How Isabgol (Psyllium Husk) is beneficial to health?

Isabgol or Psyllium Husk is a natural product in India and may be used for the home remedial purpose for achieving weight loss and for removal of toxins from the body. Isabgol is the seed of plant Plantago ovata. This is hygroscopic in nature. When consumed by humans, it absorbs water and swells. This property of the seed is utilized for many useful functions in the human body. Isabgol has got many properties that can be beneficial for human health.

Isabgol has got some health benefits

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  • It can relieve constipation.
  • It can act as good health of heart.
  • It can lower the level of cholesterol.
  • Weight loss can be achieved by consumption of this.
  • Lowers the level of blood sugar.
  • It provides probiotic effects.

Isabgol is good for constipation

When Isabgol is consumed, it can increase the volume stool and can be used as a laxative. Isabgol absorbs a lot of water and it can take this from the surroundings. In this way, the volume increases and the stool are softened. Then it pushes the volume towards the outlet of the body. In this way, constipation is controlled. While using the Isabgol, a lot of water should be consumed. It can clog in the intestine and can have reverse effect resulting in constipation.

What does the Physillium Husk do?

This sort of fibrous food may be used as snacks or breakfast. This helps in curing irregular bowel syndrome-like constipation or diarrhea. Isabgol is soluble fibrous food which helps in clearing bowels. In breakfast, it can be used in pasta, roti or any other snacks you like.

Isabgol can be used for cleansing colon

In a month, thrice or four times Isabgol can be consumed with soaking in water or with juice before going to bed or night. It can clean the colon.

Isabgol can improve digestion

You can absorb the seed with water and drink with water. As soon as you soak this, you drink it. Otherwise, it will swell and ultimately it will harden. Isabgol contains fibrous elements both soluble and insoluble forms.  It creates the situation for proper digestion. The movements of the food are enhanced and digestion is improved. It can have a lot of improvements in your digestion. Still, you can consult the physician before you take the decision.

Isabgol in diarrhea

It can be used in the combined form of curd and Isabgol with equal proportion mixed together. It sounds something peculiar that the substance which can reduce constipation can arrest diarrhea. Actually, the curd provides the probiotics to arrest the infection while Isabgol will arrest running stool.   You can take twice after the meal to arrest diarrhea.

Isabgol used as weight loss program

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Isabgol can be consumed with warm water, lemon juice. It can reduce weight. Actually, it covers intestine in an appreciable amount of volume by absorbing water. The hunger towards fatty food is lost. Therefore, weight loss can be fruitful by the method.

Isabgol can relieve acidity

If anybody suffers from acidity, then he can consume Isabgol which can relieve the burning sensation of acidity. Isabgol is a natural product which can provide a layer in the stomach causing the removal of the acidity. Isabgol can improve digestion and can be used as natural therapy for acidity.

Isabgol can help in piles and fissures to some extent

Those who are suffering from piles or fissures can consume Isabgol which can have effect for curing piles and fissures. Isabgol absorbs water from surroundings of the intestine and softens the stool. Isabgol clears the bowels and makes the stool soft. Stool moves smoothly through the passage.So, the people suffering from piles or fissures cannot feel pain during the bowel movements. You can consume the Isabgol soaking with water at night. This can improve the conditions.

Isabgol can reduce the heart problems

Studies have revealed that fibrous food soluble in water and if connected with lower triglycerides level can improve the cardiovascular system of humans. It can reduce the cardiovascular risks. So, if the diet is managed to include the fiber-rich elements like Isabgol, it can manage the heart in a healthy way. A healthy diet can reduce the risk factors for heart.

Reduces the cholesterol level

Actually, Isabgol is hygroscopic in nature. It can absorb huge water. Isabgol contains high fiber content and low fat. When a heart patient comes, the doctor suggests high fiber and low-fat diet. Isabgol is ideal content for heart diseases. If consumed, it can provide a thin layer within the intestine walls.It prevents the absorption of cholesterol in the blood.The serum of cholesterol in the blood is reduced. In this way, the level of cholesterol s reduced which can result in reducing the risk factors for heart disease.

Reduces blood pressure

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Isabgol contains both soluble and insoluble fiber in water. This fiber soaked in water can reduce the blood pressure level. Studies have revealed that supplementation of Psyllium Husk for six months can reduce the blood pressure level at the appreciable amount.

Reduces the diabetes level

Isabgol contains gelatin type material. This can slow down the process of breaking of glucose in the blood. Also, the absorption of glucose in the blood is also slowed down. So, diabetes can be controlled with Isabgol.

For the above utilities of Isabgol, Indians usually incorporate the Isabgol in their diet as a home remedy. The fibrous content is available in Isabgol both in soluble and insoluble forms. The hygroscopic property and the fibrous quality together make it an excellent product to suit for many remedial effects on human body. For constipation, it acts very well. It can be utilized for protection of heart diseases. The substance can be used for curing of diarrhea. The cholesterol level can be managed with the help of Isabgol. Physillium Husk is derived from plants and this natural product is a gift of nature to be utilized on the human body to cure many diseases. The gift of nature has got unique properties to swell with the absorption of water and can remove so many problems in human body.

The husk term signifies the fiber content of Isabgol. The seeds contain some soluble fiber. But, 30 -70 percent contains the insoluble fiber. The seeds are also used in pharmacy and also applied in cosmetics. The color of the seeds is available from light brown to white. The color depends on the level of purity. The seeds are also used in various industries like cosmetics, food and other related industries. The herbal therapy in India and China, the seeds have been incorporated. The herbal therapy with the seeds is applied for coronary heart diseases, bladder problems, urinal disorders and hypertension.

The seeds contain some Ayurvedic properties as follows:

  • Sweet
  • Smooth
  • Cold
  • Tridosha
  • Seeds and seed husk are used

Indian people often use the product as home remedial products. Some common problems kije acidity or constipation may be treated with this. Gastrointestinal problems also may be treated with the Isabgol.

Forms of Isabgol

It is available in the tablet or powdered form. To swallow the tablets are easier. The powder form may be soaked with water and it will form a gel. Immediately you have to swallow or it will be too difficult to wallow later.