How to cure bruises with home remedies?

Bruises are the damaged small blood vessels under your skin, caused to due to fall, bump or hard blow. For some time you can notice the black and blue color mark on the skin which has bruises. Bruises get cured naturally, though you can try some treatment to reduce the pain and speed up the process of fading. The first treatment is use of ice or ice compression. Secondly heat up the area to boost circulation and help clear the pooled blood. Last but not the least can apply some ointments the erase the scar of the bruises.

[How to cure bruises in Hindi]

The medical term for bruises is contusion. It is usually a black, purplish red or blue mark on the skin, caused on an injury,by which the small blood vessels are crushed. This can happen while exercising, banging or bumping against a hard surface or with some pressure on delicate skin. Bruises can be caused on the face, hands, back, belly, knees or legs. Sometimes there is leaking blood inside the nearby tissues, beneath the surface of the skin. Normally bruises heal in two weeks but one can get rid of the ugly marks early by applying certain home remedies.

How to heal bruises

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  1. Use of ice : When ice it applied around the area the blood vessels lessen leaking. You can soak a towel in ice- cold water and cover the bruises for 10 minutes. Leave 20 minutes, some adequate intervals between each bath to avoid over chilling of the skin underneath.
  2. Use elastic bandage : If the bruises are on the arms or legs, you can use elastic bandage around it. This will squeeze the tissues underneath helps to prevent blood leakage.
  3. Reduce flow of blood to the bruises : To reduce the flow of blood to the bruises if it is in your hand or leg, sit on a couch or chair placing your leg or hand on a pillow which should be higher than your heart level.
  4. Heat up bruises : After 24 hours of cooling the bruises, you need to heat it up to increase the blood flow to the bruises. This will reduce swelling and increase the growth of new cells. You can use hot water bag or compresses.
  5. Compresses of comfrey : You can also use comfrey to heat up, this promotes the growth of new cells and reduces swelling. Take 2 cups boiled water add 30 grams of dried or 60 grams of fresh comfrey leaves to it and leave it for some time, now drain the leaves. You can soak a cloth in this solution and apply it on the bruises for an hour.
  6. Vinegar solution : Vinegar can be diluted in warm water can help in the healing process. Vinegar will increase the blood flow in the surrounding area, this will help to pool out the dissolute blood in the bruises area. The hazel present in the vinegar will also help to reduce the pain and help in quick healing.
  7. Arnica : This herb is an ancient old remedies for bruises, it has a compound that helps to reduce swelling and inflammation. You can apply arnica gel or cream available in the market to the bruises daily.
  8. Parsley leaf : Take some fresh parsley leaves, crush them and place them on the bruises. You can keep the parsley intact by wrapping it with elastic bandage, the bandage will give warmness to the bruises too. It is said that parsley leaves are helpful to reduce pain, inflammation and gives quick relief.

Home remedies for bruises

Tea tree oil

Pour one or two drops of tea tree oil on the bruised area and massage into it very gently. Repeat this at least twice a day to get relief soon. Tea tree oil penetrates the skin and starts healing the bruise really soon.

Vitamin C

If you are prone to too much of bruises, you must take Vitamin C tablets every day. You can also increase Vitamin C content in your diet. Keep the tablets on for at least 3 months to replenish the body’s deficit of Vitamin C. This helps to build tissues and increase recovery from bruises.

Vitamin D

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Take Vitamin D supplements for a month if you are getting bruised often. Also increase intake of salmon, mackerel and such Vitamin D rich foods. This reduces the vitamin D deficiency in the body and repairs tissues.

Vitamin K

Topically apply ointments applying Vitamin K on the bruise. It prevents blood loss and heals the area faster. Repeat this twice every day.


Toothpaste contains menthol which soothes the area and releases blood clot to allow blood to flow into the bruised area. It fades the bruise mark in just one night and reduces pain and swelling. You just have to dab some toothpaste on the bruised area and cover it with a bandage and leave it overnight. Repeat this every night.


Wash a piece of ginger and gently crush it. Place it on the swollen and bruised area and apply a gauze or cloth on the area to hold it in place. Leave it on overnight and repeat this for two to three days. Ginger reduces inflammation and speeds up the process of healing.

Lavender oil

Add several drops of lavender oil in cold water and apply a compress with a cloth soaked in it on the affected area. The swelling will slowly subside and there will be relief from pain.

Tea bags

Soaks age tea bags or chamomile tea bags in warm water and place them on the bruise. They will soothe the pain of the bruise.

Aloe vera

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The gel from the fresh Aloe Vera leaf is helpful in providing relief from the pain and swelling of the bruised skin.

Egg rolling

It is another effective remedy to reduce the pain and swelling of the bruise. Boil an egg and peel the skin. Roll this warm egg slowly on the affected area

Warm water

A warm water compress with a soaked cotton cloth on the affected area will help in reducing the swelling and in giving relief from the pain.

Epsom salt

This is an excellent home remedy which helps to reduce the pain caused by bruises. Prepare a mixture of warm water and Epsom salt. Soak the area with bruise in this mixture. Then wash and clean the skin from the crystals of the salt which can be irritating on the skin.

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Thyme leaves are also helpful in removing the bruises from the skin. Boil thyme leaves in water and leave it to cool. Drain and add the thyme water to the bath water in a bucket. Bathe in this water for a long time

Vinegar compress

It is helpful to give relief from the symptoms for Bruises fast. Vinegar helps to increase the flow of the blood under the surface of the skin. Blend vinegar and warm water. Soak a cotton swab in the solution and rub it on the bruise

Comfrey compress

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Hot comfrey compress is most valuable in fast healing of bruise. Comfrey contains anti-inflammatory properties which is helpful in healing many types of wounds without any cuts. Boil comfrey leaves in water. Soak a gauze in the hot water solution and apply it on the bruise. Pour hot water over it and leave it for an hour.

Cabbage leaves

This can be applied on the bruises to reduce the swelling and pain. Soak cabbage leaves in a bowl of hot water. Bring the solution to normal temperature and then apply on the bruise for 15 minutes.

Apple cider vinegar

It contains some natural nutrients which help in minimizing the symptoms of bruises.Apple cider vinegar can be applied directly on the bruise with a piece of cloth and tying it for about 10 minutes. Repeat the remedy after 15 minutes two or three times.

[How to cure bruises in Hindi]