Home remedies for swimmer’s ear – How to treat swimmer’s ear?

Swimmer’s ear is the inflammation of the outer canal of an ear which is accompanied with immense pain, swelling and redness in the ear. It may be caused if a foreign substance is inserted in the ear to clean it. It may also occur in persons with cold and cough, entry of substances like water and insect among others, collection of enough ear wax, any pock or boil in the ear. In some patients, mucus like substance is formed which flows from the ears. Swimmer’s ear affects mostly children.

Such patients often complain of pain in the ear with swelling in the inner canal of the ear. Some complain of pricky feeling in the ear. In some cases, swelling in eye lids may also occur and pain maybe accompanied with fever. Some patients may even complain of noises in the ear and difficulty in hearing.

Home remedies to treat swimmer’s ear

Olive oil

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Olive oil has antibacterial properties that make it a effective infection killer. Add 2-3 garlic cloves to olive oil and keep it overnight. Strain out the garlic olive oil and heat it with a low flame until warm. Test the temperature of oil and ensure that oil temperature is safe for ear use. By adding 3 drops to your ear everyday you can get relief from ear infection.

Apple cider vinegar

Use earbuds to apply apple cider vinegar into your infected ear to balance ear pH and thereby ward iff bacteria buildup. You can dilute vinegar with 1 tsp water and then soak earbuds in it to apply into the ear.

Keep your ears clean and dry

Dip a earbud or cloth in alcohol and clean your ears and dry it. Doing this will prevent infection as well as kill germs to relieve you from swimmers ears.

Coconut oil

This one is a  age old effective remedy to maintain ear health. Drop two drops of coconut oil into your ears and you will notice the wonders of antimicrobial properties that are inherent in it. This oil can also smoothen the hard ear wax and get rid of pain.

Vitamin C

Include foods that are rich in vitamin C, which can strengthen your immune system to prevent infections. Additionally take Zinc supplements to cure infection and keep your ears healthy.

Onion juice

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Grind slices of onion in a blender and extract the juice out of it. Use a dropper to put 2 drops into your ears. The antiseptic properties of onion can get rid of all kinds if fungal infections in the ears very fast. Follow this remedy thrice a day to cure swimmers ears.

Warm compresses

If your ears pain, use warm compresses to reduce inflammation and flush out pus in the ear if any. Do it whenever you need instant comfort from ear pain.

Neem oil

If the pain in the ear is severe, neem oil may help. Boil neem leaves in mustard oil. One should put two drops of this neem oil in the infected ear. Neem oil will help give the patient relief from swelling and pain in the ear. Washing the ear region with neem water is itself a soothing option.


Roast an onion on the gas stove. Squeeze the onion and use the juice to treat the swelled up ear region. Put two drops of oil in the infected ear. It will help relieve from the pain.

Basil leaves

Put 2-3 drops of basil juice in the infected area. Also, consume dry ginger powder with jaggery at the same time. It will help relieve the pain. It helps, especially, when there are noises in the inner canal of the ear.

Acacia leaves

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Boil some acacia leaves in a vessel. Put a lid on top of it. Let it boil. Collects the droplets on the lid and put some drops in the swelled up ear. Keep putting the drops at regular intervals for better results.


Take two garlic cloves with tender leaves of neem. Make a paste out of them and heat it with some mustard oil. Now, sieve the mixture and store the remaining oil. Put some drops of this oil in the infected region of the ear. This oil will help treat any pocks in the ear as well as collection of any kind of pus.


Mix some camphor powder in the juice of basil leaves and put a few drops of this mixture in the ear. It treats the infected ear as well as reduces the pain.


Mix ginger juice with garlic juice and radish juice. Put a few drops of this mixture in the infected ear for better results.

Alum crystals

If the ear has pus, wash the ear with water treated with alum crystals.


Prepare juice of beetroot leaves and use the juice to treat the infected area. Put two drops of this juice at regular intervals for better results.


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Burn a radish in the stove. Mix the ashes with some mustard oil. Put 2-3 drops of this oil in the infected area. It helps relieve extreme pain.


Mix some turmeric with mustard oil. Heat the mixture for some time. Sieve the mixture and put a few drops of this mixture in the infected area.

Sal tree

Take some leaves of sal tree and mix it with mustard oil. Heat the mixture and sieve it. Put two drops of this mixture in the ear. It helps treat pus in the infected ear.

Castor leaves

Dab mustard oil on castor leaves and tie it around the ear. This helps the patient get relief from pain in the ear.

Ajwain oil

Put 10 drops of mustard oil into ajwain oil. Put 2-3 drops of this mixture in the infected area of the ear.

Tamarind leaves

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Boil tamarind leaves in sesame oil. Let it cool. Put two-three drops of this mixture in the ear.

Mango leaves

Patients can put juice of mango leaves in the ear for better results.

Sandalwood oil

Put two-three drops of sandalwood oil in the infected area of the ear. Sandalwood oil helps soothe and reduce redness and swelling in the infected area.