium, potassium, vitamins A, B, C and E that provides nourishment to the eye tissues to support new tissue generation. Cayenne pepper improves blood circulation in the eye tissues to foster eye health.  This combined magical blend is perfect to give you a good eyesight and relieve other eye problems.

You could prepare a tea out of these capsules or consume 2 capsules after meals.

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Eyesight is related to eye muscle health. Triphala has properties to make your eye muscles stronger and thus you will notice betterment in your vision. It is also beneficial in treating myopia, glaucoma, cataract, and conjunctivitis. Quick relief from redness and pain is guaranteed by the use of Triphala. Not only this, Triphala is good for digestive issues, piles and inflammation in the body.

Consume 2 capsules every day after food twice. Use this product to achieve overall wellness.

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Nature’s Way Ginkgold Eyes

Ginkgold eyes contain all eye essential components like Ginkgo, Bilberry, lutein and Zeaxanthin.  These herbs aid to foster healthy blood circulation in Blood capillaries and strengthens retina power to adapt to light and dark. The carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin nourishes macula to protect the retina from free radicals and UV radiations. Hence, all these enable a healthy eye vision.

Consume 2 tablets after meals with water every day. Do consult a doctor if you suffer from any medical condition before use.

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Brimune Amla Juice

Amla juice is a traditional medicine, which is used for treating eye ailments. It targets the eye muscles, nourishes them and supports the strong reconstruction of muscles to enhance eyesight. Regular consumption of amla juice can heal eye redness and infections.  The antioxidants and vitamin C also help digestion, relieves bloating and enhances skin and hair health.

Add 20ml of amla juice into 20ml of water. Stir well and consume on empty stomach in the early morning. This dietary supplement is good health enhancement and a better life.

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Now Foods Ocu Support

Ocu Support is a formula developed specially for eye assistance. The key ingredients of this composition are Bilberry extract and lutein. Bilberry extract promotes proper blood circulation in the eye blood vessels. Lutein is an essential component for macular health, which helps the eye to keep lens and ocular nerves healthy.  Further, other components like grape seed extract, Green tea extract and Alpha Lipoic Acid acts as free radical scavengers to protect the eyes from Sunlight damage.

Take 3 capsules every day after food or do as theadvice of a medical expert.

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GNC Herbal Plus Grape Seed Extract

Grape seed extract has oligomeric proanthocyanins that are anti-inflammatory in nature, which prevents free radical damage and reduces inflammation in the eyes. It is magical for optical nerves as it protects the nerve cells from stress and light. Hence, prevent the occurrence of cataract. Regular use of this extract can maintain retinal health to promote good eyesight.

Consume 1 tablet daily after food or as said by a doctor.

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