Herbs to increase vigour and vitality for men

If you’re looking to boost your sexual vigor and vitality, you might come across various ways to do it over the internet. Countless advertisements on pills, supplements, exercises, and equipment promise to provide enhanced sexual performance in men, however, many of these are just fad or ineffective in giving the desired results. The best and proven way to naturally boost your sex drive is to rely on herbs. Consuming specific herbs or their derivatives in the form of supplements will enhance your sexual drive without side effects. Also, the improved sexual drive from herbs last longer and improve many other aspects of body health. By the intake of herbs, a person can move into higher states of consciousness and experience strong libido and gain greater fertility rate.

Below are the key herbs that will shoot your sexual performance and vitality to anew level.


Ashwagandha or Indian ginseng is a well-known herb from the ancient times. Its name comes from the Sanskrit language. It is used extensively in many Ayurvedic treatments and commonly called as winter cherry. Plant’s berries and roots are used to prepare medicine for tumors, arthritis, anxiety, skin diseases, asthma, menstrual problems, backache, and chronic liver disease. It has shown to offer many general health benefits as well such as improved cognitive thinking, health vigor, decreased pain, swelling, and increased sexual libido. The recent studies have shown that Ashwagandha promotes the secretion of insulin and controls diabetics and heart diseases.

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Shilajitis commonly referred as Indian Viagra. It contains Fulvic acids, Humic acids, Dibenzo Alpha Pyrones, Polyphenol complexes, and trace minerals which improve male sexual function and sexual performance. Shilajit has euphoria-inducing agents that boost energy level in the body which cures weakness in the body.  In traditional medicines,Shilajitwas used to cure potency problems and balancing blood sugar. The characteristic of this herb to increase oxygenation increases erection size. It promotes good mood and absorption of nutrients. Research on Shilajithas shown to grow new neurons in the brain and increase cognitive strength.

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SwarnBhasma, SuvarnaBhasma, Gold Bhasma or Monatomic Gold is extensively used in treating premature ejaculation and decreased libido. It is prepared by grounding gold leaf in lemon juice and mixing this paste with Rasasindhura- a mercury-based compound. The properties of pure gold have therapeutic property on the body. Other than sexual problems, SwarnBhasma can treat sexual weakness, muscle wasting, cancer, low immunity, and heart weakness.

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Saffron (Kesar)

Saffron is a costly perennial spice which is used as a coloring agent in many sweet dishes. It is derived from the stigmas of plant Crocus sativus. The process of procuring saffron the plant is very laborious which adds up to cost of this spice. Saffron has shown to prevent cancer, enhance memory retention, promotes learning, reduce baldness by promoting hair growth and ease cold. Traditionally, saffron was used to increase sexual vitality and treat delayed puberty. Saffron consumed along with milk at the bedtime can relieve the problem of low libido.

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Malkangni Extract

Malkangni in the ancient Ayurveda is called as Amrit- god’s immortal nectar. It is a climber shrub found in parts of Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, and Kashmir. The seeds of this plant give out a pungent smelling yellow oil which offers therapeutic benefits to the body. Malkangni essential oil is claimed to improve memory, boost energy during winters, cure dandruff, skin diseases, ease arthritis, digestion, and asthma. Also, it has shown to improve stamina, sex drive, and libido.

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Nutmeg (Jaiphal)

Jaiphalis seeds that come from the evergreen trees native to the Moluccas and South India. It is used in powder form to treat many different health problems. It works by stimulating the CNS or central nervous system and warms the loins to give higher sexual vigor. Along with increasing the energy level, Jaiphal also gives a tranquil effect on the body and controls premature ejaculation. With the intake of jaiphal one can extend the time of intercourse. It acts similar to serotonin in the body. It has a spicy taste and seductive aroma that gives a relaxing effect.

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