Home remedies to control motion sickness / Travel sickness

If you are either traveling by car or any other vehicle and if you suffer from motion sickness then you must conquer it for your betterment. Generally, this caused due to some incongruence occurs in our sensory system. If any mismatch occurs in your brain then this can happen. There are several medications which you can take to cure this problem but apart from that, you should also look after several home remedies to cure this problem.

Natural ingredients can curb the problem of motion sickness

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Ginger could be a nice ingredient to curb the motion sickness. You can drink lemon juice pouring some ginger and honey to it. Pour the entire mixture into the warm water before traveling to any place. Ginger is one of the proper ingredients of digestion and soothes the stomach. Lemon also prevents motion sickness. You can always cut some wedge of lemons and put it in your bag. You can always have the wedges if you feel nauseous. On the other hand, cracker biscuits taste good so you can prevent motion sickness very easily. If you are traveling then you must munch up these crackers than any unhealthy food.

Balance your energy with acupressure

If you want to balance the flow of energy then the best thing to do is acupressure. This also prevents you from motion sickness. If you see that while traveling you are facing this problem then the best thing you can do is to press the thumb with the help of your inner arm with the help of the wrist. You must continue doing it like that until you feel that the symptoms have been subsided. You can also use acupressure band to maintain your pressure.

Soothe your stomach with peppermint

Peppermint actually helps to soothe your stomach very easily and also controls nausea as well. If you are feeling dizzy, queasy, and uncomfortable or having some severe headache then you can intake these peppermints. This freshens up your mouth and makes you relieve the sickness. You can always prepare your own kind of peppermint tea by just mixing some dried leaves of peppermint along with boiling water. Drink it before you start traveling. You can also use some drops of peppermint on your hanky so that you can smell it if you feel disturbed like feeling nausea or feel like vomiting.

Eat fruit like green apples or olives

Green apples consist of certain about of protein that actually helps to neutralizes acids in your stomach. You can easily able to take a green apple that will be easy for you to consume during your travel. You can take an apple and put it in the juicer and also extract juice from it.  Add some lemon and salt into it before you leave for travel.  You can also take olives because it does not create that excess saliva in your mouth. Olive also contains some amount of tannins that help to reduce saliva. Just before leaving for the trip eat an olive and you will notice that your symptoms will disappear.

Try to get desensitized

Desensitization therapy actually works for reducing your motion sickness. You can easily able to expose yourself to very short bursts of activities and then opt for longer periods. Also, you can read a book if required, and then you can put your book easily down. You can repeat the same again and again, and then you will get used to with this activity.

You can opt for herbal tea

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When you are traveling makes sure that you avoid caffeinated beverages or soda because the possibility is there that it might build up acidity in your stomach. But, herbal tea is definitely one of the possible ways to settle this sickness. This not only alleviates indigestion but also relieves stress and anxiety from your mind to a large extent.

You can tilt your head during turns

You must synchronize your body with the motion to avoid this kind of problems. Turns creates more motion sickness so as per the researchers it is advised that you must turn your head in the proper direction as the vehicle turns and make sure you keep your eyes remain open.

Staying hydrated is important

Though you might find it tempting in eating packaged food it is recommended to eat smaller portions and drink water more frequently. Though you might have very limited opportunity for the same it is still better to avoid such aerated drinks and beverages.

Look out the window very frequently

While traveling frequently look out at the stable objects. Suppose if you are traveling by car try to focus on the subject that is close to you and you clearly visualize it. Don’t close the window totally and open the car window when required. If you are traveling by airplane open the air vent.