How to get rid of throat infection? Top best home remedies for sore throat

A sore throat can happen because of the different bacterial or viral infection. It is a very common problem and almost everyone suffers from it once in a month. The cause can be anything and this is not a serious problem so you do not have to worry about this problem. Sometimes sore throat can be contagious. A major cause of a sore throat is cold. Many people have tonsils; Sore throat is a sign of throat pain, irritation or itchiness. These all are the primary symptoms. When a person suffers from this problem for a long time he/she feel pain at the time of swallowing food. That time solid food you cannot swallow.

[Hindi remedies for sore throat]

Doctor prescribes to take liquid diet at this time. But is it possible to rush to the doctor’s chamber whenever you feel sore throat because it can happen twice or thrice in a month, who have the cold tendency and sore throat is not that much serious that you would visit to doctor, from home remedies you can cure this problem? Here we will discuss top ten home remedies which will help you to cure your sore throat and will give you a good night sleep. Fortunately using these all you will get rid of the pain and irritation.

Top ten home remedies of a sore throat


Natural remedies to treat the sore throat

Honey, we can find almost in every house. The sticky sweet solution has various benefits. Not only in taste can you use it for another purpose as well. From earlier days honey has been used to cure a sore throat. You need to mix the honey in a cup of tea or a glass of lukewarm water and take it. Continue it for one week daily. It will give you an extraordinary benefit. From a study, it has found that honey is great at taming a night cough. If you take one tablespoon of honey at night during your cough you can sleep peacefully. It is considered as a great wound healer. It will heal the itchiness and pain in your throat.


It is grandma’s advice to gargle with lukewarm water with salt. It will soothe your sore throat and will give you relief from throat pain and secretion. Warm water with salt will help to kill bacteria also. Take one glass of lukewarm water and mix a half teaspoon of salt in the glass and gargle with it. This remedy is continued from the age of our grandma. Saltwater is the very effective remedy of the painful throat. It will reduce the swelling and will clean your throat. Continue this after every two to three hours and you will feel the difference.

Chamomile tea

Very few people know about this tea. It is a great source of throat soothing. From an early age, it is used for the medical purpose of soothing your throat. Chamomile tea is used as it is antioxidant, it works as an anti-inflammatory and it has astringent properties which are good for the painful and sore throat. Form a study it has been seen that if you inhale chamomile steam that would be a great benefit to get relief from cold and sore throat also. If you drink the tea it will give you the same benefit. So take either steam or tea both will be beneficial. It has a great immunity system which will make your body strong so that it can fight the bacteria or virus. This tea will boost up your immunity system.


A sore throat is very irritating if you are in the office or in school or college. Usually, we know that peppermint is used to freshen our breath but do you know that peppermint oil is a great remedy for a sore throat. It contains menthol which not only helps to freshen your breath but also thin your throat mucus and calm your coughs and sore throat. Peppermint also useful for antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties in it which is good for a sore throat. It will encourage the healing process. It is not advisable to use the essential oil without mixing in sweet almond oil or olive oil or in coconut oil. Mix few drops of peppermint oil in the essential oil with one ounce of any kind of carrier oil as per your choice.

Gargle with baking soda

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We all know about the saltwater gargle but have you heard about baking soda gargle? Yes, baking soda is as effective as salt water gargle. You need all half teaspoon of baking soda with the salt water and gargle after every three hours and continue it for one week; for sure you will get a result. Gargle is more effective than medicine; it can kill the bacteria and prevent the growth of mucus or fungus. As per National Cancer Institute mix one-fourth teaspoon of baking soda and a half teaspoon of salt with one glass of lukewarm water. Every three hours gargle with it.

Fenugreek seed

Fenugreek seed has many benefits and you can use fenugreek in a different form. For an example, you can use the fenugreek oil, or can it the seed, or one can drink fenugreek tea also. Fenugreek seed is a natural source which protects you from a sore throat. Many researchers have demonstrated the healing process of fenugreek seeds. It will give you relief from pain in your throat and kill the bacteria which are the cause of inflammation and irritation. It is antifungal and protects your body from developing fungus. Though pregnant woman should not take Fenugreek seed during the pregnancy, it is not good for the women who are expecting.

Marshmallow root

How many people know about the home remedies of a sore throat? If you apply these all in your home you don’t have to rush to the doctor often and on. Marshmallow we use in preparing a cake or we cook it, but its root is also good for a sore throat. Marshmallow root contains mucus which will soothe your throat. You need to add the dry root of marshmallow root in the boiling water and make tea. Take the tea three to four times in a day. It will heal your pain in the throat. You are suffering from diabetes you should consult a doctor before taking the marshmallow root.


Garlic is a most common home remedy for a sore throat and it is available in everyone’s home. You do not have to visit the market to purchase it. Garlic is a rich source of antibacterial properties and also it contains allicin which is known for to fight against any kind of bacteria and infection. According to a research if you take two to three clove of garlic every day you will never get cold as it has antiviral properties. It will help you to soothe your throat. It has got many healing properties. After taking garlic if you want you can brush your teeth.


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Now we have all the idea about home remedies for a sore throat. From the age of our grandma these all remedies are in use. If you take medicine you will get relief but throat problem is not a that serious issue to visit the doctor. Better you try these at home or help your known one to get rid of a sore throat.


[Hindi remedies for sore throat]