How to get rid of wrinkles on lips with home remedies

During winter, another problem that you can face is the wrinkle over your lips. But like other problems, even this can be easily solved with some effective home remedies. Your lips are one of the soft potions on your face that must be kept with care. It is also important to deal with proper maintenance of your lips on a regular basis so that you don’t get untimed wrinkles over it. If you are using some cosmetic remedies to stay away from the lip wrinkles, you can also try out some effective home remedies to stay away from this situation. Let us find out such home remedies in this article that will remove wrinkles on lips.

Lips play a very important role in depicting one’s personality. Smooth, soft and clean lips enhance the beauty of the face. The skin on the lips and around the lips is very thin and sensitive. It can easily get affected with external factors like sun, wind and harmful chemicals present in lip balms and lipsticks.  Damaged lips have small vertical creases which can be in the form of fine lines or grooves around the mouth, especially on the upper lips.

Picture this – You have an interview with a reputed multinational company. You are well prepared for the rounds in every respect, but your face looks dull and its full of wrinkles and fine lines, especially on the lips. Even if your are full with confidence in terms of your experience and qualifications, won’t you feel uncomfortable about your appearance? Let’s accept the fact – though ironical, but sometime you fail to achieve your goal(s) just because of your looks. Not just a job interview, but your appearance can also hinder many important occasions of your life, like your first date or marriage.

Your face is not just a part of your body, but it one of your most crucial identifying features. When people don’t know you in person or even your name, it’s your face that becomes your identity. Apart from that, your face is also a medium through which you represent yourself to others. And you might have heard a famous saying that, your first impression is the last one. This saying goes well and is quite relevant with the present scenario of the world where almost everyone (irrespective of their genders) is a ‘working individual’. So, how to deal with wrinkles on your face and  lips? Here are some of the best ways to get rid of wrinkles on lips.

Lip lines are also called lipstick lines, or smoker’s lines. These lines are an indication that the body is aging. These lines are formed by constant habitual action of repetitive facial movements of the lips taking place while smoking or talking which can become worse with poor nutrition or over exposure to the sun’s rays.

Ways to get rid of wrinkles on lips

  • There are several cosmetics and method of getting rid of wrinkles on the lips. These lines can be avoiding over exposure to sun, proper diet and regular exercise.
  • There are certain fillers that are injected on the lips to make them look thinner and finer.
  • Laser treatments of the lips help in building new tissues to give a fresh look to the lips.
  • Exercises help to tone and shape the lip. Isometric exercises which are a form of resistance training of the lips help to reduce the wrinkles. This is done by opening the mouth with a gap of 2 inches between the upper and lower teeth. Look into the mirror and try to bring the upper lips down without moving the teeth and touching the teeth. Return the upper lips back to the beginning state. Repeat the process 5-6 times.
  • Facial yoga exercises are found to be successful in reducing wrinkles, including finelip lines. Press the corners of the mouth with the index finger. Now bring the upper lips down over the upper teeth. Stretch the upper lip area until it appears smooth. Hold and count five and then leave. Repeat three times and increase the stretching slowly up to the count of ten.

Lube up

If you really wish to get rid of wrinkles on your lips, it is important to work on the appearance of the lips at the first place. Dry and flaky lips are very irritating when you are in front of so many people, or if talking to someone.  Lips don’t have an oil secreting or sebaceous gland. Since lips are covered up with a thin layer of skin without having any oil of their own, they get chapped easily. In order to keep your lips moist, use a good and nourishing lip balm whenever you feel they are dry, but don’t over use. Moreover, you should avoid licking your lips. It increases dryness.

Power packed potion

Appearance of lines on your lips can be alleviated with the help of high quality skincare products. You can use products rich  in retinoid, Vitamin A and Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10). These ingredients enrich your skin from within and help on production of collagen. You will find a number of products in the market with these ingredients, but make sure to buy the one reading “dermatologically tested.” Collagen not only helps in improving the appearance of your lips, but also make them look fuller as well as firmer. You also have a number of natural and homemade remedies.

Modification of habits

Some simple to serious modifications in your lifestyle can also help you in prevention of wrinkles in lips. There are many harmless ways with the help of which you can get wrinkle free lips. Quit smoking. Smoking is one of the main reasons behind chapped, dark and wrinkled lips. Reconsidering this habit can help you get rid of issues related with your lips. Also, keep yourself properly hydrated. Drink lots of water and get a radiant skin and beautiful lips.

