How to delay your period naturally? / Home remedies to postpone menstruation

Menstruation is a natural phenomenon that every lady between 12- 50 years of age experiences every month. This physical condition brings out the femininity in every woman and makes them different from male. But, during the periodic cycle different ladies faces different type of sensation, pain or other problems. Even it is really prohibited for those ladies who are presently experiencing their periods to attend any religious place. Thus, there are times when you wish to avoid periods and make it delayed. Instead of having synthetic or hormonal pills go for natural remedies to delay periods.

Women have various reasons for getting their menstrual cycle pre pone or postpone. In a religious occasion, women with menstrual periods may not be allowed. Even if you get heavy periods during your own wedding, you can certainly get inconvenience to carry on with variety of rituals. There are some artificial as well as natural ways to delay periods. But, it might not be safe to adopt the artificial methods to postpone the menstrual periods. But , home remedies with natural way of delaying menstrual periods would be much more effective and safe.

Steps to delay periods naturally

Coriander seeds

Home remedies for menstrual cycle

To start with this remedy, you will need 2 glasses of water and 20 Gms of coriander seeds.  Now turn on the heat and boil the water for 15 minutes in a vessel. Add in coriander seeds into it, boil the water until it reduces to half and turn off the heat.  Start drinking this decoction one week before the period date regularly to delay menstrual cycle.

Chia seeds

These are powerful at cooling the body and hence can effectively delay period cycle in female. Soak 2 tsp. Of chia seeds in one glass of water overnight. You will notice the seeds would have got a transparent jelly-like coating. Drink this every morning to postpone menstruation.


When you cool the body, it naturally delays the menstruation by making required hormonal changes. Include the cooling master – cucumber in your diet for effective cooling of the body. Eat 2 small cucumbers daily for one week and you will unknowingly push your period date to later. You can also choose to drink cucumber juice every day. This remedy is best dine before one week of your expected period date.

Angelica root

Extract the angelic properties of angelica root herb by preparing a simple tea. Add 2 cups of water into a vessel and bring it to boil. After 2 minutes, add angelica root and boil the mixture for 30 minutes. Put off the heat and cover the mixture with a lid. Let it seep for 2 minutes. Strain the tea out of mixture. Now you have to drink this in 3 portions per day ( 2 tsp. each time). Drink this for at least 4 days to delay your period.

Mango bark

Take 150 ml clean water and 12ml mango bark extract for preparation of this remedy. Mix the both ingredients and refrigerate it for 10 – 15 minutes. Consume 1 tsp of this herb tonic prior to 6 days of period date. Store this in refrigerator and take the dosages for every 3 hours per day.

Sacred fig

Best ways to treat the premenstrual syndrome

Pick a handful of sacred fig leaves and add them to a blender jar. Pour in 1 cup of water and blend it well to make juice. Drink this juice everyday morning to regulate stress and balance hormones. Sacred fig juice triggers the hormones to postpone the menstrual cycle. Start using this remedy a week before the actual period date.


A study has shown a unique yoga technique of staring at a candlelight tip can postpone the period cycle.

This yoga technique is called Tarak meditation. Start doing this at bedtime to trigger pineal gland and hence increase melatonin, which delays menstrual cycle. Tarak meditation can be accompanied by Surya Namaskar and anulom vilom  to foster good health.

Remove spicy food from diet

Spicy food is the ways to boost up your blood flow and initiate menstrual cycle. If you want to postpone the periodic cycle, the best ways will be to avoid all types of spicy food completely. Some of the examples of the spicy food are garlic, chilies, black pepper, and garlic. You need to avoid these foods from your diet completely.


The herbs such as yarrow tinctures and shepherd’s purse should be dried at first and grind it to make powder. Now make a fluid out of it and consume it to postpone periods. The herb named as shepherd purse is mostly used to stop excessive blood flow during hemorrhages. Thus, this can also be used to temporarily postpone menstrual bleeding. People suffering from piles can be provided with the herb named as yarrow. Even in fever and cold, this herb is provided. Now, this can be used for postponing menstrual periods.


Emotional stress can be one of the reasons for getting menstrual period before time. This emotional stress can be easily avoided with the help of regular exercise. Stress control can be effectively done with regular exercise as exercise will always keep you in good state along with fitness schedule.

