How to treat sore eyes using home remedies

Sore eyes, commonly known as conjunctivitis, are often accompanied with irritation in the inner and outside area of eyes. Swelling and redness can also be in the region with extreme pain. It is caused by external sources as well as internal weakness.

Entry of any foreign substance in the eyes can result in sore eyes.  This may also lead to itchiness in the eyes. It can also be caused by viral or bacterial infections, tiredness and allergies among others. If remained untreated for a long time, the disease may damage the eyes.

[Sore eyes remedies in Hindi]

Eyes become watery where dry mucus gets accumulated in the corner. For such patients, even opening the eyes becomes a problem. Such patients cannot bear the exposure to sun or light and if forced, it may damage the eyes forever. Patients with sore eyes often keep rubbing their eyes with their fingers or hands which can further create more problems. Often, the disease can be transmitted to others by touch or because of using a common towel and handkerchief among others. People who use contact lens are more susceptible to sore eyes or redness in the eyes.

Home remedies

Cold water bath

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First and foremost, eyes should be cleaned with cold water every day. Such patients should also keep their personal handkerchief and clothes clean and away from others.

Rose water

Two-three drops of rose water can help treat the sore eyes as rose water is extremely soothing and relaxing in nature.

Alum crystals

Small grains of alum should be grounded with 25g of rose water. Using a dropper, one should put two drops in sore eyes. This helps reduce the redness and swelling in the eyes. It helps clean the eyes of the mucus collected in the corner of the eyes. If rose water is not available, then one can use distilled   water or boiled water instead.  

Alum can also be used with cow milk. Dab cow milk in a cotton pad, sprinkle alum powder over it and put the cotton pad over the closed eye lids for better results.

Milk bath

Submerge a cotton pad in cold milk and dab it on the closed eye lids. When repeated for 4-5 times, redness in the eyes is reduced.

Milk cream can also help as it is cold in nature. Apply cream of cow’s milk on the affected region to help relieve the pain and soreness of the eyes.


Home remedies to cure eye redness & allergies

Sandalwood is cold in nature and is soothing. Sandalwood powder can be mixed with rose water or distilled water to prepare a paste. This paste can then be applied to the closed eye lids. It should be left for some time. Sandalwood will soothe the eyes and reduces the redness, swelling and pain.


Amla juice can be used to wash the eyes. This reduces the redness and swelling in the sore eyes.

Turmeric poultice

Turmeric, alum crystals, tamarind leaves should be mixed in equal quantities to prepare a poultice. Warm it a little and put it on the closed eye lids. It helps itchiness and redness of the eyes.

Tamarind leaves

Mix juice of tamarind leaves and milk together in a brass container. Apply the mixture on the closed lids and around the eyes for better results.

Neem leaves

Make a paste of neem leaves and apply it over the closed eyelids. This helps reduce the swelling, itchiness in the eyes. It also helps fight any bacterial infection in the eye region.

Coriander leaves

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Make a paste of coriander leaves. Strain it and apply the juice to the sore eyes using a dropper. It will help soothe the sore eyes.


Soak jaggery overnight. Strain it six times in the morning and drink it. It will cure sore eyes.


Mix equal amount of lemon juice and rose water. Put the mixture in the eyes using a dropper every one hour. This should be followed by a little warm bath in the eye region. This method can help relieve the pain and swelling in the sore eyes in no time.

Acacia (Babool) leaves

Grind acacia leaves and make solid paste. Warm it up in ghee. Put in on the closed eyelids for some time. This helps relieve from pain and swelling.

[Sore eyes remedies in Hindi]