Herbal supplements to increase vigour and vitality in women

Women can suffer from low energy and sex drive due to both physical and psychological imbalances in the body. Some of the common reasons include erectile dysfunction, stress, depression and menopause. These problems are mainly caused due to hormonal imbalance in the body. The busy nature of everyday life in the city and daily professional and personal stress can make us feel exhausted. Fortunately, there are many herbs that can naturally enhance sex drive in women. Today these herbs are formulated into supplements which when taken regularly will vitalize the reproductive system to have a better sex life.

[Hindi tips to increase vigour & vitality in women]

Ashwaganda Root

Ashwaganda ignites the passion and desire in a person. Kama Sutra texts have ashwaganda herb mentioned in them. Its affect are almost immediate after consuming it. It stimulates libido and sensitivity in the clitoris, which gives intense pleasure and orgasm to women. Ashwaganda has many other health benefits associated with heart health, blood circulation, asthma, memory and stress. It creates a smoother blood flow in the vessels and gives an intense sexual experience.

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Maca root

Women living in the Andes definitely are aware of this herb since it has been used for centuries to create high sexual drive in women. Maca is rich in iodine, which balances the sex hormones and minerals that flame the sexual desire. Studies have shown that maca root promotes enhanced satisfaction and sexual experience.

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Muira puama

Muira Puama also called as potency wood is a perrenial herb that rises sexual desire, libido and orgasm in women. It allievates most of the post and pre menopausal sexual experiences and benefits older women who are living with younger men. It enhances both female reproductive and sexual health. Other than to increasing vigor and vitality in women, Muira Puama is used to treat upset stomach, artheritis, joint pain, and paralysis.

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Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate although by definition is not an herb, it is highly effective in increasing sexual performance and stimulation in women. It is made from 70% cocoa beans, 25% cocoa butter, and 5% sugar. Cocoa has the power to boost dopamine level in the brain. Dopamine is pleasure-causing chemical that relaxes the mind, uplifts the mood and stimulates the body response.

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Avena sativa

Avena Sativa is mildy aphrodisiac and women love it because it is not as aggressive like many other supplements and pills that claim to stimulate libido. Traditionally Avena sativa has been used to increase vaginal stimulation and promote sexual thoughts and desires of sex.

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Catuaba’s healing benefits are credited to Brazilian Tupi Tribe. This herb is aphrodisiac because it contains yohimbine, which is known to stimulate and energize sexual desire and all body organs. Studies show that catuaba increases the secrection of dopamine in the brain, which results into enhanced sensivity to orgasm and stimulation. Regular use of this herb creates sexual satisfaction, erotic dreams and increases the intensity of orgasms.

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[Hindi tips to increase vigour & vitality in women]

Suma root

Suma root causally called as Brazilian Ginseng is a very popular herb among the native people in South America. It excites female sexual organs and creates balance of hormones. Studies have shown that suma root rises the level of estradiol-17 beta in the body, which is a key component of estrogen hormone in the reproduction system of women. Women have claimed that they experience greater satisfaction and sexual experience by consuming this herb.

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Tribulus terrestris

Tribulus terrestris native to Mediterranean is a plant covered with spines. Its roots and fruits are commonly used in Ayurveda for treating infertity and lack of vitality in men and women. The roots of this herb enhance organsms, satisfaction, lubrication, arousal and sexual desire. It stimulates the neurotransmitters in the brain and makes the brain receptive to sex hormones. It helps to reduce depression, stress and anxiety.

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Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali is a great aphrodisiac for naturally balancing the hormones in the women’s body. It increases sensitivity in the clitoris and arouses sexual desire. Tongkat ali cleanses the body from toxins that inhibit the production of estrogen. Also, it clears brain fog, fatigue and slow metabolism. It stimulates brain function and memory. Along with increasing the level of estrogen, it also increases the testosterone level to a certain point which makes losing and maintaining weight easy.


Damiana or Turnera diffusa is found in Mexico, American Southwest, South America and Caribbean. This herb naturally enhances libidio, decreases stress, and promotes increased blood circualtion. These benefits come from the phenolics, Flavonoids, terpenoids, gycosides and caffeine compounds present in the herb. Consuming this herb before sex increases sensitivity in the vagina and heightens stimuation.