Natural home treatment and remedies to cure tonsil stones and bad odor

Tonsil stones are some hard lumps near tonsils or on tonsils. It may also be termed as tonsillitis. Common people may have tonsil stones, but they are unaware of it.  The size of the stones may vary from size of rice to size of grapes. The tonsil stones may build up and can be located on tonsils. Actually, tonsil stones are not harmful. Some experts say that these stones are one type of acne.


The tonsils are placed between the mouth and lungs to protect the foreign particles to penetrate in the lungs. There are lymph nodes at the throat to filter the viruses and bacteria. While food particles passing the throat, the food particles, dirt, bacteria, and viruses get stuck at the surface of the tonsils. White blood cells of humans run towards the virus or bacteria to attack. When the white blood cells are over, they get stuck at the tonsils and the stones are formed. All the virus and bacteria deposit at the tonsil and gradually is hardened to form a calcified mass.

Symptoms of tonsil stones

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The tonsil stones are not giving any trouble. But, sometimes provide some sort of discomfort. Further, it may give some sort of bad breath. Sometimes, it may be similar to dental cavities or dental plaque. The small-sized tonsil stone may gradually grow and the size may be bigger. Though apparently, it may not seem to face any problem, in reality, it is a major hub for bacterial growth. The problem of tonsil stones can be easily treatable. Some people do not face any problem with tonsil stones. People sometimes complain of redness or irritation at the throat. Opinions of some clinics reveal that the bacteria are getting accumulated on the tonsil stones. Some people may face chronic or mild throat sore and may be affected by repeated tonsil stones. The people with tonsil stones may face trouble swallowing. The tonsils also may swell. If persons with tonsil stones observe through the mirror, they can watch white or yellow lumps on the throat.

Home remedies or treatment

The tonsil stones can be cured by simply brushing them off from the position. If it does not work out well, then there are other home remedies which can provide good results. Sometimes, at home, some cotton pad may be used to wipe out the stones. But, if the stones are too hard, it may not be possible at home. If the tonsil stones are strongly embedded in the tonsils, then it may not be possible at home. Then one ear, nose and throat specialist may attend the problem and can remove the debris. The patient and doctor may discuss the issue and ultimately may take the decision of removing of tonsil stones.

On the surface of hardened stones, all food particles, virus, bacteria, mucus get stuck to make it bigger lump. In this condition, white blood cells fight to get rid of the germs. After work is over, the white blood cells leave behind the calcified bits at tonsils and in this way tonsil stones are formed. But, in this position, food particles get stuck on tonsil stones and the virus and bacteria feed on the particles at the tonsils.

Conventional method of treatment

If the tonsil stones are not disturbing much, no such treatment is required. Some doctors may prescribe the antibiotics for tonsil stones. But, it may not reach the root of the tonsil stones. If the tonsil stones are grown with big size, and then doctors may suggest the surgical recovery.

Some natural methods may prevent tonsil stones


Squeeze 3 tablespoons of limejuice into 1-cup of lukewarm water. Add a pinch of salt and mix well. Use this solution to gargle every morning and night. Keep the solution in the mouth for 3 minutes.

To reap more benefits of lime, you can frequently drink lemon juice throughout the day.

Aloe Vera

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Oral hygiene plays a key role in treatment of tonsil stones. Use Aloe Vera gel to flush out the toxins from your tongue. Take the required aloe Vera gel with your forefinger and use it to scrub the tongue every morning. Aloe Vera also destroys the bacteria that are responsible for tonsillitis.

Ginger with 3 powerful ingredients

Combine two pinch of turmeric powder, 1 tsp. of ginger paste and a sprinkle of black pepper together in a mixing bowl. Heat this mixture until its warm and then add honey for sweetness.  Take 1 teaspoon of this mixture and slowly lick it and swallow the juice every night to remove tonsil stones.

Grapefruit Seed Extract

Grapefruit seed is filled with bacterial defense properties that can guard your oral health by blocking bacteria breeding in the mouth.  To prepare a Grapefruit seed extract gargle solution, add 5 drops of seed extract into one glass lukewarm water. Use this solution to gargle every day at least 2 times a day.  Each time you gargle, make sure to roll the solution for 5 minutes in the mouth before spitting out. This remedy gets rid of mucus, cleans food debris, kills bacteria and hence gives you relief from tonsillitis.

Basil leaves

Pour water in a container and put on the heat. Now quickly go and pick some fresh basil leaves from your garden. Add these leaves to the boiling water and let it boil for 5 more minutes.  Now, use strainer to separate the basil liquid into a cup. Enhance the flavor of the tea by adding 2 drops of lime juice and 1 spoon honey. Drink this tea thrice a day to get rid of painful tonsil stones.


Babul bark is a common ingredient found in herbal toothpastes that has medicinal properties to strengthen oral health. Mix babul bark powder with rock salt powder and add the resultant mixture to 1-cup hot water. Use this liquid to gargle twice every day. Gallic acid and tannin are the components, which prevent bacteria development in the mouth and ward off tonsil stones.


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If you chew some raw garlic, it will help to kill the bacteria. At the same time, it will help to prevent the growth of bacteria on them. An unwanted situation like bad breath also will be diminished. One study has revealed that garlic can destroy even very tough bacteria. Allicin is one of the components in raw garlic which has got the strong antibacterial abilities. So, chewing raw garlic every day can prevent further generation of lump on tonsils.

To maintain oral hygiene

You have to maintain good oral hygiene every day. You have to brush your teeth regularly. Ideally, it should be after every meal. If the food particles are not allowed to deposit on teeth, the chances of depositing on the tonsils also decrease. Available materials for stone formation will not be available.


If practice is maintained to gargle regularly by salt water, chances of growing the tonsil stones decrease. Add one tablespoon of warm water and gargle every day. It will diminish the chances of getting tonsil stones.

Oil pulling

This is the very traditional method of sucking oil like coconut, sesame in the mouth and after ten minutes, you spit it off. This is the superb method for oral detoxification. This is the natural method to fight against the gum diseases. This is the natural way to fight against the tonsil stones. If this method is applied every day, the tonsil stones can be made softer.

A cough and be patient

You can gently cough and after that, you can realize whether you have got tonsil stones or not. During coughing and spitting, some tonsil stones may come out gradually. In this way, you may be relieved from the tonsil stones. Energetic coughing will help to flush out some of the tonsil stones.

Hydrate yourself

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If you keep yourself well hydrated, the bacteria growth will be slower. If not hydrated well, the dry mouth will get rare chance to produce saliva. Too little saliva will give wide chances to get bacteria deposited at tonsils. Saliva helps to fight against fungi and bacterial growth in the mouth. So, keeping hydrated will keep your tonsil stones away.


Consuming probiotics can fight against the bacteria and virus. Daily basis probiotics will remove the bad bacteria from tonsil stones. In this way, you can be rid of tonsil stones by applying the natural methods. Oral hygiene should be maintained well to be free from tonsil stones.