How to get rid of water retention in face?

There are many reasons for it to happen. Water retention in people is occurring due to a number of reasons. It may be due to sodium intake being high, vitamin deficiencies, improper circulation, stress, allergies, kidney, liver, heart or lung troubles, medication side effects, hormones or a number of other reasons. Water retention is an issue which is as a result of deficiency of water. This usually occurs more in legs and ankles. In this issue the body tissues experience excessive accumulation of fluids. The issue of water retention arises when body begins to retain more water than the standard ratio of 70%.

[Hindi tips to get rid of water retention in face]

Cut out Sodium from your diet

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When you look at different factors that cause high retention of water in your face, it is time you cut out the consumption of Sodium. The leading factor of water retention. How will you reduce the consumption of sodium? Don’t eat pre-packed food or fast food.

Due to pregnancy

An about to be mom, faces the problem of water retention in her face. You can positively expect some level of water retention or swelling. This problem increases due to excessive consumption of coffee and sodium. It is also caused when your diet has a deficiency of potassium. Women who work a lot or have to continue standing for a longer period of time go through many problems. Drink plenty of water, pregnant ladies.

Don’t head out in the sun, for longer periods of time. Always put on shoes that are comfortable along with stockings. Rest your feet by keeping it in an elevated position.

You can also use cold compress to take care of the swelling in your face.

Don’t consume alcohol

Alcohol has a process of dehydrating your body. A person who is badly dehydrated ends up having a swollen face. If you consume alcohol on a regular basis, you need to cut it out from your diets as soon as possible. Caffeine is another bevery that cause this problem. So, keep it in mind.

The goodness of Yogurt

Yogurt is brimming with nutrients and healthy amount of proteins. When you switch to high protein diet, your face automatically loses the excess stored water in it. We consider yogurt as an excellent way to deal with water retention because it is rich in potassium. Have home-made yogurt on a daily basis. Or switch it with tofu or cottage cheese.

The issue of water retention can be sorted with the following steps

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  • The retention of water in the body can be avoided by drinking sufficient water. It is advisable to have around 8 glasses of water regularly. While lack of water is one of the reasons, it can definitely also result in dehydration. Adequate water intake will help in body system detoxification and thus minimize chances of retention of water.
  • Dandelion, as per popular research, is said to have diuretic effects. It is full of potassium which helps control sodium in the body. It also reduces pre-menstrual ballooning due to the large amount of magnesium present in it. Dandelion can be had in a number of ways. One may either have it thrice a day, as dandelion supplements of 500mgs. Another option is to have dandelion herbs dried and soaked in hot water for about 10 minutes. This also maybe had thrice a day.
  • While it is correct that too much salt in the diet does enhance water retention, yet sugar has had quite a big role in this as well. Since sugar causes excessive release of insulin from pancreas, high amounts of it can cause increased retaining of sodium and fluids in the body. For removal of excess fluids, diet should be salads, poultry, vegetables, eggs, avocados, coconut and olive oil.
  • One should have food items such as banana, apricots, raisins, oranges, spinach, peaches and mushrooms among others, for high intake of potassium. This is important since one of the primary reasons for water retention is lack of potassium in the body.
  • Vitamins – B-6, B-5 and D are believed to be helpful in minimizing water accumulation. While vitamin B-5 is found in fresh vegetables and meat, B-6 can be found in red meat and brown rice. Vitamin-D can be secured through body exposure to sunlight.
  • Many believe that herbal tea is also a great diuretic. It not only aids removal of toxins but also excess water from the body system. This parsley based herbal tea may be had 3 times per day. After boiling parsley in a glass of water for around 5-10 minutes, half cups can be had each time. A mix of lemon and parsley juice is also considered helpful in reducing water retention.

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  • Lemon juice with honey in warm water is also helpful in flushing out excess fluid accumulation from the system.
  • Lymphatic blocking is seen due to consumption of dairy products. Lymphatic body type individuals are susceptible to fluid accumulation and circulation troubles. The primary issue here is Casein which is a protein in these products. Hence,herbs and nutrients combination tablets help remove excess fluids and also support the circulatory and lymphatic systems.
  • Exercise is also considered as a great method to flush out excess water from the body system. The sweating from say running or playing sports results in excess water and toxins getting a natural outlet.
  • It is always preferred to opt for natural diuretics like fennel seeds and garlic rather than medicines. These are gentler on the body. Fennel aids enhanced sodium and water output from the kidney. For three times a day, a fennel tea from seeds being steeped in hot water for 10 minutes should be had.
  • Ginger or garlic act as natural sources for removing excess water and toxins from the body. They also assist in fat breakdown in the body.

One should effectively manage stress and also be aware of allergies. The holding up of excess water can also make one feel fatigued. Bloated tummy or excess water retention can also be achieved through an Epsom water bath. Excess water is also managed through body wrap treatments in salons.

[Hindi tips to get rid of water retention in face]