People with very little or no physical activity can end up with variety of complication. They can also get abnormal periods such as two times in a month and so on. But, today, if you can carry on with regular cardio exercise, getting a perfect stability in your body will be easily possible. Exercising may not mean only visiting gym. There are variety of activities such as jogging, running and swimming through which you can regain a physical balance in your body and fight with abnormal menstrual periods.

Gram Lentils

Home remedies to cure menstrual pain

Specific diet and food have proven effects on increasing or decreasing days in your menstrual cycle. You can now get some Gram Lentils from the market and make soup out of it. If you want to postpone your periods, consuming it on a daily basis till the time you wish to restrict your periods will help you postpone the date of your periodic cycle. But there is also a procedure of preparing the stuff. First of all you need to fry the gram lentils till it becomes soft. Now pour them in a grinder and get a fine powder out of it. Now, you can easily make a thick soup from gram lentils and consume the same to postpone your periods.

Drinking water

You must have adequate drinking water at home. But, do you drink it regularly adequately? Some individuals especially ladies have a tendency of avoiding drinking water. But, this is a very wrong approach as along with reflecting other health problems you can also have complications in menstrual cycle due to inadequate drinking of water. You can get your periods normal and lighter according to the date after drinking water on a regular basis.

Control over stress

Stress is one of the major causes of all troubles and health problem in individuals. If you are getting periods abnormally before your date, it can be due to stress. The beat way to have control over stress is taking a deep breath and then slowly releasing it by closing your eyes.  You can also postpone your periodic cycle after controlling your stress level.


One of the natural and effective ways to postpone periods is through vinegar. For this you need to take a glass of filtered drinking water and add 3-4 spoons of vinegar in it.  This will help you to delay your menstrual symptoms and even delay your periods by 3-4 days. If you want to delay your periods more, keep on drinking the vinegar water on a regular basis. But, you need to drink this for 2 – 3 times in a day.

Parsley leaves to delay menstruation

If you want to postpone your periodic cycle as per your convenience one of the home remedies through which you can do is Parsley leaves. Since it is very well available in your vegetable basket, just get few and allow it to boil in a cut of water. Let it boil in low heat for 20 minutes so that the water gets the flavor of the leaves. Once it is done strain the water in a cup and add a spoon of honey in it. Drink this solution twice in a day so long you wish to delay your periods.

Drink good quantity of water

Know about premenstrual syndrome

You should also have good amount of water throughout the day in order to delay periods. Some ladies have a tendency of consuming very less drink whole day. But, this is not a good sign rather you can come across variety of complications due to this. Many ladies have confirmed getting their periods pushed back with good quantity of water intake throughout the day. Even you will be very comfortable without pain as water makes your periods lighter.


If you want to postpone your menstruation in a natural way, all you have to do is take help of Gelatin. Either you can have gelatin right at your home or else you can get it from the grocery shop. You need to empty the entire packet of gelatin in a bowl where warm water is present. Now you can consume it and have a delay of periods. According to the ladies who already have experienced a delay through this mechanism, you can delay your period by 4 hours at least if consumed once. You must have it thrice in a day regularly till the time you want to delay periods.

Food with low temperature

People willing to delay their periods in a natural way must be cautious about their food. It wrong to have hot and spicy food as this will increase the heat in your body and boost the periodic cycle to propone. If you want to postpone your periods, the best way will be having food items which are cold. If you have a habit of having hot rice and vegetables try and drop this habit for some time and go for the meals which are cold. This will help your postpone your menstrual cycle.

Lemon to postpone periods

Another natural fruit or vegetable that will help you delay your periodic cycle is lemon. Since it has natural acidic properties and citric acid getting your periods lighter will be easy. This will not only make you get your periods delayed but also resolve the complications during your periodic cycle such as pain, tenderness or inflammation over the particular area. You can also stop the flow by chewing lemon slowly and intake its juice. Alternatively you can also have a glass of water and queeze have of lemon in it. But, do not have lemons when you are going through the periods as this will increase pain. Go for it before the date of your periodic cycle.

Raspberry leaves

You can also postpone your periodic cycle with the herb named as raspberry leaves. You must have consumed raspberry juice as a refreshing drink during summer but did you even know about the benefit of raspberry leaves as a herb that helps in postponing periods? Yes, this is a well known herb which will safely postpone your periodic cycle without any side effects. You can dry this raspberry leaves and make a tea out of it. This tea will be a wonderful for you and will delay your periods.