Best ways to treat the premenstrual syndrome (PMS)

As the females start hitting their puberty the oncoming of periods is often accompanied with premenstrual syndrome also popularly known as PMS.

PMS is majorly a symptom of oncoming menstruation period and is accompanied by pain in the stomach, mood swings, food cravings, irritation and a lot of bloating too.

The period of premenstrual syndrome starts about a week before the actual menstrual period starts. During this period the person even experiences a few spotting, stomach ache and varied mood conditions. There are ways to get rid of the premenstrual syndrome.


Home remedies to cure menstrual pain

Premenstrual syndrome is caused majorly due to hormonal changes that go into the body during the menstrual period. As the changes start occurring so does the symptom show on the face! The mood swings, mood cravings etc are all the result of the hormonal changes occurring in the person. Therefore, exercise is the best help one could seek for. Exercising better during these days shall help in releasing of tension, hormonal balance and taking out the toxic fluids through sweating. It shall help control the premenstrual syndrome big time.

Maintain a healthy diet

Eating right makes you healthy and fit at all times. During the premenstrual syndrome period if there is anything that suffers the most then it is the body metabolism. Concentrate on putting a healthy diet with a lot of fruits, vegetables, nuts and whole grains that provide for good metabolism and nutrition to the body. Indulging in too much oily or fried food will cause discomfort while disturbing the digestive system big time.

Change your mood

Mood swings are a big problem when you are PMS-ing. To soothe this one might end up eating unhealthy or practicing things that shall aggravate the condition even more. The trick is to indulge you into good mood triggers like listening to music, watching a movie or meditating. This promotes a healthy mood and lets you stay calm without major mood changes.


There are oral medicines available to help people with pain associated with Premenstrual syndrome. As when you are PMS-ing there are recurring chances of bloating, diarrhea and nausea complemented with stomach pain it is important to seek the medicinal help and get control on them. The medicines specially made for premenstrual syndrome are to be taken only after taking proper counseling from your doctor.


Herbal tea, inclusion of herbs in your food etc go a long way into making you feel better, regulate the periods and take care of the hormonal changes that your body goes through. Herbal tea like chamomile, green tea or hibiscus tea helps a lot of controlling the hormonal changes.


Stress is one of the primary reasons of hormonal changes and results in aggravated mood swings during premenstrual syndrome. When you are facing stomach pain, cramps, nausea etc due to PMS it is ideal to choose something distressing to give yourself a positive boost. Listen to good quality music, meditate or take a walk around the garden to feel refreshed. Reading a good book, painting, gardening, cooking etc can also prove to be distressing in these times.

Avoid alcohol

Alcohol is a depressant! After drinking alcohol, a person feels tired, fatigued and depressed. Hence choosing to drink alcohol during premenstrual syndrome just to be in the euphoria and sleep isnt an option one should go for. Instead give alcohol a break and get rid of the estrogen produced because of alcohol consumption. This will help control the symptoms of PMS big time.

Spa or acne treatment

Premenstrual syndrome is often accompanied with temporary rise of too much acne due to the skin sensitiveness. To treat this one can indulge into clay masks, acne treatment spa sessions etc which are both stress relieving and treating the acne to get a better skin. This helps lever the bad moods and get a pleasant feel.

Catch on sleep

Premenstrual syndrome is the perfect time to catch on some sleep. When the body is tired, experiencing mood swings and experiencing stomach aches – sleep helps the body to rejuvenate and return back to normal. Sleep helps unleash the tiresome and be fresh again!

Premenstrual syndrome is the result of changing hormones in the body which can be controlled by lifestyle changes and even medicines. Seek for the right care to get rid of them!