Home remedies to treat hot flashes

Hot flashes are very common amongst the women who are just about to hit the menopause period. Starting from the time the woman had her last periods to almost 15 years – the hot flashes keep appearing until the menopause happens and the hormonal balance is again stable.

Hot flashes are usually the feeling of extreme sweating and warming up of the body that causes not just breathlessness or dizziness but also often leads to fainting, nausea, change in sleeping patterns, insomnia, sleeping disorders, mood swings etc.

To stabilize you and deal with the hot flashes one can treat themselves to some home remedies which are both a relief and a cure!

Natural home remedies to treat hot flashes


Flaxseeds also counted as one of the super-food today is an ideal inclusion to the diet as the fatty acids present in the flaxseeds are very beneficial in reducing the signs of menopause symptoms. The phyto-estrogens present in the seeds are actually helpful in dealing with the hot flashes. It helps balance the estrogen levels in the body causing reduction in chances of hot flashes coming again. You can add it to any of your food like yogurt, smoothies etc or just consume about 1 tsp of ground flaxseed powder daily.

Herbal tea

Green tea, lemon tea, hibiscus tea, herbal tea etc have the right amount of anti-oxidants and help release a soothing feel to the body. The herbal tea has been a good way for people to balance their hormones and take into account a healthy daily life. Herbal Tea aids control of hot flashes by calming down your body and flushing out the toxins.

Maintaining a healthy diet

Eating the right kind of food with all the necessary nutrition shall help the body keep its cool. If your diet includes a lot of dairy products, spices and meat then it is meant to bring heat to the body which shall cause even more sweating and aggravated hot flashes. To gain control on the fact rely on some of the light food items like fruits, vegetables, non-dairy or soy products which work deliriously in reducing some components of estrogen giving the body its soothe!


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Stress is one of the primary reasons for most of the health problems after a certain age. When your body or mind is stressed there shall be caused hormonal imbalance which would lead to different forms of diseases. As menopause is a delicate time controlling on stress should be done to save from the hot flashes. Practice meditation, singing, walking in the park or even reading a good book to reduce on the stress.

Red clover

Red Clover is popular for its phyto-estrogens that helps in balancing the estrogen levels and control the signs of hot flashes. Particularly used a lot in the medicinal world too, the availability of red clover is widespread which can be used as an aid to get rid of hot flashes.

Sage leaves

Sage leaves are another plant leaves which are used a lot in brewing teas that helps in organic healing of the body. Sage leaves have a mild flavor to it and is rich in Vitamin E, helps in digestion and also controls the hormonal imbalance. It is used in treating diarrhea for infants and even headaches in adults. Drinking sage tea helps in treating hot flashes.

Vitamin E

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Vitamin E is known to reduce the hot flashes as it is rich in estrogen and helps replace the electrolytes which get lost from the body due to excess sweating during hot flashes. Vitamin E supplements or fruits that are rich in Vitamin E can be your problem solver.

Vitamin B

Vitamin B is a rich element to help control the severe effects of hot flashes. Vitamin B12, B6 and B2 in particular help in the regulation of estrogen and progesterone that is important to gain control on the repeated occurrence of hot flashes. So, eating a lot of seeds like sunflower seeds, dried fruits, bananas, eggs, soy products, leafy vegetables, milk and fish can be the right way to get the necessary dose. You can also go for supplements recommended by doctors.

When experiencing hot flashes, one should sit down immediately and drink water to cool down the body. Make use of the remedies to cure further coming of the hot flashes!