Home remedies for stomach ulcer – How to get rid of stomach ulcer?

Stomach ulcer, also known as peptic ulcer, occurs in the lining of stomach. It is very common among people who eat spicy or fried food. It can also be found in people who are into excessive smoking, drink excess tea or coffee and who drink alcohol. Stomach ulcer can also occur among people who do not have their meals on time, who eat food in a hurry and if there is deficiency of required proteins in the food. Consumption of excess painkillers can also lead to stomach ulcer. This forms acidity and the acid starts damaging the lining of the stomach which leads to ulcers.

[Home remedies for stomach ulcer in Hindi]

Stomach ulcer is also found in people who take a lot of stress. It is also hereditary in nature. Ulcers can be of two types – gastric ulcer and duodenum ulcer. The symptoms of stomach ulcer include burning sensation in the stomach, formation of gas and excessive burps with slight pain in the stomach area.

Often, such symptoms occur just after eating food in case of gastric ulcer, while in the case of duodenum ulcer, symptoms may occur hours after eating food when the stomach is empty (also called hunger pain). In the latter case, patient may complain of severe pain at night and may get relief only after eating food. Such patients eat a lot of times for relief. In gastric ulcer, the patient will be unable to eat. Some may also complain of excessive vomiting. In severe cases, blood can be seen in the vomit. It is very important to contact a doctor in severe cases.

Here are some home remedies to treat stomach ulcer

Cold milk

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Cold milk can be extremely relieving in case of stomach ulcer. It reduces the inflammation and burning sensation in the stomach. Patient should keep sipping cold milk throughout the day for better results.

Tulsi leaves

Chew some tulsi leaves every day. Boil some tulsi leaves with water and let it cool down. Drink this water early in the morning every day for relief from inflammation.


Eating amla can be extremely relieving for people who complain of severe pain in the stomach. Amla powder can also be consumed on a regular basis with rock salt for better results. Patients can make small tablets of amla powder mixed with rock salt and keep eating this throughout the day for relief.


Both ripe and unripe bananas can be extremely beneficial for patients of stomach ulcer. Unripe bananas can be cooked in a little bit of oil and be consumed every day. Take two ripe bananas and mash it. Then mix it with 125 grams of curd and consume it.


Curd is a natural coolant and should be made a necessary addition in the food chart of such patients. Having curd throughout the day will give major relief from pain and vomiting.

Butter milk

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Butter milk is cool in nature and thus be very beneficial in treating stomach ulcer. Patients should sip it throughout the day.

Cucumber juice

Cucumber is a natural coolant and, if consumed daily, can reduce the ulcers to a great extent. Cucumber juice should be sipped throughout the day for instant relief from pain.

Bottle gourd

Juice of boiled bottle gourd can be extremely relieving and can reduce vomiting in such patients.


Consumption of raw papaya is again very healthy for such patients as it is full of nutrients. Juice of raw papaya can also be taken to help relieve the pain. Ripe papaya is also a very good ingredient to treat stomach ulcer and it should be consumed on a daily basis.


Pomegranate is full of antimicrobial elements and can help treat the ulcers efficiently. Pomegranate juice should be sipped on a daily basis.

Aloe vera juice

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Aloe vera is cool in nature and can treat the ulcers in no time. Patients should sip aloe vera juice on a daily basis for better results.


Spinach and spinach juice can be extremely helpful in treating stomach ulcers.


Coconut is a natural coolant and it contains nutritious elements. Grated coconut or coconut milk should be consumed daily. It will help soothe the inflammation and reduce the ulcers.


Honey is a natural healer and can treat stomach ulcers in no time. Eat two tablespoon of honey with warm water twice a day for better results.

[Home remedies for stomach ulcer in Hindi]