Home remedies to cure nasal polyps

A nasal polyp is one of the common conditions suffered by many individuals. It is basically due to the extra growth that takes place in the nasal cavities. Individuals having nasal polyps will suffer a lot as the jelly like consistency inside the nasal is really uncomfortable to handle.  Due to these nasal polyps, you will get the conditions like nasal blockages, pain as well as inflammations. People suffering from the problem of nasal polyps will also suffer from allergic reactions, nasal cavities, etc. It is true that the growth which takes place within the nasal are cancerous but this can highly affect the quality of life of each individual.

[Home remedies to cure nasal polyps in Hindi]

People suffering from common cold also have a problem of nasal congestion. If you are among them, you must also have a problem of the nasal polyps. This is generally a jelly like substance that forms inside the nose with a thick consistency. This generally causes block over the nasal and irritation. Even when you face the public in an official meeting or a social function, nasal polyps will make you stay ashamed. As you breath in and out there will be a good chance that you get the nasal polyps out. Nothing is more shameful than gels coming out from your nose. There are some home remedies that can cure such conditions.

How nasal polyps forms?

Home remedies for nasal congestion

The nasal polyps are the result of excess mucous which is seen to come through the nose drips. This grows quite large in size and makes changes in the shape. Some people gets little relieve from the same with the help of steroids. Damage can be caused to your nasal heaps with a damage which remains untold.

Home remedies to cure nasal polyps

If you are not getting relief through the medications, this is the time to get relief with the help of some remedies that is available at home. Some of them are as follows:


Though obtained naturally and in the form of vegetables or spices in some places, garlic is really wonderful in treating variety of diseases. It is also having anti inflammatory as well as anti bacterial properties to fight with its enemies. It is really effective in dissolving the accumulated mucus by stimulation of circulation. It is also equipped with antioxidant properties which can easily destroy the infections.


You can also consume fresh dandelion everyday in order to prevent nasal polyps. Since this is really rich in vitamin C, it helps in reducing the mucus. Other nutrient present is effective in shrinkage of nasal polyps and unblocks the airways.


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Turmeric is regarded as a natural product or herb that is having really good antiseptic properties. It is having great capacity of healing and curing variety of diseases. Due to its anti inflammatory properties which are capable of fighting against variety of diseases, turmeric is regarded as a wonderful mechanism of curing the nasal polyps. Due to its natural decongestant properties, it works as a wonder.

The fluid that is build up in the nasal cavities can be eradicated with the wonderful properties of turmeric. There is a particular way of consuming turmeric. The best way will be to take a small teaspoon of turmeric powder in the warm milk and consume it adequately. This should be done once every morning as well as night. This will help reducing the size of the polyps and get you’re relieved of pain.

Tea tree oil

If your nasal polyps have grown in size, tea tree oil is the wonderful ingredient that makes it shrink in size. Even this is so effective that you will not get back the nasal polyp’s one again.  Since this oil is having both anti fungal, anti bacterial as well as anti inflammatory properties, fighting infection will not be a problem at all. If you are infected with the nasal polyps, this is the great way of getting reduced of swelling and pain. You need to take a cotton bud and dip it in the tea tree oil. Now apply it in the nasal where you have nasal as well as blockage.

Saline water

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Salt is the wonderful ingredient which is used by many individual in curing nasal polyps. Make a solution with salt and water and apply slowly in the areas where you have a problem of nasal polyp’s infection. This will help reducing inflammation and blockage. This will provide wonderful benefit to inflamed area and blockages.

Horse radish and honey

Horse radish is a wonderful naturally obtained herb which is really effective in curing the problem of sinus in individuals. Since it contains anti bacterial properties it will be really effective in opening your nasal passage. Some people might hate the strong flavor of horse radish. In that case you can mix it with the honey to get reduction of sinus affected by the nasal polyps.

[Home remedies to cure nasal polyps in Hindi]

Hot bath shower

Most of the people have adopted the remedy of nasal polyps as the hot bath shower. If you can take this on a regular basis when you have the trouble nasal polyps, the problem will be largely reduced. The heat of the shower will hit the face which will give you relief from the nasal congestion. Also you will be saved from the inflammation that is caused by polyps.

Citrus fruits

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Another wonderful way to keep a control on nasal polyps is through consumption of the citrus fruits. It contains vitamin C which helps in get control over the cold problem. Generally when we get cold attack, vitamin C is one of the best remedies which is present in the citrus fruits such as oranges, Lemon, kiwi, strawberry cranberry etc.

Onion with garlic

Another wonderful remedy for nasal polyps is combination of onion and garlic. You need to take a clove of garlic and a slice of onion completely raw. Do it in the morning and in the evening and see the difference. Since both the ingredients are one of the spices used in Indian kitchen with very strong flavor, it will heat up your nasal and liquefy your congested nose. Even the gel like substance will become liquid and run away from the rose. You need to breath out the running nose so that your nose becomes clear and you stay free from nasal polyps.