Peel off

Glycolic peel is another effective way of curing fine lines and wrinkles on lips. The term “chemical peels” is itself quite scary. Moreover, they can also be harmful for you when used for long, but glycolic peel is milder than other products. So, you can give them a try. It removes dead and damaged skin from your lips revealing the soft and subtle skin underneath. However, it is highly advisable to get in touch with a beauty expert or a dermal medical professional for better advice.


If you want to reduce wrinkles from your lips, dermabrasion is an effective way. This process not only helps in reducing fine lines and wrinkles, but also the scars of deep acnes and pimples. However, before undergoing this treatment, make sure to select an experienced and competent dermatologist. Otherwise, you might not get the result(s) you are longing for.


You can also use injectable fillers to reduce lines and wrinkles from your lips. There are a number of people who face such skin related issues and a number of treatments too. Therefore, be very sure to speak to a reputed medical professional before proceeding.

Home remedies for lip lines and wrinkles

Cinnamon and Natural oils

This solution if applied regularly on the lips soon make the lips shining and wrinkle free.Mix little cinnamon powder with coconut oil and apply it on the lips daily.  Other oils like tea tree oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E oil or almond oil can also be used in place of coconut oil.


Papaya fruit is often to get rid of wrinkles from the upper lip. Apply mashed papaya with some honey on the lips as a lip mask. Wash it gently with water.

Vitamin E oil

Vitamin E Oil can be used to smooth deep lip wrinkles. The antioxidant in vitamin E oil can get rid of creases on the lips easily. Adding almond oil to it makes it more effective to remove lines.

Sugar scrub

Sugar scrub helps to exfoliate the skin around the lips and to eliminate lipstick lines.

There are also other natural ways on how to get soft lips overnight. The best time to prepare and apply is before getting to bed. Your lips will have enough time to heal and when you wake up in the morning; your lips will be ready for you to apply your best lip balm and lipstick.

Baking soda and Water

Baking soda and Water mixture Baking soda is a natural abrasive which will slowly help in removing wrinkles from the lips. Add few drops of water to the baking soda and prepare a mixture.  Apply it on the lips using the fingers or a toothbrush in circular movements. Clean the lips and apply coconut oil or olive oil to moisturize the lips.

Rose petals and raw milk

Rose petals and raw milk are an ideal combination to smoothen the lips from wrinkles.Soak some rose petals in raw milk for some time and then , stir the mixture to form a paste. Apply the paste on the lips and wash after five minutes. Moisturize the lips with any lip balm or coconut oil.

Ghee or milk cream

Ghee or milk cream is the safest home remedy to get rid of wrinkles on the lips. Apply slightly warm ghee twice a day on the lips. Fresh milk cream can also applied on the lips to treat fine lines and wrinkles.

Protection from sun

Even sun can be a reason behind your lip wrinkles especially when you are getting wrinkles with chapped lips during winter. You need to have a protection on your lips before moving out and facing the sun. To protect from sun you can coat your lips sunscreen or honey available right at home. You can also apply tomato juice over your lips to stay away from sun exposure.

Remove oxidants with green vegetables

Sometimes excessive oxidants on your skin can be a reason behind your wrinkles. You can now stay away from such wrinkles in a natural way. Just try to consume green leafy vegetables and you can see wrinkles becoming dull and the youthful skin is getting the replacement. This will restore skin elasticity and give you a beautiful and fresh skin.

No drinking water from bottle

It is quite interesting to discover that lip wrinkles can also take place due to lack of proper lip posture. According to the experts, it is observed that people drinking water from bottles are likely to get wrinkles on lips. It is just because when you drink water from bottle your lips becomes constraint in a small area and gets the maximum chance of having wrinkles. It is better to drink water from glass.

Pineapple juice

Pineapple juice is one of the effective remedy to stay away from lip wrinkles. You need to extract some fresh juice from green pineapple and apply it fresh over your lips. After applying the juice, you need to keep it for 20 minutes and wash with the water which is not too hot or too cold.  Since pine apple has the active enzyme named as bromelain, it works really well in removing wrinkles naturally from your lips.


The spice named as cinnamon is also an effective remedy to remove wrinkles from your lips. You can take any natural oil such as coconut, lavender or jojoba oil in a small container and add a pinch of cinnamon in it. Now apply it over your lips and keep it for some time. You can get wider hydration over the wrinkled lips with this effective homemade remedy. This will stimulate your blood flow and make you look attractive with lovely lips and refreshed one.