How to cure ear pain / earache / ear infections?

Health and hygiene are essential for maintaining a perfect life with no stress. However, we get infected in one way or the other. It may be due to the attacks of viruses, or bacteria. Often, we suffer from sudden pain in our body. The pain can be of many types like the ear pain, joint pain or tooth pain as well. Ear infections are common mostly in the tender age of a person. But you may never know when you can get that ear ache. Often the pain gets healed in a normal way without any doctor’s medication or any other medicines. But you should keep in mind the treatment if you ever have to face the ear pain.

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Medicines available in pharmacies

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Acetaminophen and ibuprofen are medications that are easily available in any drug store in and around you. They control the pain caused due to Acute Otitis Media or AOM. You can have these medications without having any kind of antibiotics. Although you have to keep in mind that the instructions mentioned on the label of the medicines are followed. These medicines take care of the fever that occurs due to ear ache.

Don’t give these medicines to children under the age of sixteen.

Naturopathic drops

These drops are made from the extract of herbs. You can easily find them in pharmacies or buying them online, is another trick. Studies prove that ear drops containing herbal extracts that have a base of olive oil will be equal or more effective than any medicines that you consume.

Tea tree oil

The powerful antiseptic, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of Tea Tree can cure the problems caused by Tea Tree oil. In order to reduce comfort and pain, you can apply Tea Tree oil drops in your ear. For best results mix tea tree oil with olive oil.

Try exercise

Ear ache can also be caused due to the unnecessary pressure on the ear canal. In order to take care of your ear ache, try some exercises that is neck based. This will take away the pressure from the ear. The best exercise for this is neck rotation.

How will you do it?

  • Sit straight on a chair. Rest your feet on the ground below.
  • Now, start rotating your head and neck towards your right. Do it until it is parallel to your shoulder blades.
  • Bring it back to the normal position and then do it on the other side.
  • Do this gently every day.


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Normally, the symptoms are in general for the 3 types of infections which are:

  • Earache along with fever
  • Hearing loss
  • Pain in the ear
  • Drainage from the ear

Types of ear infections

Ear infections are often among the children. They are mainly 3 types:

Acute otitis media (AOM)

It normally occurs when the middle ear gets inflamed. If the middle ear which is located behind the eardrum, gets infected then this acute otitis media happens. The normal symptoms are headache, neck pain, fullness near the ear, fever accompanied with vomiting, diarrhoea.

Otitis media with effusion (OME)

It can occur without the ear infection. This is a sticky type of fluid which is located at the back of eardrum. The Eustachian tube if gets swallowed, the infection occurs. The tube is a bridge to the ear and the throat. Due to allergies and the respiratory infections, the Eustachian tube can get the swelling.

Otitis externa

When the external auditory canal gets infected, this happens. It is common in all types of ages. The symptoms of the otitis externa are hearing loss, ear fullness, oedema, narrowing of the external auditory canal, tinnitus, fever and deep.

Major causes of ear infection

There are certain factors which can lead to the ear infections.

  • If people are allergic or they have stuffy noses, they are more susceptible to infections.
  • If the children are born with some defects in the body and those who suffer from Eustachian tube problems, they have the tendency to have ear infections.
  • If the Eustachian tubes are swollen or gets blocked due to some unusual circumstances, a fluid gets accumulated in the middle ear which ultimately causes the infection
  • The infections can also arise due to allergies or excess mucus. Even a lot of smoking can cause a lot of problems in the Eustachian tube which results in the infection.

Steps you can take to cure ear ache

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Often remedies at home are found to be handy in nature but it is still recommended to have the guidance of a physician.

  • Wet Cloth You can dip the cloth in a lukewarm water and then apply round the ear which is paining. You can either dip the cloth in hot or cold water depending on the requirement of yours.
  • Drops of olive oil – There is no confirmation whether the drops heal the ear ache but it can have a moderate effect on the ear pain. You can put few drops by warming them inside the ear which is having problem and you can get an instant relief.

