Home remedies for ganglion cysts – How to treat ganglion cysts?

Ganglion cyst is a soft round lump which is generally found on the hands near the wrist area. The exact reason for its occurrence is not known. The cyst may vary in size depending on the amount of fluid present in the lumps. These cysts can be present in many numbers or just one large lump of mass can be seen near the wrists. Ganglion cysts are generally benign in nature. The patient can sometimes complain of pain in the lumps. The diagnosis can be made by passing light through them. The light generally passes through the lumps. An X-ray is also required for an accurate detection. Generally, ganglion cyst disappears on its own in some days but some may also remain.

Home remedies to treat ganglion cyst

Here are some home remedies to treat ganglion cyst:

Echinacea/Purple coneflower

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In order to treat the Ganglion Cysts, it is important to get it shrink and this is possible only when one’s immunity is strong enough to shrink it. Echinacea is one such remedy whose herbal tea if you drink twice in a day will stimulate the immune system. Also, you can also apply echinacea/ purple coneflower ointments for 3-4 times in a day. It stimulates immunity because of the properdine chemical present in it.

Eating fruits and Vegetables

The right diet which is full of vitamins and minerals is only possible when you eat fresh fruits and vegetables daily. It increases the immune system of a person which further helps to get rid of Ganglion Cysts. It makes healing process easy, painless and quick.

White oak bark tea

The effective way to get rid of Ganglion Cysts is to compress it size and you can very well do this at home. Arrange for some Hazel of a White oak bark tea and apply it on the area with the cysts. Now let it penetrate deep into your skin for a few minutes, they reduce the size of the cysts.

Red dessert clay

Red Dessert Clay has been an old technique for removal of harmful toxins, cysts and chemicals from the body. Just apply a tablespoon of red dessert clay on the area for two times in a day, and you will notice the size of the Ganglion Cysts decreasing gradually.


Scientific research believes that Ginseng has way too many benefits to treat Ganglion Cysts. It is medical herb which was predominantly in traditional use. One can consume it in the form of root powders, tea, steamed and dried roots. It starts showing results within five days of proper use everyday.


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Arnica has anti-inflammatory properties that will help to take care if the ganglion cyst. This remedy will treat the swollen and red cyst along with reduce inflammation. Arnica removes toxins from the skin and makes it soft, supple and glowing. You will find a wide range of products in the market that will help to cure ganglion cysts. Capsules, creams, gels and ointments are available that have Arnica in it. By using a Q-tip apply a layer of Arnica that is in the form of gel, ointment or cream. Don’t consume capsules without doctor recommendation.

Another way of using Arnica is by diluting it. Add equal portions of coconut oil and arnica in a bowl. Mix, it well and apply this on your affected area. Massage gently with the tip of your fingers and then cover it with a bandage. Do this thrice a day, every day. Some people might be allergic to Arnica, that is why a patch test needs to be done prior application.

Frankincense essential oil

This essential oil has the power to reduce the size of the ganglion cyst, it also takes care of the inflammation and pain that Ganglion cysts brings with it. Use two drops of Frankincense Essential Oil and rub it over the affected area. Using a bandage cover the area with the Ganglion cyst.  Change the bandage twice a day. Do this twice for at least two weeks. This way you can be sure that Ganglion cysts won’t come back.

Warm compress

In order to naturally treat a ganglion cyst, use the popular method of warm compress. Use a clean washcloth and soak it in lukewarm water. Apply this washcloth directly on the Ganglion cyst. This method will reduce the pain and take care of the inflammation. The size of the Ganglion cyst will reduce too.


Neem is anit-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal in nature. Neem leaves is also a great blood purifier. Consumption of neem leaves every day can be effective in treating ganglion cysts. Paste of neem leaves can be applied on the affected area on a daily basis. The cysts will reduce in size over time. Neem poultice can also be of great help.


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Turmeric is anti-inflammatory in nature. The affected area should be washed with warm turmeric water on a daily basis for effective results. Turmeric paste can also be applied onto the affected area. Consumption of fresh turmeric in the daily diet can also be of great help. Turmeric poultice can be put on the cysts. The lumps will disappear in a few days.

Tulsi leaves

Tulsi is a great blood purifier and can be an effective ingredient in the treatment of ganglion cysts. Boil some water and put some tulsi leaves in it. Let it cool down. Drink it every day. Paste of tulsi leaves can also be applied onto the affected area every day for relief. Tulsi poultice can also be effective.


Ginger is a great ingredient to treat ganglion cyst. It is anti-inflammatory in nature and thus helps reduce the size of the lumps. Ginger should be consumed with a regular diet for effective results. Ginger ale can also be a great reliever in treating ganglion cyst. It should be consumed on a daily basis.

Tea bags

Black tea is anti-inflammatory in nature. Boil some water and put a couple of tea bags in it. Use these warm tea bags to treat ganglion cyst. Put the tea bags on the affected area for relief.

Warm water bath

Warm water bath can be every effective in treating ganglion cyst. Use a cloth and warm water to give compression on the affected area for effective results.

Flax seeds

Flax seeds are a good inflammatory agent. Having flax seeds every day will ensure the lump reduces in size.

Olive oil

Olive oil can be very beneficial for such patients. Apply warm olive oil onto the affected area for effective results.

Aloe vera

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Aloe vera is a natural coolant. Apply aloe vera gel onto the affected area every day for speedy recovery.


Walnuts are a great anti-inflammatory in nature. Include walnuts in your daily diet for better results.

Epsom salt

Epsom salt is an anti-inflammatory agent. Mix some epsom salt with glycerin and apply it onto the affected area every day. The size of the lump will reduce in a few days.

Castor oil

Castor oil can be a good ingredient to treat ganglion cyst. Massage castor oil onto the affected region every day and the patient can get some relief.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is anti-inflammatory in nature. Massage onto the affected region for some time for effective treatment.


Include cloves in your daily diet for better results. Massage clove oil onto the affected region for relief.

Apple cider

Apply apple cider onto the affected region and leave it there for some time. This practice, when repeated every day, will reduce the lump size.


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Spinach is also anti-inflammatory in nature. Include spinach in your daily diet for effective results.


Garlic can be of great help when treating ganglion cyst. Including it in your daily diet will be helpful. A poultice made from garlic can be applied onto the affected region for better resulys.

Virgin coconut oil

Apply virgin coconut oil onto the affected region for better results.