How fish oil is useful to improve your health

Fish oil may be defined as the oil extracted from tissues of oily fishes. This type of oil contains omega 3 fatty acids. This has got multiple benefits in human health. Omega 3 can improve skin health, improves the cardio vascular system, and can improve cardiac diseases. Omega 3 can improve cholesterol level, reduces depression, and provides many more benefits.

Omega 3 is contained in fish oil

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Due to the numerous benefits of the fish oil, it is consumed by many people as a dietary supplement. If you cannot consume the fish oil directly from food, then the supplement of fish oil in the form of capsules may be consumed for achieving the benefits of Omega 3. It is also helpful for the people with heart diseases. Omega 3 also can cure the cardiac issues by the activities of the healthy cardiovascular system. It contains EHA and DHA which are helpful for many diseases. Omega 3 is helpful to lower the blood pressure level if there are chances of having high blood pressure.

Why Omega 3 is so important?

The main components of Omega 3 are DHA and EPA is very much essential for recovering the heart diseases. The elements can manage and control the heart issues. The fish oil may be extracted from the oily fishes like tuna, anchovies, herring etc. Sometimes, the oil is even produced from other species like cod liver oil. The World Health Organization has recommended 1-2 fish oil per week as it holds many benefits of prevention of diseases due to the content of Omega 3.

Nearly 30% of fish oil is covered by Omega 3 and the rest 70% is made up of other fatty acids. Fish oil if unprocessed may contain vitamin A and vitamin D. Researchers have revealed that Omega 3 extracted from fish contains more health benefits than the Omega 3 extracted from plants.

Omega 3 is very important for heart health

It has been proved that the people who consume more amounts of fish may be free from heart diseases. The benefits of fish oil that can control heart diseases are given below:

  • Omega 3 or fish oil can increase the good cholesterol and decrease the bad cholesterol. It is helpful for the diseases and can prevent heart diseases.
  • Omega 3 or fish oil can lower the level of triglycerides by nearly 15-30 %.
  • People with high blood pressure can achieve lower blood pressure to some extent by fish oil.
  • It can strengthen the blood vessels of arteries and can prevent the tear or rupture of arteries and this rupture of arteries may lead to heart attack or stroke.
  • It can prevent abdominal heart rhythm and can reduce the risk of heart attack.

From the above discussion, it is clear that fish oil can reduce the risk of heart diseases to some extent. So, supplementation of fish oil can reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke. But, there is no such evidence for it.

Fish oil may be helpful to prevent some mental disorders

The human brain contains fats by the 60 % and mostly is composed of Omega 3. Naturally, Omega 3 is essential for the performance of the brain. Survey has revealed that the persons with lower Omega 3 level can have brain disorders. The functions of the brain are organized by Omega 3. It is already known factor that supplementation of Omega 3 can improve the brain disorders to some extent due to the consumption of fish oil. The supplementation of fish oil can also prevent the mental disorders. It has been revealed that if supplementation of fish oil done in high doses, it can heal the typical mental problems.

Reduction weight and waist circumference

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Survey has revealed that about 40% in the world, people are overweight and 13% are obese. The obesity is such type of problem which can invite many health problems like heart diseases, diabetes, and cancer.

Supplementation of fish oil for the obese people can reduce the risk factors for diabetes and heart diseases. Some survey has revealed that supplementation supported by exercises and diet can improve the obesity. The effect like this is not found from all studies. Sometimes, it has been told by a survey that fish oil cannot reduce the weight of the body, but it can reduce the waist circumference to some extent.

Eye health can be improved by fish oil supplementation

Eye health may be declined with the age. But, it has been revealed that the people who consume fishes can have good eye health. It has been revealed that consumption of supplements of fish oil with high doses can improve the vision of typical eye patients.

Inflammation may be reduced by fish oil

Supplementation f fish oil may reduce inflammation. Chronic inflammation may be the cause of some other diseases like obesity, diabetes. Supplementation of fish oil can reduce the other health risks and can reduce inflammation.

Fish oil may help in skin health

As age increases, skin health decreases. As exposure is more in the sun, skin health also decreases. It has been observed that fish oil can improve the skin health. There are many types of disorders in the skin and these may be possible to overcome by the supplementation of fish oil.

Fish oil may be very important during pregnancy

Fish oil contains omega 3 which is very much important for pregnant women. Omega 3 is helpful to improve the baby growth and coordination of mother and child. During the early life of baby while breastfeeding time comes; a mother can consume supplementation of fish oil and can provide the necessary elements to the baby. The vision and coordination movement may be better by the supplementation to the breastfeeding mother.

Liver fat may be reduced by fish oil

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Nowadays, liver disease is increasing and therefore some preventing measures should be adopted. Especially, fat is deposited on the liver. Supplementation of fish oil can reduce the fat on the liver and can help in the prevention of the liver diseases.

Fish oil can cure the symptoms of depression and anxiety

In modern days, depression may cause many other diseases. Therefore, if the depression is recovered, then the allied diseases will never come. Supplementation of fish oil may reduce depression and anxiety. People with a lower level of omega 3 can have depression.  So, supplementation of fish oil can reduce anxiety and depression.

From the above discussion, it is clear fish oil is very much essential for the human body to keep healthy. It contains profuse omega 3 which is essential fatty acid in the human body. It can reduce brain disorders, reduces fat in the liver, and removes anxiety and depression. So, adopt fish oil for keeping yourself healthy.