Home remedies for waterborne cholera disease naturally

The most common disease that is seen due to water contamination is cholera. Cholera is a severe intestine effecting disease. This causes various serious infections. The lower part of bowel effects mostly. This is a waterborne disease that is common during the monsoon. This is moderately seen and is quite high. The signs of cholera are diarrhea, frequent stools that are loose, watery, and grayish brown in color. Diarrhea in accompanied with nausea and vomiting.

The affected person have severe cramps in the stomach and also feels thirsty and tired due to body dehydration. The temperature is high, but feels cold and clammy and pulse becomes weak. The body seems to be colder and skin becomes dry, wrinkled and purpled. Your voice becomes husky and urine like scanty and dark in color. The blood pressure falls and cramps are to be agonizing. Cholera is caused due to germs, which are known as Vibrio cholera. They produce a powerful poison or endotoxin. Thus, the disease can be spread by flies or due to water contamination by the germs.


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Cholera is asymptomatic or being presented as a mild gastroenteritis in many instances. Cholera which is severe is being presented differently. Cholera’s keystone symptom is Diarrhea. During bad infections of cholera so called “rice water stools” occur and is not similar to normal Diarrhea as it is pale liquid. Bits of intestinal lining are what look like the flecks of rice like granules. It appears as normal diarrhea in the early stages but changes to “rice water stools” diarrhea with time, also sometimes it has a fishy odor.

Signs and symptoms of dehydration are present in severe cholera victims. Lethargy, tachycardia, vomiting, dry eyes, dry mouth, inability to produce tears, sunken eyes, reduced or no urine, and a stark thirst are some of the symptoms. Dehydration can also cause an imbalance of electrolyte due to which leg and muscle cramps may also occur. Sunken soft spots will be present in infants.

Hypovolemic shock and death can occur in case the symptoms are ignored.

Causes and risk factors

Interdependent are cholera’s causes and risk factors.

Tainted food and water supplies is the cause behind cholera. Indicators of cholera outbreaks were war, famine, natural disaster, and overcrowding of persons who are displaced and refugees. In Bangladesh and India, after the monsoon season cholera cases spike. While in the other parts of the world, rainy season precedes cholera outbreaks. Infected food or water being ingested by a person then the passing of bacteria through the human body and being expelled as human waste is the basic pathogenesis. It is set to attack a different victim after it seeps back into the water supply. In healthy North American volunteers cholera’s one infectious dose is 100,000 bacteria. 20 billion bacteria are contained by the output in just 24 hours. The bacteria become more virulent as inside the human intestines it goes through genetic changes. Vibrio Cholerae via the digestive system of humans undergoes biomass amplification.


It has been reported by the WHO that 18% of the deaths of the children of age five and under worldwide is due to dehydration caused by infections of diarrhea. For young children, the elderly, and people who has compromised immune systems infections of cholera can be very dangerous. Typically, children are the hardest to be stricken by cholera. Though the “Bengal” 0193 strain was atypical and it struck male, young adult and agricultural workers primarily. Rice paddy workers were its initial victims. Cholera can make anyone sick.

In India, Bangladesh, parts of Africa, and a few other sections of the world cholera is said to be endemic. Some of the epidemiologists reported that an area after the experience of cholera epidemic becomes endemic.

Top best home remedies for cholera

Home-Made ORS

Due to the attack of diarrhea, there is a loss of liquids, salts, and nutrients from your body. The best homemade remedy for treating waterborne disease is to drink a lot of fluids and ORS. For making ORS, you will need six small spoons of sugar, half small spoon of salt, and 1 liter of pure water. Mix sugar and salt into the water and make a solution.  Drink this ORS solution as many times as you can until you recover completely.

Zinc Supplements

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Zinc supplements are beneficial for decreasing the effect of cholera in children. It is the best option for the treatment of cholera. You should take 10-20 mg of zinc each day. You can also include some food items such as brown rice, spinach, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, garlic in your diet.

Drink and Use Purified Water

Purified water contains all the essential minerals. As you know by dirty, contaminated water cholera is caused, so it most necessary to use clean and pure water for drinking and other purposes. Always use safe water to brush your teeth, wash and prepare food. Wash your hands often with pure water. These are the necessary steps that you should take to treat cholera at home. You can also use boil water for drinking purpose. Drink plenty of water to make your body healthy and diseases free.


Yogurt can help you to prevent waterborne diseases. It stops diarrhea and makes you healthy again. Yogurt contains a bacterium that kills the harmful bacteria present in your stomach. It maintains the balance of your body. You should eat a cup of yogurt twice thrice times in the day. Eat it regularly until cholera is completely gone. You can also try buttermilk for preventing cholera. Add water and salt in yogurt to make buttermilk. Take buttermilk 2-3 times in the day. Each time prepare a glass of buttermilk and drink it.    

