Herbs to increase male libido

Nowadays due to the work stress and other materialistic things. We, humans, are facing many mental and physical disease. One of these is losing the interest in the sex. Especially it becomes embarrassing for the male when they are not able to satisfy their partner in the bed. So in this article, we are going to talk about the herbs to increase the male libido.

We all know that a good sex life is an important factor in everyone’s life. There is an age when we are at height of sexual performance and after some time the desire to do sex starts dropping. As the women experience the menopause. The question is doing the men also experience the same. And the answer is yes they do. It has been termed as andropause. But this phenomenon is not experienced by all the men. having a low sex drive after a certain age is normal but in some of the men experience low sex drive even in at early ages. This has been termed as low libido.

Naturally, men tend to have a high sex drive as compared to the women. it can be because of many factors. Generally, women take a long time to get ready for sex and reach the climax as compared to men. but still, some men have the problem of low sex drive.

The factors that decide the sexual desire has been termed as libido. The problem of low libido can start at any age. there are many men who face the problem in their bedroom. The problem of low libido can affect your life at any stage if you are not able to satisfy your partner.

What is low libido?

There are many factors that define the problem of low libido like levels of testosterone, sexual performance, sperm count, blood pressure in the penis, the vitality of sperm etc. there can be a single reason or multiple reasons for low libido. If a man is not able to satisfy his partner in the bed, then it may be an embarrassment for the man and he may lose interest in the sex. If a person has a problem of late arousal, then also it may be a sign of low libido. Also, the energy levels of the body to play a great role in defining the sexual performance.

A good libido count shows the sign of good sexual life.

Reasons of low libido

Low testosterone

Testosterone is the hormone that defines the sexual growth in the males. Testosterone is produced in the testicles. Apart from the growth testosterone also defines the energy levels and muscle building capability of the males and also the sperm production. That means if the levels of testosterone are low then it may be a problem in getting involved in sexual act easily.


There are many medications that can result in low levels of testosterone and lowers your sex drive. Examples are the medications of blood pressure. They have the side effects like preventing erections and ejaculations. But it can be helped by switching medications.


RLS stands for the restless legs syndrome. It is the urge to keep moving your legs continuously. RLS can lead to the problem of erectile dysfunction. And it also lowers your stamina to keep the penis erect for a long time.

Depression and stress

If there are any big problems in the life of the patient and the patient suffers from the depression, then also the libido counts decreases. People suffering from depression also cut off other people from their lives. Stress and depression also decrease the testosterone production in the body.

Sleeping disorders

A sound sleep is always needed for a sound body. if we do not rest then it can affect our health. same is the case with sexual desires. If a person has sleeping problems, then it can also negatively affect his sex life.

Smoking and drinking

Smoking and drinking are always injurious to health. continuous smoking and drinking can lead to the problem of erectile dysfunction and can lower the stamina. It can also lead to the problem of premature ejaculation.

Negative attitude

Your view towards your life can also be a big beneficial factor in your sexual life. If you are positive towards your life, then it can boost your sex life and if you are always complaining towards your life then it only impacts your brain and your life. So keeping a positive attitude is always a necessary factor.

These were some of the causes of low libido in the males. As far as the problems are concerned many of these are curable by some medications. There are many solutions present like herbal, chemical supplements and some exercises. Chemical supplements do help in short time but they have their side effects on the other parts of the body and can stop working after a time period. So the best option here is to take the combination of herbal supplements and the continuous exercise.

Herbs to increase the male libido


Ashwagandha is a plant that is found in the regions of Himalaya in India. It has been in use in the ancient Ayurveda for a long time. It has many benefits. It is used to treat arthritis, anxiety, sleeping disorders. But mostly it is recommended to the people who have fertility problems. It increases the levels of testosterone in the body. Moreover, it also increases the sexual desires in both males and females.

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Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris is one of the most used herbs in the treating the males with sexual disorders. Tribulus Terrestris not only helps men but also helps to increase the libido in women. it increases the sperm count in men and also the sperm mobility. It acts on the brain and keeps it calm. It also increases the stamina and helps the males suffering from erectile dysfunction.

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Ginseng is the found in the regions of China, Korea and Himalayas. There is another type of ginseng found in America also known as American ginseng. Both help to treat the sexual disorders in the male. The Japanese have been using ginseng to treat the lack of sexual desire since a long time. The Chinese used the ginseng to calm the brain, nerves and treat anxiety issues. It increases the production of testosterone in the male body hence increasing the libido count in the women.

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Shilajit is also found in the regions f Himalayas in India. It works like ashwagandha. Shilajit helps to increase the blood flow to the penis. It also helps to maintain the erection for a long time. It also helps the males suffering from the problem of premature ejaculation.

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Tongkat ali

This herb is found in the regions of Malaysia. It has been in use there for a long time. It is prescribed to the males suffering from a low interest in sex, impotence, sexual dysfunction etc. it is a sexual enhancer and increases the flow of testosterone in the blood. it increases the time to maintain the erections and also increases the overall libido count in the males.

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Fenugreek has been tested for the treatment of sexual disorders and other sexual desire related diseases. it helps the patients suffering from the low testosterone levels and low sperm count. it also treats the patients to improve the libido count.

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Maca root

Maca root is native to the regions of the South America. Maca root extracts are said to have positive effects on the patients suffering from the diseases of low sexual desires. It also helps to increase the sperm mobility rate. It also increases the testosterone levels in the male body. but one thing to remember is that one should consult the doctor before using it.

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Damiana is found in the regions of Mexico, South America etc. in Mexico it is used to enhance the sexual performance and also increase the libido in males. It has been in use since the Mayan people. It treats the people by increasing the simulation and nervous system. It helps the males by increasing the libido count in them.

These were some of the herbs that help the patients suffering from the low libido count. but one thing should always be remembered. One should always consult a professional doctor before using these drugs and always follow a healthy diet while using these drugs. A good diet pan always helps to increase the effectiveness of the supplements.