Home remedies to treat urinary tract infections naturally – How to treat UTI?

The literal meaning of UTI is urinary tract infections. The urinary tract consists of kidneys, urethra, ureters, and bladder. UTI or urinary tract infections mean that bacteria have already entered in the urinary systems through the urethra and have spread in the system from urethra to bladder. It may spread even in the upward of the system or in the ureter to kidneys. The upper tract infections are severe than the lower tract infections. The symptoms of infections may include pain with urination and frequency of urination is increased. But, amount of urination is small.

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When bacteria enter in the urinary tract and spreads in the urethra and bladder region, the persons may be attacked by UTI. People with diabetes and pregnant women are more prone towards UTI. When people use toilet tissue papers after bowel movement from back to front, the bacteria from anal portion may be transmitted to front region and may enter through the urethra. After having sexual intercourse also; the women are very prone towards UTI. If the mother is prone towards UTI, the daughter may also get the tendency of getting UTI. The women, who do not have good control over the bladder, may also get the UTI. Alternatively, it may be said that if the women cannot empty the bladder completely are more prone towards the UTI.

How to treat UTI

To analyze the sample of urine

The doctor may ask for a sample of urine for analysis of the category of contamination in the urinary tract. Further, count of red blood cells, white blood cells should be noted for the treatment of UTI. For the first step of treatment, antibiotics are applied and for that purpose, a group of bacteria causing the infection should be known. The application of the antibiotic should vary according to the health conditions. For that purpose, a period of application will vary. For simple infections of urinary tract, following drugs may be applied by the doctors.

  • Fosfomycin
  • Ceftriaxone
  • Cephalexin
  • Nitrofurantoin

Sometimes, symptoms may disappear after few days of the application. But, the antibiotics may be applied for at least one week for clearing the bacteria from the urinary tract. If the bacteria are not complicated and the patient is healthy, then a short course of medicine can be applied for the treatment. It may be applied for three to four days. The doctor may also give the analgesic for the healing of the pain. But, in most of the cases, pain is removed after application of antibiotics.

Treatment for request infections

If the contaminations are frequent in nature, then the following treatment may be recommended.

  • Antibiotics with low doses, but the term may belong. It may be for six months
  • Antibiotics of a single dose, if the infections may be caused by sexual intercourse.
  • Estrogen therapy for vagina may be done for postmenopausal

Home or natural remedies to treat UTI

Causes & symptoms of urinary tract infection

The urinary tract infections are most common in women and during their lifetime, they will catch it sometimes. The most common treatment for UTI is the applications of antibiotics. But, natural remedies can also be done to give support the medications. Actually, the treatment by antibiotics is very common and the bacteria are also getting resistant to antibiotics. As a result, the recurring infection may come in. So, to get rid of this phenomenon, natural remedial support is necessary.

Drink plenty of fluids

The study has revealed that drinking plenty of water or fluid will help to flush out the bacteria from your bladder. If the water intake is low, then bacteria may get chances to multiply in the bladder. Hence, it is essential to stay hydrated. For every meal or snack, please have at least one glass of water. This will be helpful to stay hydrated and the bacteria will be flushed out through urine. You can add juices to your diet and ultimately you are consuming fluids in.

Frequent urination

Urination often is good practice. If you hold the urine for a longer time, bacteria is getting time to multiply in the bladder. For this purpose, to make empty the bladder is good practice as bacteria is flushed out and are not getting the scope to multiply. So, after sexual intercourse, always urinate to flush out the bacteria if any is penetrated through the urethra.

To stay dry and clean

Women should keep themselves neat and clean to avoid UTI. Especially after bowel movements, if these are wiped out with tissue paper, it should be drawn from front to back movement. If the movement is in the reverse direction, then bacteria may enter in the urethra from the anal portion and you may get urinary tract infections. Women should always wear loose garments and undergarments, so that urethra always stays dry. Wet condition gives the bacteria scope to multiply. Tight garments or undergarments will not allow air to move in. The moisture will be trapped inside and urethra may be wet. This condition will give the bacteria to multiply.


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The usage of antibiotics for UTI may destroy the bacteria flora which is beneficial to human body. And as consequence, pathogenic bacteria will overgrow. The humans will become sick. Researchers have revealed that probiotics will not allow the flora, the good bacteria to die. Ultimately bladder can recognize the good and bad bacteria. The pathogenic bacteria will be allowed by a selective process. The bladder will be able to recognize the beneficial bacteria flora. Probiotic or fermented food can stop the growth of bad bacteria. In this way, recurring infections of the urinary tract may be diminished.


If little garlic is crushed and chewed daily, it can diminish UTI. Allicin is one of the most active components in garlic. It has got antifungal and variety of antimicrobial properties for a wide range of bacteria. So, consuming garlic, you can avoid urinary tract infections.


The juice of cranberry juice can resist the recurring infections of urinary tract. Cranberry has got the abilities to manage the recurring urinary tract infections. The study has revealed that cranberry juice can do magic for urinary tract infections.

Vitamin C

Consumption of vitamin c makes the urine acidic. Studies have revealed that vitamin C can reduce the urinary tract infections. You should consume daily 100 milligrams of vitamin C to reduce the infections.

Clove oil

Studies have revealed that clove oil has got the antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties. Another property of clove oil is anti-inflammatory property. You can use for reducing pain and can have a healing effect. You can take the suggestion of healthcare professionals in this regard.

D Mannose

This is kind of sugar and this can manage urinary tract infections. It can prevent certain category of bacteria from sticking to the walls of the urinary tract. A study on D Mannose reveals that it can reduce the risk of recurring urinary tract infections with minimum side effects.

Healthy habits

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Some adoptions of healthy habits may reduce the risk of getting affected by urinary tract infections.

Application of heat

You can apply slow heat with a pad on your painful area to reduce the pain for urinary tract infections.

So, after all, healthy habits and medication can reduce the UTI. You can get support from the home remedies which can reduce the risk of recurring UTI.


[Hindi tips to treat urinary tract infections]