How to cure foot blisters at home

Foot blister is nothing but the liquid filled lesions which caused by continuous rubbing. It is a painful swelling on the foot. Mainly, this can happen due to walking in hot surface and wearing shoes tightly or old shoes. One can cure this foot blisters at home. If it gets worst or very painful, consult a doctor.

First wash the foot thoroughly and burst the blisters. Try to get the liquid out and apply the home remedies. It helps to cure quickly and hygienic.

[Hindi tips to cure foot blisters]

Remedies for the foot blisters

There are many types of remedies to cure foot blisters at home. They are,

Aloe vera gel

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Aloe Vera is the most important natural gift for human beings. It is useful for many health issues especially infections. This is the good anti-inflammatory and cooling agent which helps to reduce the pain and softens the skin also useful for skin hydration. Peel Aloe Vera and remove the thorns. Take the gel and apply on the foot.It is beneficial for the skin cell reproduction and helps to reduce the redness of the wounds.

Apple cider vinegar

This is the type of vinegar which made from cider. It is also known as ACV. ACV is an antibacterial and antifungal property which is helpful for many diseases. Apply this apple cider vinegar directly to the foot blisters. It helps to promote healing and smooth your skin.

Green tea

Everyone knows that green tea helps to reduce the weight but it also helps to cure the foot blister because it has vitamins and antioxidants. Take a hot water and dip a green tea pack for 5 – 10 minutes. After getting cool, place the green tea pack on the foot blister for 3 minutes. Repeat it daily because it helps to heal quickly.

Tooth paste

Tooth paste contains many ingredients which help to get relief from itchiness. First wash and clean your foot. If you apply tooth paste without cleaning, no use. Apply tooth paste directly to the affected area. Wait for 2 hours and clean it. Do it continuously. Use only white tooth paste.

Turmeric with rose water

Turmeric is also a nature’s gift. It is an antiseptic and antibiotic agent.Mix turmeric powder with some drops of rose water. Apply it on affected area and leave it for 1 hour. Wash it with warm water. If you are interested, mix turmeric powder with warm water and drink it. This method helps to clean and heal quickly.

Castor oil

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This is an effective and simple way to treat for foot blister. Try to apply the castor oil directly on the affected area and leave it overnight. Castor oil is the best moisturizer. Mainly, it helps to reduce the itchiness and also heal quickly. Repeat it daily until the blister dry out.

Salt water soak

This is the easiest home remedy among all. Take the ice water on the bowl and put some salt. Mix it well. Soak a pure white cloth on the water and place the cloth on the foot blister. Repeat it continuously. This treatment helps to clean and heal quickly.

Prevention for the foot blisters

Everyone knows that “prevention is better than cure”. So follow the proverb and use the below tricks to prevent foot blister.

Wear good socks and shoes

Try to wash the socks daily and check the shoes.Please through the old shoes and socks away. Apply some antibiotic creams or the below methods to prevent from foot blisters.

Apply under arm deodorant

This is an unknown and new trick to prevent from foot blister. Spray deodorant on your foot blister. Wait for a minute to get dry. Now put your shoes. It keeps skin away from sweating and smells good. No need to worry about foot blisters and infections.

Apply baby powder on your feet

Apply baby powder on the feet before going to wear your shoes and socks. You can also pour baby powder on the shoes and keep it overnight. It reduces the sweating and gives good smell. Repeat it daily and protect from foot blisters.

No need to worry about the foot blisters. Above methods are very helpful to cure the foot blisters at home. Follow the steps and feel free from pain.

[Hindi tips to cure foot blisters]