How to fight with cold naturally?

Common cold as the name itself defines is the most common viral infection. Yes, cold is actually a viral infection not bacterial, it usually affects upper respiratory system like nose, throat. It usually lasts 3-6 days depending upon every individual’s immune system, how it fights and responds to such viral and how quickly you start to get relief from it. So stronger the immune system lesser the chance to get affected by such viral disease.

In Ancient Greek mythology, it is believed that people more often exposed their young children to cold and low temperatures to develop the ability and boost stronger immune strength.

However we are aware this generation is not that strong hearted to such mythology, neither it is advisable to take strong antibiotics to slowly suppress cold infection, Medication can reduce your cold for a time being but at the same time it weakens your body’s original immune system to fight with cold so the next time you may easily be chased by the same disease and may fall sick again. So we recommend not to make the body so addicted to such hard medications. It is suggested to keep body immune system healthy to fight the disease naturally.

How to get rid of bad cold & cough

In the era of Ayurveda when allopathy was not popular, people relied on natural home remedies to cure a cold. Also, when the infection hits it generally takes a week minimum to get better. Even with the high power medications, it would still take around 4 to 5 days to heal. So it is always suggested to go for natural treatments they are reliable and effective.

Below are some of the home and natural remedies which people adopted to fight cold naturally and start feeling better during such viral infection.

Stay Hydrated – Drink plenty of water

Water is natural medicine it helps fights lot of body malfunctioning, helps to gain circulation.

It helps the body to remove toxins, bad bacteria and clears the body. Cold is actually caused by virus name influenza it is easier to survive in dry.

So that is the reason we must hydrate our body as much as possible Especially during such infection.

It will overall improve your health and also protect you against dehydration. Drinking enough water also helps to get rid of excessive toxins from the body which will again help in the viral disease.

Take rest if you suffer from cold

During such infection, our body will not be able to fight the disease if we put yourself in some stress, workload, or any form of exertion. Because the body cells should be only used to fight the disease. Their energy is now being wasted by our work pressure and exertion. So it is always advisable to rest as much as possible and get enough sleep so that our interior system of cells and the immune system gets enough time to combat such viral. If you visit the doctor even with medicines they request to take rest as much as possible.

Take warm liquids

Warm liquids soothe your throat and give ease to your body. The warm sensation helps to make the virus less active for some time which relieves throat pain.

Some liquids helpful are:

Chicken soup

For a bundle of energy with the protein of chicken it boosts the immune system to immediately start reducing the discomfort of cold. It does not only give the stomach a fuller feeling but at the same time, it will work equal to medication.

Lemon water

How to cure cold with home remedies

A glass of warm water, With a tablespoon of honey and a lemon. This is a magic drink to ease a sore throat instantly. People even offer this to cure cold overnight.

This drink is really advisable to cure a cold instantly and give your throat a soothing sensation.

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Avoid caffeine and alcohol

Above drinks are to be strictly avoided during such infection as these drinks slow down the process of body healing. These drinks should be avoided to get results faster.


Avoid dry weather in cold infection as influenza disease can survive easily in dry areas. So it is advisable if you get infected with a cold stay in the area where there is some moisture in the air and not completely dry. It will help stop influenza to spread. Also, do not use the Air conditioner and do not sit right beneath the fan.

Warm flannel – To quickly cure a severe and acute cold

A flannel is boiled in hot water and watered with turpentine, quickly placed on the chest or upper respiratory part of the body which immediately heals up throat infection and cold.

Juniper oil – If you have a blocked nose

It is herb juniper gum which can immediately open your blocked nose. This oil is mixed with hot water then the steam which comes up is good for inhaling. One can inhale this steam directly to open blocked nose keeping in mind that the head is closely covered with a towel.

It is advisable only if you don’t have an aa cough, as in case of cough smoke inhale is not good and not advisable.

Leech effect

Home remedies for nasal congestion

If you have high temperature and fever there is an ancient way of sucking the blood as blood is considered for overheating.

Suffering person’s hand or feet is left with leeches to suck some blood which reduces the temperatures gradually. This type of ancient technique is not in practice anymore now as it’s a bit weird and unconventional.

Mustard effect

In case of fever or high temperature in Roman ancient time, it is believed to put mustard sauce on a piece of cloth and paste on the chest for some time which helps to reduce and balance the body temperature. It helps to melt away cough and relieve in severe situations.

In spite of all ancient, modern era we discussed above there are few of the spices please take a look.

Hot masala tea

Indian traditional chai Is made to cure a cold it is one of the popular medicine to cure a cold.


There is Allicin which is presented in garlic and it acts as an antibacterial in cold and flu. It is very widely used across the globe.

Other spices – Pepper, ginger, cinnamon

Also used together with a mixture of either warm water, tea, or soup which is best for healing a sore throat.

Moong daal soup

Yellow moong dal soup taken hot with little crushed black pepper is also a really effective home remedy to get relaxation of a sore throat.

Vitamin C

How to unclog stuffy nose when sick

Why vitamin C is considered to be best for curing a cold? Vitamin C in general not only boost your immune system but it helps fight cold symptoms very well. So intake of vitamin C not only if you fell sick but in daily routine also it’s good to grab some candies of vitamin C.

Foods that contain vitamin C are:

Strawberries, papaya, citrus fruits, kiwi, guava, mango etc and medically prescribed vitamin c capsules also available at all medical shops.

However, the dosage of such medical capsules should be prescribed by some medical practitioner.

Chamomile and green tea

Chamomile and green tea taken hot and slurped slowly will really help one sooth its irritating throat and cold symptoms. Also, the vitamin C content in them is especially good to cure a cold.

Taking good precautions in cold and enough rest are the best home remedies to cure a cold.