Home remedies for intestinal parasites / worms

What are intestinal parasites/worms?

Intestinal warms or intestinal parasites pollute the gastro intestinal tract in humans and as-well-as in other animals. These are microscopic, one cell animals called protozoa. Parasites can get into the intestine by going through the mouth from uncooked or unwashed food, contaminated water or hands, or by skin contact with larva  infected soil, they can also be transferred by the sexual act of anilingus in some cases. Intestinal parasites can be very serious even life threatening.

There are two main types of intestinal parasites are helminths and protozoa. Helminths are worms with many cells. Tapeworms, pin-worms, and roundworms are among the most common helminths in the United States, were as Protozoa have only one cell, and can multiply inside the human body, which can allow serious infections to develop. Intestinal parasites are usually transmitted when someone comes in contact with infected feces.


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Parasites can live in the intestines for years without causing any symptoms. When they do, symptoms include

  • Loose motions
  • Headaches
  • Fever
  • Join pains
  • Chest pain
  • Sweating
  • Swelling of facial features
  • Hair loss
  • Dark circles
  • Constant hunger pangs


Things that cause risk for getting intestinal parasites

  • Warms like hook warms may enter the body if one walk bare foot on soil
  • People get infected with intestinal worms through contact with soil that has been contaminated with human feces from an infected person
  • People can get infected when they ingest the warm eggs, either by eating contaminated food or by geophagic activity

Home remedies for intestinal parasites/worms

Rock salt

Add one tablespoon of rock water into one glass of boiled hot water. Drink this solution on an empty stomach to cleanse the parasites out of the body.

Tomatoes with black pepper and rock salt

Slice a raw tomato and spice it up with some black pepper powder. Consume it with a pinch of rock salt every morning before food to flush out the intestinal worms.


Use fresh clove buds to make clove powder in a blender. Add 1 tsp. of clove powder into a glass of boiled water. Stir well and let it soak in the water for about 15 minutes. You can easily get rid of intestinal worms in a week by drinking this clove water thrice a day.


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Add 1tsp. of dried neem powder into one glass of warm milk and mix well. Consume it twice a day for one week to detox intestinal worms. In this remedy, you can replace dried neem powder with neem paste.

Alternatively, you can use neem flowers. Fry them with ghee and have it with boiled rice every day to get rid of worms.


Get some organic fresh thyme, boiling hot water and a container. Take a handful of thyme in container and add hot water into it. Cover it and steep for 15 minutes. Drink this thyme tea twice a day for one or two weeks to cleanse the parasites.

Castor oil

Drop in 2tsps. of castor oil into a glass of warm milk and drink it instantly to cleanse out the intestinal parasites through bowel movement. It is best drunk on empty stomach in the morning. Do it every day for a week to get better results.

Lemon seeds

Slice a lemon into two equal halves and take out the seeds from it. Chew these seeds and swallow for eliminating parasites in the intestine. If you prefer juice, squeeze the lemon juice into a glass of water and add lemon seed powder into it. Start your day with this detox juice for a week to get relief from intestinal worms.


Consuming 1 cup of grated Carrot in the morning for 4-5 days, 1 hour before the breakfast.


To deal with intense itching around the rectum caused by intestinal worms is garlic. Simply make a paste with raw ground garlic and a pinch of Vaseline. Apply this around the anal region to kill the eggs and lessen the itchiness. Raw garlic has strong anti-fungal and antiseptic properties and eating three cloves of raw garlic a day is also said to help get rid of all types of intestinal worms.


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A tablespoon of freshly ground coconut should be taken during breakfast. After 3-hours, take a glass of warm milk add 3 tablespoons of castor oil and drink the mixture

Black walnut

Black walnut is a folk herbal remedy used for ringworm and athlete’s foot. The juice of unripe hulls of black walnuts that are used for parasites and fungal infections.

Worm seed

Worm seed is a traditional herbal remedy in the tropics for expelling roundworms, hookworms, and tapeworms.


Take 10 grams of jaggery on the empty stomach in the morning, wait for 15 minutes.Then take half a t-spoon of carom seeds followed with glass of water.


Peel one unripe papaya and de-seed it, crush the papaya to make a paste. Now extract the juice from it, add two t-spoons of honey and 5-6 tablespoons of hot water mix it well. Drink once every day.


First peel and crush about one tablespoon of pumpkin seeds and then put them in 250ml of boiling water to form an infusion which when you drink will remove worms specifically tapeworms from your intestines. It is very important that the patient should not eat for a day and also clear his bowel by consuming the boiled dry prune juice. Drink the infusion of the pumpkin seeds at least three to four glasses the day after having the dry prune juice.


Worms are very effectively destroyed by the bark, the root and the stems of pomegranate. The bark is considered as the most effective to kill worms out of all three. An adult patient should be given 90 to 180 ml of a cold decoction of that bark thrice a day, at one hour intervals. If the patient is a child then the dosage should become 30 to 60 ml.

Belleric myroblan

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If butea seeds are mixed with belleric myroblan then it can be very effective in the removal of intestinal parasites. The patient needs to drink it thrice a day in dosage of one teaspoon.


Vasaka tree’s fruits, flowers, leaves and bark are very effective in the removal of intestinal worms. To make a decoction boil 30 grams of vasaka tree’s bark and root in 500 ml water until that is reduced to one-third of the actual size. Drink this decoction twice or thrice a day for almost two or three days. Vasaka tree’s leaves’ juice can also be taken thrice a day in doses of one teaspoon.


Intestinal parasites can be destroyed by forming an infusion of chirayata.

Indian aloe

Extract the juice from the leaves of the Indian aloe by boiling it in water. Regularly consume that juice as it properties which can kill the intestinal worms. It is considered to be a very effective home cure used for children.


Turmeric is considered to be an excellent home cure for killing intestinal worms. When dry powder or juice of turmeric is mixed with butter milk or water then it is found to be very beneficial for intestinal problems, majorly chronic diarrhea.

Indian senna

Leaves of Indian senna are considered to be very effective in removal of intestinal worms. Soak dozens of leaves of Indian senna in 60 ml of water and leave it overnight. Filter the liquid and drink it empty stomach early morning.

Indian acalypha

Indian acalypha is considered to be very useful in killing intestinal worms. When we mix the juice of the leaves of the herbs or even its decoction with a little garlic, it will work as a remedy for the intestinal worms. It is considered to be a very useful home remedy.


When symptoms of intestinal worms occur like diarrhea or dysentery, parslane can be used for its cure. The seed of parslane acts as a remedy for diarrhea and dysentery patient.  Before consumption fenugreek leaves, mint juice and powdered mango seeds can be combined with the seeds of parslane.


The powdered root of calamus can be used for curing intestinal worms. It is a useful home remedy.


When an infusion is made of hyssop or the juice extracted from its leaves, that infusion can kill the intestinal worms. The infusion should be consumed twice or thrice a day. Hyssop helps in the removal of round worms.