Proper sleeping

Sleeping posture matters a lot for proper functioning of mind and brain. You need to sleep properly. It is always recommended to sleep with a pile of pillows or you can rest in an arm chair by keeping yourself upright.

Proper treatment in chiropractor

Well, often we have to visit the chiropractor for treatment or some kind of adjustments. You can go there for the treatment of ear pain or ear infection as well.

Foods that cure ear disease

Garlic and ginger

Well, garlic which can act as an antibiotic and a good analgesic, will help you to give an instant relief from the ear pain. You can have the garlic crushed and then heat one table spoon of it in the sesame oil for a short span of time. After that you can put the drops inside the ear which is paining. Maximum 2-3 drops are enough to give you a relief from the ear pain.

Ginger which is a wonderful painkiller has some other advantages as well. It can counter the effects of swelling or if some part has got reddened. By heating only, a single table spoon of the root of ginger in a quarter of tea spoon of sesame oil and then you can use it round the aching ear.

Chewing gum

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You can adjust to the high altitude along with the pressure change by chewing a gum. This will help to ease the pressure and the pain can be relieved. The pressure gets lowered and ultimately you can get a relief from the pain.


In the ancient age, everything was to get cured with the extract of herbs or plants. The nature was all the source of medicines and treatment. It helped to cure many dangerous infections, pains and accidents as well. The body gets rejuvenated and refreshed one natural treatment is done. Well, the oil which is extracted from the tree especially from the barks are rich in many qualities like the antibacterial quality. This property of the oil is enough to reduce the pain for the ear ache. It also acts as an antiseptic, so it can cure the ear infections as well. Few drops are what you need to put inside the ailing ear and the rest is assured. Well, in order to make a good composition, try mixing it with few tea spoons of olive oil and then you can apply in the ear which is having the pain.

The symptoms of the Otitis externa are similar to the AOM. The only thing that can worsen is that there can be an extra amount of pus accompanied by blood. Also, the discharge an turn into yellow colour.


Berries especially straw berries are the most helpful fruit in order to prevent ear infections. They play a significant role in the prevention of the infections of the ear. As they contain vitamin C which acts as a powerful antioxidant and helps to increase the immunity of the body.


Raspberries help to increase the potassium and manganese level in the body.


The tiny tots or the toddlers should be given breast milk. It consists all the antibodies which protect the baby by preventing the body from bacteria.


It is recommended that the probiotics should be added as a supplement in the infant’s diet which can help to reduce the ear infections. They help to increase the immunity of the body.

List of foods that you should avoid


Eggs should be avoided when you are suffering from the ear infection.

Dried fruit

It contains fibers which if taken in great quantities can cause some adverse effect in the body. It can cause other body problems as well like the tooth decay and also if you are suffering from ear infection, the healing can take time.


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We all know the excess amount of sugar in our body. Well, it is one item which slows the infection in the body. So, it should be avoided while you are having ear infection. The white blood cells are re-generated slowly if you are having high quantity of sugar in body.


Honey is sweet in nature. It contains glucose which is not proper for the healing of the ear infections, hence it should be avoided when you are suffering from ear infections.

Peanut butter

It contains fibre along with magnesium which help to prevent ear infections. Vitamin E and antioxidants are also present to increase the immunity of the body

Concentrated fruit juice

It contains sucrose and glucose and hence it should be avoided during infection of ear.

Other things to note

  • You must avoid smoking or be in front of the smoke.
  • Keep yourself free and safe in the cold weather.
  • Nutrition should be proper for the body.
  • Prevent the babies from lying down with a bottle in hand as the fluid present in the bottle can enter the Eustachian tube and cause infection.
  • Children should be given proper fluids to intake and also, they should have proper rest.
  • Usage of pacifiers should be limited.

[Hindi tips to cure ear pain]