Lemon to treat cholera

The best way to treat cholera is by using lemon as it helps to kill cholera bacilli. Lemon has antibacterial properties that help in destroying harmful bacteria in the intestine that causes cholera. This works in a very short duration of time. This is effective and is reliable to prevent cholera during an epidemic. Vitamin C is rich in lemon that helps to boost the immune system. This is taken in any of the forms like sweet and salty beverages. Include lemon into your diet that helps to prevent cholera.

Ginger treatment

Ginger is rich in antibiotic effect. The ginger fight against the infections of cholera. This helps to get rid of diarrhea, stomach cramps and some abdominal pain. Take a small piece of ginger and add a teaspoon of honey into it. Mix them well and drink it. The ginger and honey mixture helps to improve your digestive process. Alternatively, prepare a ginger tea and add some small pieces of ginger into it. Add 1 cup of water into it. Add a few black peppers and holy basil leaves and mint leaves. Boil them well for some time. Strain the solution and some honey into it. Drink it well and add a few cups of herbal tea into it. Daily drink them well and you can find better results.

Guava root bark treatment

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The root bark of a guava leave is to treat cholera. This is due to as it is rich in tannins. This is prepared by adding guava root bark in water and preparing a concentrated decoction. This helps to reduce vomiting and symptoms of diarrhea. This even helps in reducing cholera. Take thirty grams of root bark of guava and is boiled with half a liter of water. Make sure that the water is boiled down and is reduced by one third. Drink it twice a day for quick relief.

Fenugreek seeds for cholera

Fenugreek seeds are rich in cholera. This is an effective home remedy to treat cholera. The high mucilage content that is rich in fenugreek seeds will effect on stools. They also reduce the severity of diarrhea. Take 1 teaspoon of fenugreek seed powder, 2 tablespoons of plain yogurt and a roasted cumin seed powder. Take 2 – 3 times a day for quick recovery. Add 1 teaspoon of fenugreek seed powder to a glass of warm water. Drink 2 glasses a day to relieve from diarrhea.

Onion to prevent cholera

Onions are best and most valuable home remedy for cholera. Onion is rich in antibacterial, antibiotic and antiseptic properties. Take thirty grams of onions. This helps to relieve the symptoms of dry mouth, thirst and restlessness. Take seven black pepper and ground them into smooth powder. Make sure that should be pounded finely in a pestle. Take 2 – 3 doses during the day. Onion helps to reduce thirst and is restlessness. This relieves from symptoms of cholera.

Turmeric to prevent cholera

Turmeric treatment for diarrhea. This is one of the best treatment for cholera. This helps to treat cholera. Soak 1 tablespoon of raw turmeric root pieces in lemon juice. Soak it for about 2 hours. Remove the turmeric pieces. Dry them off in the sun. Grind them into powder. Store the turmeric powder in an airtight container. Add ¼ teaspoon of powder. Add a little amount of honey to a cup of hot water. Drink them twice a day. Make sure not to take a huge amount of dose as it leads to diarrhea worse.

Bitter gourd home remedy

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Bitter gourd is the effective home remedy to treat early stages of cholera. Take a bitter gourd and blend juice from it. Take two teaspoons of this juice and mix them with an equal quantity amount of white onion juice. Add a teaspoon of lemon juice into it. Repeat it twice a day to treat cholera.

Cucumber for fresh leaves

Cucumber acts as the best natural home remedy to treat cholera. Take a cucumber and blend them juice from it. Take equal proportions of tender coconut water and equal doses of 30 – 60 ml of each. Mix them well and drink it. This helps in restoring the acid and even can get to balance in dehydration.

Cloves to treat dehydration

Cloves are very useful to cholera. Cloves help to treat cholera. This helps to ease out abdominal pain. The chemical compound that is called as eugenol that is found in cloves helps in destroying the intestinal bacteria. This also helps with parasites that causes or may worsen diarrhea. Take four grams of spice that is boiled in three liters of water. Prepare them well too, until half of the water gets evaporated. The decoction is prepared from this solution and drink this several times a day. This helps to reduce the severe symptoms.

Drumstick leaves for cholera

Drumstick leaves are best to get free from the cholera. The drumstick leaves are good for health. Take some fresh drumstick leaves and blend juice from it. Add a teaspoon of honey into a glass of coconut water. Add leaf juice into coconut water. Mix them well until the honey gets dissolved into water. Drink it two to three times a day as an herbal medicine. This helps to treat cholera.

Nutmeg best home remedy

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The herb nutmeg is the best and valuable home remedy for dehydration. Thus, cholera causes dehydration, which will be treated by this. There is an infusion that is made by steeping half a nutmeg. This added to half a liter of water. Mix them well and add them to a half liter of tender coconut water. Take 15ml of this mixture at once and this helps to treat the condition.