Home remedies to control appetite

Food is the best anti-depressant for many. Eating is not only a way of survival, it is an art, some eat to live, and some live to eat. Hunger is a sign of good health but as the classic saying goes, much ado about nothing. Excessive and frequent pangs of hunger lead to obesity, cholesterol problems and many other adverse condition of the health. Eat your heart out but do not exceed the amount often. In this article, you will find some simple solutions to suppress appetite.

Eating excess amount of food and lack of control towards the diet is a general problem to many people but there are numerous ways to keep your stomach calm and quite which usually voices with hunger. Check out the natural and home based ways to control and reduce appetite as given below.

Home remedies to control appetite

Change your eating habits

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To decrease crave for eating one must need to change the way they eat. Instead of relying on three heavy meals in a day divide it for several mini meals. A heavy meal increases the energy to a point and drops it suddenly which makes you feel hungry but the regular intake of small meals will help to maintain the energy levels in balance.

Dietary fiber

Avail the properties of dietary fiber food items to lessen the appetite. Foods that are having high dietary fiber encourage your stomach to feel full than it is, which in turn you won’t feed your stomach with heavy items. So, people who are seeking to get down from the weight can undoubtedly depend on dietary food items like apples, grapes, peaches, oranges and many vegetables for the healthy weight loss. Infact dietary fiber works ideal in flushing out the toxins and bad from the body.

Drink water, water and water

Among the many fabulous benefits of water, cutting down the appetite and giving a fuller feel are always top sitters. Not just that, water is also key in eliminating the waste from the body through the natural process. There are many people who mistake hunger for thirst, if you move on taking the right amount of water in each and every day it will hydrate your body and disappears various hunger signals, says many scientists and doctors.


A daily workout is one another vital gate way to reduce appetite. Some kinds of workouts are believed to trigger hormones those help to curb appetite. Try to separate some time for workout, do yoga or walking but make sure you are doing three twenty minute exercises such as fast cycling, brisk walking or Zumba.


Sleeping not just make you energetic and free from laziness but also helps to manage your weight and it is also believed that insufficient sleep leads to increase in weight.

Stay it out from your mind and environment

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If you notice food around you, it may make you get tempted. So, try to pour the thoughts out of your mind about food at the same time do not keep any food in your surroundings. If you wish to arrange any food in your insight then an apple is your optimum choice to get the fiber amount.


Pistachios aids in many ways to reduce your appetite. These nuts consist of cholecystokinin that intimate your brain that your stomach is full. Also the presence of minerals and vitamins will allow you to feel relaxed and calm, by which you will observe a feel of satisfaction, this helps to reduce your appetite levels.

Keep too much hunger away

With two apples a day, it is possible to resist the desire to get your hand laid on unhealthy, deep fried snacks all day. Apple is a rich source of fiber which helps to keep the stomach full for a long time. Plus it has pectin which helps in the digestion of the food and also controls the blood sugar level. You will be psychologically convinced that your hunger is appeased as apple requires a lot of time to be chewed in the mouth. To say nothing of the awesome taste!

Stay appeased with potato

Who doesn’t love the yummy, creamy, heavenly potatoes? Potatoes can regulate the digestive enzymes that control our appetite because of a special kind of starch present in it. Mashed potato in breakfast, 1-2 chunks of potato in the lunch will keep your tummy full for a long time. If you think potato chips will perform the same noble task for you, you need to console your mind. Avoid eating fried potato; instead go for the boiled one. It is full of vitamin A and carbohydrate that will keep your energetic all day.

You can’t say no to this

Don’t you ever wish controlling hunger to lose weight would involve treating your taste buds? This tip is sure to make you smile. Just a small piece of dark chocolate a day can help you reducing the tendency to over eat. Dark chocolate with a high amount of cocoa (say 70%) in it can do wonders. the steric acid that is responsible for the bitter-sweet taste will send stimulus to your mind that your body doesn’t need to consume anything for some time. However, do not lose self-control and gorge on an entire bar of chocolate, the result may turn upside down!

Never skip breakfast

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It is highly advised by the dieticians that the amount of food in the meal should decrease as the day progresses which means the heaviest eating should occur in the morning. If you keep your stomach filled with a healthy breakfast with lots fibers, carbohydrates and the other essential nutrients in it, your body will automatically refuse to intake anything else before the lunchtime. Skipping the breakfast does not help you lose weight, rather it increases the crave to eat more and more calories which turns you fat gradually.

Load your tummy with vegetables

A delicious piping hot bowl of vegetable soup in the morning, a moderately spicy curry with your favorite veggies in the lunch and dinner will effectively control gluttony. Fiber is the key cause behind this. Vegetables are the greatest source of fiber which appeases the hunger, makes you feel full for a long span of time; in addition to that it clears the bowels and does not let you suffer from problems such as constipation. As you have already heard from the time you learnt to perceive things, vegetables are good for health for thousand other reasons so, if you want to stay fit and stay in shape, go green from today!

With green tea

Food scientists say that drinking a cup of green tea can reduce abnormal crave for food thanks to the phytonutrients like EGCG present in it. These nutrients elevate the excretion of cholecystokinin hormone which arouses the feeling of satiation in the mind. Green tea does a number of positive things to your body. It cuts down the glucose level in the blood, controls the storage of fat in the body, adding to that, it is also rich in vitamin A,C,carotenoids which are beneficial for the body and keeps your energy level high all day. Green tea is available in a number of lip smacking flavours, take your pick and enjoy the sips of good health.